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A secret revealed

I’m pretty sure that a number of you are readers of either Mama Drama, the Bloggess, or both.  If you are you would know by now, that after convincing her friend Stephanie (the lyrical blogger) to join Mama Drama, Jenny jumped ship and left her holding the diaper.

In their new blog called Good Mom/Bad Mom (my spellcheck has just underlined mom because we say mum over here), Jenny has been joined by Mindy, possibly the nastiest piece of work in the blogiverse (she acts mean and tells people it’s all an act, just like me, but just like me she is lying).  I’m suspecting that these two gals who rail at the term ‘mommy blogger’ yet manage to get a reference to motherhood in all of their blog titles (yes, Bloggess is so a reference to motherhood, look it up) have been offered some form of financial reward judging by the really flashy new look and the professional photos. Or maybe they just did it for the photos.

Anyway, this is not a post about a flashy new mommy blog by two women who I’m really glad aren’t my mom (personally, I think it should have been called Bad Mom / Worse Mom), this is a post about Min’s rabbit phobia.  Yes that’s right Min is deathly afraid of rabbits, which is kinda funny seeing as she has a whole collection of ex-boyfriends’ testicles hanging from her ceiling (you need to be pretty tough to carry that out).

But a phobia she has, and I know why….


I found this photo while I was going through her underwear draw the other day (long story).

PS. Thanks to some sage advice from Mark, I have decided to be a man about my blogital problems, I will therefore simply ignore the whole thing and refuse to talk about it until the situation is irreparable. At which time I’ll get my just deserts when I just desert.


29 Responses

  1. Oh, this is your best work yet!

  2. *sigh*
    If only it were so.
    Stop making my life look like such a fairy tale!
    Someday I will live up to your expectations of me.

  3. That is the scariest bunny EVER! I don’t blame porr Min.

  4. That is one UGLY bunny! But Min is very cute!

  5. What a darling little girl. Who knew that someday she would grow up to decorate her ceilings and wreaths with testicles. That is one scary looking rabbit. I mean, those eyes are eerie.
    ***note to self: Self, never let DubYaT go through my underwear drawer.**

  6. LMAO.
    You’ve found a purpose again.

    It’s so ON.

    That rabbit looks scary as hell.

  7. First of all, I hope the sunset appearance of the blog today isn’t a sign that the blog’s sun is going down.

    Secondly, that is the scariest damn rabbit I’ve ever seen. Looks like he’s about to crucify and eat her.

    Finally, while I was trying so hard to concentrate at work today, random blogging ideas kept coming to mind that should keep you busy for a while…

    * Greece. Didn’t you mention recently that you were going to tell us about Greece? Still waiting!

    * Tales of all the mischievous things you did as a boy. That should give you a year’s worth of posting right there.

    * Life In Australia. We’ve learned about mining, and that food comes in a tube. More, more!

    * Adventures in Grocery Shopping and Retrieving the Mail

    * Willow’s Weekly Advice Column. C’mon, I know there’s plenty of advice just brewing that needs to get out.

    * Tales from all the various jobs you’ve held around the world. There’s another year’s worth of posting.

    * Harmonica Recordings

    And you thought you had nothing to say, Hah!

  8. So, wait…I’m the bad mom or the worse mom?

  9. Jenny, you’re the one with the crooked halo.

    WT, yeah, well, I talked our two “male” rabbits into having sex which somehow resulted in one of them “turning” into a female and now we’re gonna have “kits” and I’m gonna ship ’em all to Min.

    Since they hooked up, I’ve been getting educated. Too little, too late…:/.

  10. OMG, I’m not a man, but is it possible since we hooked, that I also have contracted blogital problems?

    Must. Make. Appointment.

  11. So, the real question is: Why are Mark and I linked to this post via the sidebar? What are you trying to say? And why is Mark wearing that bunny suit?

  12. HOOKED UP, I meant. Doh. I’m diseased.

  13. I feel so confused.

    I go away for a week and everything changes.

