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A slightly longer update

Well let’s start with an update on the computer. It seems to have stabilised to the point where I’m confident that I can get through the post without it dying. Actually, I know it will…it’s has stabilised because I have tracked down the source of the problem, it’s what we in IT euphemistically refer to as ‘operator error’. Ok! OK! Stop badgering me! I screwed up alright? You happy now??

While I was waiting for the vet to call this morning, I decided to worked off some nervous energy by getting rid of some weird noises the PC has been making lately. It sounded like something was about to explode, and while bashing the top of the system box gave temporary relief from the noise, I somehow knew it wasn’t really a permanent solution (although I’ve been doing it to great effect for about 6 months now). I pulled the cover off and listened to where the grinding noise was coming from…it seemed to be inside the power supply, so I muscled it out of the computer and dissected it (it was at this point I realised that I didn’t have a backup plan if I couldn’t get it back together again, hmm). The fan was full of gunk (that’s the technical term for crap) so I cleaned it up and then squirted it with some Innox. Then I thought I may as well clean up of the CPU fan and heat sink while I was at it:- the fans actually suck dust into the unit and it gets all oily and sticks to things, like fan blades and housings. I was able to disconnect it completely so I could stand up rather than kneel on the floor like I had to for the power supply (oh, I should mention that I didn’t unplug anything, that’s why it was on the floor).

Anyway, I put it all back together and everything worked great, no noise at all, it was like a brand new computer. But after about an hour, it just died. I thought I had a power outage until I realised everything was on except the PC. OH shit! I tried to get it going but it would just keep dying, eventually I revived it long enough to do that quick update (the post before this one). I decided to put the small air compressor (yes of course I’ve got two, a big one and a small one) back in the shed since I had nothing else to do, now that the PC was fucked (that an Aussie technical term for ‘not working very well’). As I was walking towards the shed it hit me like a thought from nowhere! (I could have said a ton of bricks, but that’s so clichéd, plus I don’t know how that actually feels to allow for an accurate comparison). When I put the heat sink back in, I forgot to plug the fan into the motherboard! Duh!!

So what was happening, was the CPU was overheating and shutting the system down. So I pulled everything a part, plugged it in and away it went. Did that take your mind of poor old Belle? It did for me. But now I’ve written a full post, my fingers are too tired to do any more, so I’ll have to give you the full story tomorrow (or maybe the next day, but probably tomorrow).

I took some pics over the past couple of days, so I’ll upload them and if there’s anything good I’ll post it here…hang on a sec… Ok I’ve got a couple that aren’t great, but I’ll post them anyway becasue I like posts with pictures.

This first one is a little strip of fog that was here yesterday afternoon, oops sorry it wasn’t until I loaded it that I saw the shadows and realised it was in the morning…


And this one is the last ever picture of Belle with four good legs…


I’ve added a new category as I think I’ll be needing it. If you want o get the latest update, read the post before this one.

One more thing, the cold weather has arrived!!


31 Responses

  1. I can see you is real good at electrics. Not unplugging the ‘puter whilst fiddlin with the power supply and all. Awesome.

    (Hope Belle will be okay. And I’m kinda with Caroline from last post. Maybe get a second opinion and find out if there are any other options – and what will Belle’s prognosis for a pain-free life be…)

  2. You lost me on all the computer lingo but am glad it’s fixed. Belle looks so sweet in that photo.

  3. TLG – Let me splain. I didn’t unplug all the peripherals so that I could put the PC on waist level workbench. I did however unplug the power cord from the wall. The whole idea was to pull the power supply apart, which is hard to do if it’s live.

    I’m not getting her leg taken off, and she’s going to someone who specialises in this stuff. The idea is to cut down the recovery time and give her a normal range of motion, it’s the same stuff that they do to professional athletes all the time.

    Chris – She’ll be like that again.

    Oh and Mark, in case you comment on this post, I will not be making a stool out of her, even though she would match the decor quite nicely.

  4. this isn’t exactly the update i was looking for.

  5. Glad you fixed your computer. My son is always messing with his. Fans. Hope Belle is helped greatly and soon.

  6. dude, I speak some australian!! cool. (and i’m picking up californian too…oh no!!)

  7. oh, and for the computer stuff…I can’t decide whether to be impressed that you take it apart and put it back together, or to say, dumbass!! for being so smart and then forgetting a basic? I think I’ll do both.

  8. I don’t understand the constant negative use of the word “fucked.” What is with that?

    I like the fog picture.

