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Thanks for the support.

I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has left words of support. They may not mend her bones, but reading them gives me something to do to take my mind off it. I’d also like to address what has been a common theme both in the comments, and the various chats I’ve had with my blog buddies, and that’s the idea of a PayPal donation.

Without wishing to offend anyone who has done it, I have always believed this to be a pretty tacky thing to do (with the exception of medical care required by children ). There have actually been blogs that I’ve stopped reading because the author has asked for money (and not for emergencies either).

Just so we’re clear: first off, I sincerely thank everyone for your offers of financial assistance, and I know that a very large percentage of you would donate if I put a button there, but when I cry about the cost of all of this, I’m only crying becasue I could have bought a laptop instead, which hardly makes me charity material! And secondly, you must remember that we’ve been married for 27 years without kids, so imagine how much money we haven’t had to spend on education, clothing and childhood emergencies. Finally this is a pet we’re talking about, and as such is our responsibility, pets are a luxury (an essential luxury as far as I’m concerned, but a luxury nonetheless), so it’s up to us to pay for our little airhead luxury.

Now, about the whole driver thing…It was only after I got home from the Vet on Saturday and sat down to catch my breath, that I realised that something was a bit smelly about the whole situation. As I sat there re-playing the movie of the events in my head like we all do (at least I hope we all do, otherwise I’m even weirder than I thought), it occurred to me that a) she had been hit by a car, b) it was close to my house, c) she has her address and phone number on her collar, d) she’s friendly and wasn’t moving too fast so the tag would have been easy to see, and finally e) no-one phoned me or knocked on the door. Conclusion: some fucking asshole just hit my dog and didn’t’ even stop to see if she was ok.

The thing about all my dogs (‘all my dogs‘ sounds like there’s a lot of them, but if there was just one less it would be ‘both my dogs‘ and that doesn’t sound so bad), is that while none of them chase cars, neither do they have enough sense to get out of the way. They tend not to actually run in front of cars, but will however, occasionally run along the edge of the road, and sometimes they go down to the main road which has a 100km speed limit and I’ve seen them almost get clipped, which is why I always go and grab them if they head in that direction; but they normally just go an play in the creek behind my place.

The advances in animal surgery are simply quite amazing, here’s an artist’s impression of what Belle will look like when all the work has been done. I think you may have to click on the picture to get a better look. Now I don’t know about you, but I think it looks pretty spiffy!

In case you’re wondering, there’s no word on her as yet, hopefully they’ll be operating on her some time today. I’ll be calling them in a few hours.


46 Responses

  1. I hope the person who hit her and didn’t stop gets hit by a truck.

  2. Peter, I thought about offering to make a donation, wondering if you needed help…..and then you posted this. I really appreciate your integrity.

    Photo: Hey? No fluffy slipper?! Belle IS bitch, afterall.

  3. I think Belle would prefer just 3 legs over that photo, LOL.

    Anyway, I hope you figure out who hit her, so I can come kick his ass. Or at least blog mercilessly about him to the world.

    Maybe it was the neighbor you adopted her from! Or maybe it was the vet, and that’s why he helped you right away! Feeling guilty! Hmmm… It was probably someone you know, and that’s why they didn’t stop–too embarrassing.

    I hope she’s doing OK.

  4. ah, WT, i love you and i love belle.

    i don’t think anybody thinks you can’t afford her surgery.

    i think it’s more that everybody feels the way i do, and they want to be part of this and feel like we’re helping in some way.

    i am not surprised that the jerk who was driving that car didn’t stop. i think i already told you about our friends’ dog who was shot in the face at close range on christmas day a few years back. there are just some awful people out there.

    i’m really, really sorry that one of them found belle.

    good luck, belle. riley says if you came to visit he probably wouldn’t attack you, even if you were wearing a false leg.

  5. Well – just to give the driver ONE teensy weensy bit of relief…

    I hit a dog once and as soon as I pulled over to check it out – the dog took off like a bat out of hell down another street. I felt horrible, but there wasn’t anything I could do. Of course – it was in city limits so there were upteen homes to choose from. Some people walking on the sidewalk witnessed it and when I asked them if they knew the dog – they didn’t. My only hope was that the dog wasn’t severely injured and made it home okay.

