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The old ‘good news and bad news’ schtick.

Yes folks, there’s good news and bad news…the good news is that I now have something to blog about, the bad news is it’ll be about Belle getting hit by a car.

I’ve just got back from the veterinary clinic and I’m still a bit shell-shocked. She’ll be ok eventually, but our finances won’t, it’s going to cost at least a thousand dollars! To give you an idea of how much of an emergency it was, I didn’t even take take any pictures, in fact I didn’t even take my camera to the vets’, which in the end turned out to be a good thing because since it was out of hours, there was only one guy on duty and I had to be his assistant while he stabilised her. I could take a picture of all the blood I’ve still got on my hands, but I don’t think I will.

I’ll give you the story tomorrow (my time), right now I just want to have a cup of tea and take a deep breath. Belle is still at the vets’, and will be for a while yet.

Here’s a picture of her in happier times, MDW took this one when she was up here for Easter…

Ok, for those of you who were disappointed with the lack of appropriate images of gore in this post, I’m sorry that I was too discombobulated to get pictures. However, as a consolation prize, here’s a shot of what I’m having to clean everyday on Booey at the moment…

Oh, and Bentley has a skin infection that he’s booked in for on Monday. It don’t get no better than this!!


39 Responses

  1. Oh dear. Poor Belle. She’s a lucky dog to have you.

  2. Oh wow – I’m so sorry to hear Belle got hit by a car. I hope she mends quickly Peter!! xo

  3. Jesus Peter, Sorry to hear about Belle, We are heading down the coast tomorrow for the day, but I’ll give you a ring when we get back. Would have called earlier tonight, but just sat down at the computer & checked out your blog. And I know you don’t like anybody ringing you late.(You country people).

  4. oh poor Belle, however did it happen (I’m always impatient)? You need something stronger than tea! I’m sure she is in good hands and she will get plenty of love and attention once she eventually gets home.
    You have your own pet hospital by the sounds of it!

  5. Good heavens, WT. Kids. Looks like you’ve got your hands full. Hope all will be better soon.

  6. oh my gosh. belle!!!!!

    and i can well imagine it’ll be more than a thousand dollars. our friends’ dog, burly, has been hit by cars more than once. it’s terrible, but he’s 13 now and still alive.

    oh poor belle. i hate to think what she’s going through.

  7. So Sorry Willow. I will be thinking of Belle. you’re such a wonderful pet owner to finance the recovery. Belle will thrive under your care and support.

  8. Oh that sucks. Really. So sorry to here this news.

  9. Oh, I’m so sorry. I hope Belle gets better soon. It’s OK you don’t have pics. The one of the kitty made me queasy. What happened to the cat?

  10. Bubba, June Bug, and I are all sending good thoughts Belle’s way…and to Booey and Bentley as well. Please keep us posted on her recovery. And, please, NO pictures.

  11. Sorry to hear about Belle WT, you’ll have to bake her a tea cake as a welcome home present, I’m SURE she would like that.

  12. Damn!! Poor Belle!! I’m glad to hear she’ll be ok, and thank you for not taking pictures.

  13. Gee, so sorry about Belle. I had to pick Spunky off of the road once after he got run over by a big van. The neighbor’s son who ran over him later said, “Oh was that your dog? I thought he was dead.” He lived. Man, dogs are tough. Thank goodness. And cats get into terrible fights too.

  14. I’m so sorry to hear about Belle. I hope she and Booey and Bentley and your wallet all recover quickly. That wound on Booey’s throat looks nasty.

  15. Oh my. Sorry you and Belle had such a rough day. I hope she’s recovering quickly, and you’ll have good news to share.

    Get well vibes to Booey and Bentley, also. And hugs to you. Whew.

  16. Oh, Pete. I am so sorry, and glad the vet has her on the mend. You’re a wonderful pet owner.

  17. Oh, damn, Peter. I’m so sorry about Belle. And, you could have just described Booey’s skin gore instead of showing it. Really. But thanks for thinking of us. What the hell happened to Booey?

  18. holyshit.

