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The Belle saga Pt1

So, where were we? Oh right, waiting for a call from the vet. Before I bring you up do date, let’s just do a brief recap. At around 4pm Saturday, I let the guys out for a pee and a run around. Ten minutes later Bentley and Buddy came back in and Belle was just lying on the grass. I came back to the computer and continued loading songs from my CDs to replace the ones that were lost when my system really did crash about 6 or 8 months ago, and of course, and I hadn’t backed anything up (I know, but plumbers usually have leaky taps…faucets).

At around 5:30p I called Belle to come in for dinner, no response. It was then that I noticed her lying by the front gate, there was nothing unusual about that, she likes to play this game where she jumps the fence to go adventuring, but then waits by either of the gates so that I have to let her back in  when she’s done (she must think that’s hysterical). There was nothing alarming about the way she was positioned, it was just like this, (with her head up)…


You’ll notice her front leg is shaved, this is a picture from the last time she got hurt. She wasn’t laying with her head on the ground or anything, so there was nothing unusual other than she didn’t sit up expectantly when she heard me coming (which I did think was a little strange, as she’s normally pretty excited when I come to let her in). Anyway, I opened the gate and she got up slowly and came inside the yard. I then noticed that she wasn’t putting any weight on her left back leg, but again, nothing to worry about becasue the day before she had a thorn in that foot, and there’s still tons of them about.

It wasn’t until she sat down again immediately on entering the yard that I noticed all the blood. I went straight inside and called the vet. As I’ve said, this was out of hours, so I had to call a several numbers before I got him, and he was just getting ready to go and attend to a horse (now, you have to realise that horses are normally worth much more than pet dogs anyway, but this area has a lot of thoroughbred breeders, and those horses are worth even more, so I was really lucky that he said he’d wait stabilise her before he went).

Forgive me if I’m repeating myself, but I’ve had a few IM conversations about this, and I know I’ve said some of it already, but I’m not sure what I’ve said in posts. However, let’s just forge ahead. As there was no-one to help with the procedure, I had to hold Belle’s leg while he put in the needle for the drip, then I had to hold her broken leg steady while he applied a compression bandage. Once that was done I had to hold the other leg straight out so that he could put some antiseptic and a patch on the deep laceration on the inner thigh. He gave her some pain killers but didn’t want to give her too much until he saw the x-rays, which he wouldn’t be able to do until the next day as he had to go and attend the horse (which was also an emergency).

So once she was stabilised, we went our separate ways (which ironically were actually the same way, as the horse was out by my place!) and I was to wait for a phone call the next day after he had taken the x-rays and figured out what to do.

The next day I rang him at 10:30a (which he said to do if he hadn’t called me already), but I just got an answering machine, so I assumed he was still working on her (which turned out to be the case). At around 11:45a he called me to tell me that he had stitched up the cut properly, and done the x-rays. This is where things took a turn for the worse. As I said yesterday, the breaks were at either end of the femur (yesterday I said it was broken in the middle too, this is not the case, I misunderstood him, plus I saw the x-rays today). The issue it the amount of bone they have to work with at the knee end due to the break being so close to the joint, which will require cross pinning.  However, the real concern is the damage at the hip. Not only is it dislocated, but both the socket and the ball have been damaged. While this is not good news for me (or Belle), it’s great news for the Vet; he can finally take that round the world cruise he’s been dreaming of.

That brings us to now. I’ve just got back home from Tamworth (which isn’t really 100 miles away, it’s only about 80kms) becasue i got a phone call early this morning informing me that the person who was going to take her up, wasn’t able to. So I now had to go to my vet , have Bentley looked at (he’s fine), have Booey looked at (he’s fine too), leave them both there and continue to the veterinary hospital in Tamworth (I’ll tell you about that in a day or so).

Oh, I almost forgot, I took a couple of pics before I took her to Tamworth…


Here’s the funny thing, after I squared Bentley and Booey away with the vet techs, I went out to the car to get things ready for Belle, all the while panicking about how I would get her out of the cage, carry her out to the car and put her in it. After I had made a space in the back,  I turned around to go and get her and she was standing right behind me, the vet just put a lead on her and walked her out. It made me feel a bit better, unlike the person who left a comment telling me to go fuck myself for some perceived slight. Just what I need right now.


43 Responses


    And I’m glad Booey and Bentley are better, too!!


  2. I don’t think blue is her color. She looks more of an autumn to me.

    Poor Belle. Poor you. What a really crappy thing to have happen.

    But you know how you always give me hell because my readers are so “supportive”? (It always sounds worse when you say it…)

    Guess I get to lob it back your way.

    Give her a big fat hug for me.

  3. Well I know that I haven’t told you to go fuck yourself today, so it’s not me. Maybe tomorrow?

    I am so glad you are doing everything in your power to get Belle well. I’m the kind of person that would sell my car, contents of my apartment, a kidney, etc, etc, to fix Kobe. I’m glad you are that kind of person too. I’m going to start a collection at work to help fund her operation. You should know I work for cheapskates so it may be an empty envelope with the money spent on postage BUT IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS.