  6. She’s gonna be one sporty dog, isn’t she?? The others better not get pegleg envy!!

  7. So you’re sitting by your phone right now waiting for an update? No stress there, right? Oh, Peter. That flat out sucks.

    Will you let us know as soon as you hear anything?

    Damn dogs. Who needs ’em?


  8. I hear you on “my choice to have a pet, my responsibility to pay the vet bills” and cedretainly respect it. I think for a lot of us, it felt like at least we’d be doing something – anything – to help, when really, we want to be sitting next to her cage, petting her.

    And that picture? I now have tea all over my keyboard. Thanks loads.

  9. Making fun of one’s unfortunate situation is an art form. I can see you are at the pinnacle. Poor pooch, funny picture.

    I hope she manages everything ok.

  10. That picture! My heck …
    And “little airhead luxury” … well I guess so, but she’s a luxury you can’t really do without! 🙂 I’m so glad she’s making it through this ordeal!

  11. Hey….can I borrow some of that money you didn’t spend on kids educations?
    yeaahhh yeaaahhh yeahhh… I know – I spent mine on a wash machine.

    You sound up and positive today. That will be good for Belle!

  12. Hugs, Pete. Also, this member of Canafornada is ready to come fuck whomever did this up. (I remain the most dependable member of that organization, as always.)

  13. If you recall I hit a dog in January. Couldn’t find it. It was dark and there was no dog around. I think it just bounced off the car and kept on going as it smashed up the plastic clip. I did go to the place it looked like she was going but nobody was home…lights were on but nobody answered. Anyway, I thought I saw the dog once after that but wasn’t sure. I should have gone back to that place again…but by the time I actually ended up back near there, it was about a week later.

    Just hope Belle is going to be OK.

  14. Sirdar – Yes, that’s a very real possibility too. The lack of road injuries makes me thing she was clipped at the side of the road and bounced into the bushes, plus if it was a cattle truck that just grazed her, there’s no way the driver would have known.

  15. Peter,
    You are the man and a noble one at that. I guess you would not want any of these American dollars anyway. They aren’t worth much anymore.

    I hope Belle is doing all right this evening or (this afternoon) for you and Belle.

  16. Love to Belle!

  17. I wouldn’t give you any of my damn money anyway. Does Belle need a nurse? I’ve always wanted to visit Australia.

    I hope her surgery goes well.

  18. Oh Peter, Marnie just told me about Belle yesterday! I hope she will be feeling well soon. I guess if I got my lazy arse up to the computer more often to read blogs, I would have known sooner. Take care.

  19. Relief or what? Being Scottish it is in my nature to cling to anything monetary and to hand it over only under threat of injury or death. I had such a dilemma – follow the lead of the good people who were coming out in droves to offer you spondooliks, (in which case I would probably have stolen some from my husband as you certainly weren’t getting your sweaty mitts on any of mine), or to pretend that I hadn’t dropped by in a while and ergo knew nowt of your predicament. But damn it, I’d already posted a comment so I knew my attempts at avoiding handing over anyone’s cash but my own were futile.

    Thank God you are a man of honour and weren’t out to fleece us for your own gain – I’ve heard of those American permatanned and white toothed preachers screwing dosh out of the vulnerable, old, thick dimwitted numpties and suchlike by simply pretending to ‘heal’ some halfwit munter who runs around shouting crud like ‘save the lord, save the lord cause ah is heeeeeeled’.

    But…..given all my need to remain tight fisted, I saw that picture of Belle and would gladly have robbed the local post office at gunpoint to get you the readdies to make her better.

    By the way, it is not all Scots that are tight. It is just the Aberdonians, (inhabitants of Aberdeen), When you pop in for a visit they say ‘you’ll have had yer tea then? No chance of getting a drink of water out of them let alone a bite to eat. Tight bastards.

    Hugs to Belle – she is clearly loved by her ma and her pa.

  20. I beg to differ with your comment of not having any children. You have a houseful of them. They just all happen to be fourlegged and wearing lovely fur coats!

    Hang in there!!