  19. OH NO!!!!

    I hope she heals quickly. The poor little thing. And I hope you can relax now that you know she is out of danger.

    And the money? Hmmm….maybe you can send Bentley out for some tricks.

  20. Oh, no! Poor Belle. Poor Booey (what happened?) and Bentley. Poor you! Of course you didn’t take any pictures – I don’t think I could’ve looked at them.

    Glad she’ll be alright, although the “eventually” sounds ominous. Damned wee creatures – to wrench your heart (and wallet) so. Keep us posted, but calm down first.

  21. stalin and fluffy send good wishes. well, they don’t really because they can’t think beyond the fact that it’s breakfast time – but enidd does.

  22. poor little Belle! and poor Peter, too –
    I’m so sorry to read this, hope she’s recovering well. Such trauma when our furry loved ones are hurt!

  23. She’s going to end up being your 24k parasite. (one of my dad-isms.)
    I hope my little attempt at poetry will make you smile ???)

    Get well -Belle
    rest your feeter, our dear Peter

  24. NO!! I hope she is okay … please let us know as soon as you can!

  25. Just awful! I am glad Belle will be okay. And your poor kitty, what in the world is that? It looks horrible. Sending hugs and hope all is well soon.

  26. God, Peter, I am so sorry about Belle – and about your pocketbook. Maybe you could start charging us to view the puppyporn.

    A little tot of something in that tea might help, too.

  27. holy crap! Sorry to hear about that.
    One of my friends is thinking of changer her dog’s name to “Trip to Europe”. Because that’s how much she cost in vet bills last year.

  28. My heart just stopped reading that. My worst fear EVER is Mushu getting hit by a vehicle! I am so sorry to hear about this WT and hope Belle is doing better. What happened to Booey??? Oh man that looks like it hurts. You’re having a heck of a time with animals right now. I’m thinking of you as you tend to all of their needs….and vet bills.

  29. what’s the belle update?

  30. I’m sorry to hear about Belle. That’s so scary. What were her injuries? I’m glad she’s going to be ok. Money well spent. What happened to Booey? That looks terrible! Lucky you were able to assist with Belle…most owners are NOT helpful in emergency situations. Sending good thoughts to all of you.

  31. Peter, I am thinking good thoughts for you and your pet family. I hope that all of you recover quickly. Please keep us posted. Take care.

  32. Oh Peter! I am so very sorry to hear of Belle’s accident. This is just terrible. I am glad that she is being well taken care of. I’ve been through this myself when my Shiva was hit by a car. Sadly, Shiva didn’t make it and it was one of the worst nights of my life. My prayers and good karma are comin’ your way. Hope things will improve for you all soon.

  33. How awful. Poor little Belle. And poor you.

  34. Gah! I can’t leave you guys alone for a minute!
    I am so sorry I have missed all of this terrible news until now! I know what you’re going through- we had a similar experience with Spike when he was almost a year old. Some neighbor kid with steel-toed shoes kicked him and we had to have his left hind leg amptutated- which cost $1500 and maxed out a credit card and was the beginning of our financial chaos. We could have had him seen by an orthopedic surgeon, had everything wired and screwed back together and gone that even pricier route, but… we didn’t… still… the worry is the same and I am truly feeling for you guys and poor little Belle.


  35. HUGS to you Peter. That had to have been one scary day/night… I hope she recovers fast. What the heck happened to Booey? That looks right nasty!
    I am very glad you didn’t take pictures. I hope she and Booey and Bentley all mend quickly!

  36. I’m so, so sorry about sweet Belle!!!

    Hugs and prayers, my friend!!

    As for poor Bentley, I hope things clear up for him, as well.

    And my Phydeaux must have rubbed up against the computer when I had Booey’s picture up (to show my mother yesterday), ’cause now he has a sore on his neck, too. Damn! Talk about a computer virus!!

  37. Poor Belle. And I hope Booey and Bentley get better soon.

  38. I’m really sorry to hear of this news… I’ll read thru the rest of your posts and get upto speed. [[[hugs]]] to you all.

    Mal 🙂

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