    Holy shit. I just said something nice to you. We can’t have that, can we. Go fuck yourself.


  4. Poor Belle, she is such a brave girl. I am wondering how she managed to walk on it though! Geez its got to hurt! I hope everything goes well for her. Give her a kiss from me, sending loving healing thoughts her way!

  5. Her expression says, “daddy I’m sorry.”
    Things sound better for Belle today — she’s looking better than any dog should after that episode.

    I’m sorry that your pocketbook is looking less likely to recover.

  6. The only part of this post that made me smile was the crack about the world cruise!! Too right.
    Poor Belle, she looks sore but so trusting. She knows you’ll get her helped. Please give her lots of hugs and pats and ear rubs and whatever else she enjoys, from the Posse Admirers!

  7. I’m amazed she managed to walk. Poor little thing such a sad look~ I would have been howling. She is lucky to have you fighting her corner~ hope all goes well at the hospital.

  8. Blimey Willowtree, I’ve been meaning to stop by for ages and I choose today. Hope she’s okay. Hope you’re okay. Give her a big pat from me too. (She will probably have a very flat head by the time she gets better.)

  9. Having broken a toe recently I can vouch for how painful that is so I can only imagine what two big breaks like that are like. Thankfully animals have much higher pain thresholds than us so she might be coping really well what with all those painkillers she is getting. Good luck mate. It hurts to see one of your pets in pain and what about the arsehole that hit her with the car? Maybe the vet can take you on the cruise with him as you assisted him with your first visit! Hugs to the wee lassie.

  10. Stephanie – Thanks.

    RC – I think blue is very becoming….becoming very expensive!

    Marnie – No, it’s the money that counts, but thank you for the abuse, I just don’t seem to be able to get enough of it these days, oh wait, yes I do.

    Karisma – She didn’t actually walk on the broken leg, she kept it off the ground, and the bandage helped with that.

    Pamela – The pocketbook is in ICU, and the prognosis is that it won’t survive.

    Melissa – I don’t think she was looking for help, she was looking for food, like always.

    Jo – You picked a good time to visit, my posts for the past two months have been total crap.

    MoB – I have though about the person who hit her, and I’ll write about it soon, nothing earth-shattering, just some thoughts.

  11. oh man she looks miserable. what a pathetic expression.

    i’m really sorry. when boscoe had his leg surgery two years ago they put six bolts in his back knee. he’s fine now, but it was a tough several weeks while he healed.

    his bandage was purple.

  12. oh, and it cost $3000.

    so we were all hurting together.

  13. Yeah, I’d like to know about the person who could hit a dog and then just keep going. Maybe she got back up and they somehow figured she was fine as they flew on by.

    The bandages actually look kinda cute. It looks like she’s wearing little doggy legwarmers. Too bad it’s not just a fashion statement.

  14. We had two J.R.Terriers for 13 years, sister and brother named Bonny & Clyde. We had to send for the vet in 1990 and he came around and diagnosed a tumour on Clydie, from the doorway. Then he noted that Bonny was virtually deaf and going blind. Did I want him to put them both to sleep rather than leave the bitch on her own in that state? Of course. So, I too got the job of holding forelegs while each pet got two injections, one to supposedly calm them (they were totally quiet?) and the other to put them down. I will never forget the look in their eyes. They knew what was happening but they had blind faith in me. Shit!

  15. Oh Peter, I do hope she’ll recover soon. I freak when my (endless humping/licking) dog is in any way hurt.

    Is the prognosis good for her recovery? I assume you’ll update soon enough…

    Take care – xo.

  16. Poor Belle. I hope she (and your pocketbook) recovers quickly. Nothing sucks more than watching a family member in pain.

  17. WT, I am so sorry. I’m sending good thoughts your way and checking in for updates.

  18. Wow, she walked to the car – that is a bit of good news.

    She looks sad in the picture – nothing like stating the obvious.

    Take care.

  19. Pete, I have been thinking about you and Belle since this happened. I wish I could just stop by and give you a quick hug. Hang in there.

  20. I think it’s great to hear she walked out to your car, even if she was able to do so due to the pain killers. I hope everything goes well. Both of you are in my thoughts, and your pocketbook too!!

  21. paws crossed for belle.

  22. ps. thanks for the thoughts. hope you didn’t take enidd’s offhand comment the wrong way.

  23. whew – that does seem better that she was willing/able to walk out to the car! She looks so sad, what a heart breaker! Jake sends wags and licks, and we hope she’s soon recovered and running you in circles again.

  24. Aw, poor Belle. And you – assiting the vet with her bleeding all over you must’ve been pretty hard. And that picture is just heartbreaking. If you put up a PayPal button next to that, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d donate reflexively every day.