  9. I’m glad the computer is working because now you need to tell us what the hell is going on with Belle! Now, Peter.

  10. That previous post about Belle made me all teary. Poor wee mite. And yeah, I can see why you need a new category. That dog’ll give you (and all of us) grey hair. I’m pulling fr her, I think we all are. Which is a good thing – with her talents for getting into scrapes, she needs a full-time cadre of guardian angels.

    The computer thing? I’m imprassed and laughing – typical. Geeks get so busy geeking out they forget the simplest things. The most knowledgeable geek I’ve ever known once lost everything when his comoputer crashed and he hadn’t backed up. To this day, it makes me shake my head. An IT guy not backing up?? Sheesh. And sheesh to you, too. 😉

    Now get typing and tell us more about Belle. I’ve got my hanky ready.

  11. I hope everything works out.

  12. Jeeze the poor baby dog. I hope she gets better soon – have you not got insurance? Guess it would cost a fortune to insure your managerie. All the best old boy and keep us posted.

  13. You made a mistake and admitted it–I’m so proud of you! 😉

    Hmm, that all sounds like something that should be done to our computer. It’s not yet making the noises, but why wait? Do you rent yourself out?

    You sounded good in your post.

    The fog photo is great. Fog is a sure sign of fall over here. Sorry summer is winding down there, but at least your winters aren’t too harsh.

    Thinking of you, Belle.

  14. p.s. love the fog picture, although it made me a leeeetle nervous. But then, I’ve just watched The Mist and have temporarily abandoned my love of fog.

  15. Poor Belle! Poor you!

    Praying to the Dog God, my friend.

  16. Glad you finally figured out the computer problem
    :-). So sorry about Belle, my heart goes out to her. Poor little Belle :-(, but I am so glad she will eventually be okay. Big hugs.

  17. Poor lil Belle is in a fog now too. Hope they keep her pain free and comfy for a time.

    Now let’s pray that this doesn’t break her spirit too, but perhaps bends her a little bit so that she doesn’t get into so much trouble.

    She might take you to the poor house. I’ll still visit, tho.

  18. You have the WORST luck with your pets! We love clients like you! Definitely get a second opinion, but don’t let money be your deciding factor. You get what you pay for and you want the person who can do the best job, not the cheapest job as in “I can save you $250 if I use popsicle sticks to repair it instead of steel plates”!!

  19. HI MELISSA!!

    I’m glad you figured out what had your PC so fucked!

    Loved the photos! I hope everything is going smoothly for Belle.

  20. You are such a nerd! And no it did not take my mind off Belle, I was just thinking so when is he going to get to the point! Poor Belle, she seems to have the worst luck. I hope things look up for her from now on.

  21. Nope didn’t take my mind off Belle. Although I did understand what ‘fan’ was but then I was lost again at ‘heat sink’. And I just looked at the back of my hard drive thingy where I can hear a fan and it’s FULL of dust. I should probably get rid of that. Can’t wait for an update on Belle, and Booey too.

  22. I thought the technical code was ID10T :LOL:

    Like the new look of the blog. Glad the computer is back up and running. What do you call cold down there? I think we hit +1°C today.

  23. Glad to hear Belle will be keeping her leg and sincerely hope all goes well and she goes on to live a happy life with you. She is a lucky dog.

    Good-bye Willowtree–you have a ‘nice life’ too.

  24. Caroline – Nice touch on the email address. You’re obviously annoyed by something I have or haven’t done. Either way, whatever it was, it wasn’t intentional. But frankly, with all the drama, expense and heartache I’ve got going on, the last thing I need right now is histrionics.

    But thank you anyway, for making my day even worse than it already was.

  25. WT, You’re absolutely right!! Belle will be fine. Those of us who love our animals know that there’s a price involved. They’re our children and you don’t leave your kids stranded. You’re doing the right thing! She’s a lucky girl to have you–you’re a lucky guy to have her.

  26. These computers can be a hassle. Sometimes, mine makes some strange noises. However, I will not try the remedy that you described. I would screw things up for sure. Luckily, you are skilled at fixing things.

    I like your two pictures. Belle looks especially sweet.

  27. Loved the pics and good to hear that Belle will be getting fixed up soon! Hang in there and let us know …. how did Belle’s mishap occur???

  28. Dang, Man!! With all of your fuzzy baby woes it’s no wonder you’re not always firing all of your cylinders!!

  29. Weird, scary fog you have there.

  30. That’s what happens when you try to wash up your dished in your computer sink… [rolls eyes and groans]

    Glorious Upper Liverpool Plains cold Autumn morning misty pic you’ve got there… glorious!

    I wish the ones I’d taken of mist rising off Ben Chifley dam near me on early Sunday morning had come out better tho…

    Mal 🙂

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