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A slightly longer update

Well let’s start with an update on the computer. It seems to have stabilised to the point where I’m confident that I can get through the post without it dying. Actually, I know it will…it’s has stabilised because I have tracked down the source of the problem, it’s what we in IT euphemistically refer to as ‘operator error’. Ok! OK! Stop badgering me! I screwed up alright? You happy now??

While I was waiting for the vet to call this morning, I decided to worked off some nervous energy by getting rid of some weird noises the PC has been making lately. It sounded like something was about to explode, and while bashing the top of the system box gave temporary relief from the noise, I somehow knew it wasn’t really a permanent solution (although I’ve been doing it to great effect for about 6 months now). I pulled the cover off and listened to where the grinding noise was coming from…it seemed to be inside the power supply, so I muscled it out of the computer and dissected it (it was at this point I realised that I didn’t have a backup plan if I couldn’t get it back together again, hmm). The fan was full of gunk (that’s the technical term for crap) so I cleaned it up and then squirted it with some Innox. Then I thought I may as well clean up of the CPU fan and heat sink while I was at it:- the fans actually suck dust into the unit and it gets all oily and sticks to things, like fan blades and housings. I was able to disconnect it completely so I could stand up rather than kneel on the floor like I had to for the power supply (oh, I should mention that I didn’t unplug anything, that’s why it was on the floor).

Anyway, I put it all back together and everything worked great, no noise at all, it was like a brand new computer. But after about an hour, it just died. I thought I had a power outage until I realised everything was on except the PC. OH shit! I tried to get it going but it would just keep dying, eventually I revived it long enough to do that quick update (the post before this one). I decided to put the small air compressor (yes of course I’ve got two, a big one and a small one) back in the shed since I had nothing else to do, now that the PC was fucked (that an Aussie technical term for ‘not working very well’). As I was walking towards the shed it hit me like a thought from nowhere! (I could have said a ton of bricks, but that’s so clich├ęd, plus I don’t know how that actually feels to allow for an accurate comparison). When I put the heat sink back in, I forgot to plug the fan into the motherboard! Duh!!

So what was happening, was the CPU was overheating and shutting the system down. So I pulled everything a part, plugged it in and away it went. Did that take your mind of poor old Belle? It did for me. But now I’ve written a full post, my fingers are too tired to do any more, so I’ll have to give you the full story tomorrow (or maybe the next day, but probably tomorrow).

I took some pics over the past couple of days, so I’ll upload them and if there’s anything good I’ll post it here…hang on a sec… Ok I’ve got a couple that aren’t great, but I’ll post them anyway becasue I like posts with pictures.

This first one is a little strip of fog that was here yesterday afternoon, oops sorry it wasn’t until I loaded it that I saw the shadows and realised it was in the morning…


And this one is the last ever picture of Belle with four good legs…


I’ve added a new category as I think I’ll be needing it. If you want o get the latest update, read the post before this one.

One more thing, the cold weather has arrived!!


A real quick update.

I had planned on telling you the whole story of what happened yesterday, but on top of everything else, my computer just died. It’s back up again now, but I don’t know for how long, the switch mode power supply is cactus.

Anyway, a quick update before I lose the PC again…Belle has a dislocated hip, severe lacerations, and her leg is broken in three places; at the knee, at the hip, and in the middle. Which means we won’t need that expensive plate any more, we need some even more expensive, specialised hardware. Oh, and we need to send her a hundred miles away to the specialist who can perform the operation.

Sound expensive to you? Me too, and an initial quote indicates that it will be at least twice the amount quoted yesterday ($1000), and she’ll have to be kept in a cage for eight weeks.

I’ll leave it there so I can post this before the pooter dies again.