    I can’t believe some asswipe hit her and just left. What a fuckwad.

  25. Poor Baby!!!

    I know you are scared and nervous for her. But she is young and strong. Keep visiting her and give her a wooba that smells like you so she won’t be lonely while she’s away.

    It is amazing that with her injuries she was able to walk to the car. Im sure that if she is anything like my Larry, she would have run to the car and said:


    Ear scratches and belly tickles,

    Colette and Larry

  26. even though it’s the middle of the night where you are, here i am again, looking for belle updates…

    no news is too small, at least for me. post when you can. good luck.

  27. Wow! I’m so glad she didn’t go into shock! I’d love to see pictures of the before and after x-rays (I worked for vets for 8 years and orthopedic surgeries always fascinate me) I’m glad they can fix her. I can’t imagine having to have her away in the hospital for 8 weeks. I’m worried all the time that my dog Poncho will have to have a hip replacement (he needs both hips replaced) I don’t know how we could possibly get through 2-3 months apart. I’m so glad she is such a fighter and that she has you to take care of her. Hang in there, both of you! Poncho and I send our best wishes and good thoughts your way. And we’d like to lynch the ratbastard who hit her and left her bleeding by the side of the road.

  28. I’m with Laurie. Let us know what’s going on when you can. Thinking of you and poor little Belle.

  29. What a nightmare.
    I hate that all of you have to go through this.
    I am glad that the other two have only minor, manageable injuries, that are well on their way to healing, but still… I’m just exhausted for you!

    I can tell that you have a very good, caring vet, and I can see that Belle is doing her best to cooperate. I believe all of the rest of the necessary pieces will fall into place soon. Hang in there.

  30. Aw…even though we know she’s going to be fine, that face just melts me. Poor pup. And yet, I am glad that she can still walk and that she survived the hit. (Rotten bastards, whoever hit her)

  31. Oh. My. God.

    I am so shocked and hurt and upset…poor Belle! Poor YOU! I just can’t STAND for an animal to be hurt, and I know how horrible it is to be the animal-lover, and not being able to help…

    Hang in there, WT – I will be thinking of you…and her…and waiting anxiously for an update.

    And know that I would mortgage everyting I owned to the HILT to be able to care for my PooWoo if he got hit!

  32. WT,

    Can we help out Belle by tossing in a few bucks each? I know it would make me feel better to do something other than just worry about the sweet girl. You could put a little paypal link up on your blog and it would be easy for everyone.

  33. Big Hugs to you and Belle!

  34. Oh. Belle – you have to admit, she does look pretty dang cute in those casts. (reminds me of when our dog had both her front feet casted – I’m sure my mom may have told you about that before).

    One thing I’ve been told by my vet several times – an animal’s pain tolerance is much higher than ours. So – Belle probably isn’t in all that much pain. Which always makes me feel better!!!

    I know it’s a lot of money, Pete – but you know, as well as I that our pets are always worth it (especially when they will be fine and healthy after the surgery).

    And having to hold your own animal for sedation sucks. When Dave whacked our dog Zeus with a baseball bat in the jaw (oh horrible horrible man) – he had to help the vet for it was after hours. It broke Dave’s heart having to hold Zeus down (especially when Zeus was giving Dave the old sad eyes “why did you do this to me dad?”)

  35. All of this sounds very serious and extremely painful. Thank you for the pictures and the news. After reading your blog this past year, I feel like your pets belong to my next door neighbor. Shall I ask if they would like to help with the bill?

  36. Altaglow has a good idea to help foot the bill.

  37. Poor little Belle. Hang in there Peter.

  38. Buddy and Bentley, good grief, you two are poor excuses for friends! You didn’t alert the master to the problem?!

    Poor girl, that’s a long time to just lay there in pain. She was probably in shock.

    Thanks for the info and photo. Hate to see her like that, yet it’s good to “see” her.

    Oh, and remember Earth’s visit to the emergency room a while ago for his swollen private part? Got the bills in the mail today, totaling over $3,000! (Insurance will cover most of it, whew.)

  39. She looks pretty good considering her pain. And to walk out to the car is great news. She will be fine….I hope!!

  40. Awww… $#it. Why does horrible stuff happen to lovely people like yourself?


  41. Aww that poor pup, her expression makes me want to weep :o( I know she’s in great hands with the vet and yourself and to read she walked out to the car herself is amazing! Thinking of you as you deal with everything on your plate right now.

  42. Oh the picture melts my heart. I’m sorry for the poor dear. I know this is hard for you. I’m pulling for both of you.

  43. I know she looks penitent but did they give her metacam? That’s what they give my pups when they need pain meds and it must be REALLY good stuff!

    Glad she was ambulatory. Dogs are just amazing creatures, aren’t they? The way they can wrap themselves around your heart with legs that don’t even bend is pretty frickin’ amazing.

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