  14. Your wish is my command. I believe my blog feed is now changed to full. It wasn’t even tht hard to figure out. I think the coffee is helping.

    I like the new new blog colors even better.

    That rabbit would scare me, too. Why do parents tell their children never to take candy from strangers and then encourage it around Christmas and Easter? Why do parents tell their children that if they are good, a strange, suspiciously jolly fat man will bring them gifts? What happened to stranger danger?

    And speaking of irrational fears (irrational for adults), a friend was telling me today about a teacher at the school where she works. I know this guy from a class I took. He is a big man and a bit intimidating to short women and middle school students, but he has an insane fear. He’s deathly afraid of Jell-O. No one seems to know what happened to provoke this fear and apparently it happened before my friend started working there. Everyone knows that even the mention of Jell-O will upset him and leave him raving like a lunatic, so being middle school students, what do they do? They say the word Jell-O every chance they get. Dang. I feel the need to sign up for that class again this summer just so I can bring Jell-O for lunch and say the word Jell-O many, many times in his presence.

    Uh-oh. Maybe too much coffee…

  15. You know, I completely lose my comment by the time I get to the end of yours! Jello. Yep, Jello. My daughter and I once made Jello jigglers for Easter (see how nicely that ties into the bunny?). Pastel ones for the kiddoes and bright ones for the grown ups. I love Jello shots!

    Thanks for your witty and your wonderful comments, sir.

  16. So you do still have sand in your vagina… that’s lucky.

  17. Why? Have you got some caught in your teeth?

  18. As usual….I’m rolling on the floor! You are just too much! I love the linked sites though…have to add them to my blogroll!

  19. Hey you of the ‘my relationship’s in a rut and I need to know what to do with it’ kinda person. One of my absolute favourite bloggers called Stinking Billy has been writing about his travels through Australia many moons ago. You might be interested in reading his blog for inspiration as he is telling it like it is from from a Whinging Pom point of view! You could probably add an alternative view in the comments here and there as you normally do! He is one of the best bloogers that I know and a delight to read so please when you have time get yer arse along there for a read – he’s brilliant and may just inspire you to continue to blog because to loose you from the blogosphere would be to be deprived of a real talent who is sweet, dry, sasrcastic, droll, ironic, witty and really quite adorable – don’t worry Mrs WT I am not a sad minging old trout with designs on your hubbie – I have a great man already, WT is just a great blogger and needs to stay around but needs inspiration.

  20. Oops meant to give you Stinking Bill’s blog address http://stinkingbilly.blogspot.com/

  21. After reading all these comments I forgot what I was going to say but I wanted to leave a comment~ I would hate you to think I was leaving a sinking ship!

  22. Holy Cow, can anyone say Donnie Darko? That is one hair-raising (well……) Hare!! Herr Hare?! There?

  23. That rabbit gave me nightmares!

    p.s. re: your blogital problems? I’m going to be a woman about it and discuss it anyway. The more you write, the more you find to write about. Every time I wander off for a while due to being busy or yet anotehr injury, I become convinced I have nothing blogworthy. Then I do it anyway and after 2-3 posts, I can’t shut up again. Wait, that’s probably me in real life, too. A-hem.

  24. just curious — have you noticed that his name is PETER cottontail. What is with that?

  25. I don’t think I’ve heard of either of these bloggers but I’m sure curious now!

  26. That is one freaky looking rabbit!! A whole generation of children was probably traumatized by it!! Looks like the vorpal bunny from Monty Python!! Run away!

  27. All that scary bunny is missing is some blood on its mouth and chin, possibly running down it’s neck and chest.

    Is that REALLY Min as a wee girl?

  28. Holding the diaper, here.

    Hope it’s not a poopy diaper. If it is, since I’m a mommyblogger, I’ll… yep: change it!!

    And that is one creepy bunny. So, SO wrong.

    (Kisses to ya, Peter!!)

  29. Looks like one of those pesky “Furries” on drugs! Gagh!

    Mal 🙂

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