    Colette and Larry

  21. Oh that fuzzy picture made me laugh when I clicked on it. You’re truly funny. Good wishes to Belle and hope her surgery goes well. Hey, that rhymed.

  22. WT…I agree with you on the paypal thingy…I have also stopped visiting blogs that did that…it have me a feeling of the yuckies..

    I am glad Belle will be okay and you sound alot better today, which I was glad for also.

    Thanks for the visit..

  23. You are the man, WT! OMG what a picture. I am so very glad to hear that Belle will be operated on today and it sounds like you are optimistic. I totally agree with you about the whole Paypal button thing….and I too, admire your integrity.

  24. We’ll send some of the Bathurst Boys around to fix up the b@$tard…

    Hope the surgery goes well. And keep safe travelling up and down to Tamworth as well, matey.

    Hope your wood fire is keeping on top of this colder weather too.

    Mal 🙂

  25. With regard to the mock up picture, if you could manage a parrot & eye patch, I think it would go well with Willow Tree theme.

  26. I suppose one could be a bit charitable and say if the car was going fast it might not have realised it hit a dog~ but on second thoughts I think your conclusion was the right one!
    The photo made me laugh~ it’s great to see you have managed to retain your sense of humour when it must be so difficult just waiting for news.

  27. does belle have a Kong ball? it was one way we kept Boscoe quiet after his surgery. i stuffed it full of peanut butter and kibble and froze it.

    it took him forever to lick the food out.

    if belle doesn’t have one, i’ll send her one. it’s better than money.

  28. You have an attitude I love. The best to Belle. She’s lucky she’s got you.

  29. Waiting for an update.

  30. It just means that now Belle can become a pirate. Hope her recovery is speedy and that the person who hit the dog gets her ass kicked somehow. Karma can be a nasty thing.

  31. I love your analogy that a pet is a luxury… it really is. I love my pets something crazy, but you’re right they’re pets, I didn’t birth them, but they’re still part of the family. It sucks that some nut decided to be an ass and not show any compassion for her, but I’m glad she has you to take care of her.

    Speedy recovery!

  32. You are a truly an amazing person with a highly evolved outlook on life. Wish more people thought the way you did.
    If we lived on the same continent, I would make sure Belle got all her surgery for free!
    I love the prosthesis!

  33. I just want to HUG you. You and Belle are still in my thoughts.
    Funny picture.
    Pets are furry children.

  34. Why in the world would I go and give you money? It’s nice to know that you’ve got money for future lawsuits though.

  35. Ok I get way too serious when it comes to animals hurting so I really needed to see that picture LOL It lightened me up a bit. I understand about the money and really agree with you on it. You have bloggers who have come to really like you and your fur family and would love to help in anyway we can. Cyber hugs just don’t seem like enough when we can tell your heart is breaking a bit for a loved pet. Well anyway. I get too damn mushy over these things.

  36. I once saw a man hit a dog with his huge SUV and he did not even slow down. I like to believe he did not know he hit the dog. Belle is so cute and sweet
    it would take a monster person to do that to her.
    Hope her surgery goes well. Hugs to you both.

  37. “but when I cry about the cost of all of this, I’m only crying because I could have bought a laptop instead…”

    This cracks me up, but I so appreciate your honesty and your wisdom. I know exactly what you mean.

    “And secondly, you must remember that we’ve been married for 27 years without kids, so imagine how much money we haven’t had to spend on education, clothing and childhood emergencies. Finally this is a pet we’re talking about, and as such is our responsibility, pets are a luxury (an essential luxury as far as I’m concerned, but a luxury nonetheless), so it’s up to us to pay for our little airhead luxury.”

    I know, the idea of the actual price tag is painful, but, once again, you both are wise, and well-prepared, and this is also what you have chosen to do with your hard-earned, well-planned funds. So, yes, while it is something that we luxury pet owning people cry about, we knew very well what we were getting ourselves into. And, as you have been excellent at preventing such instances in the past, at least there is the comfort in knowing that it is not going to be a routine thing.

    I agree re: the driver. I was instantly angry, and certain that’s what happened. Because we went through that with Spike, too. Not only did everyone in the apartment complex KNOW he was ours, KNEW where we lived, KNEW where HE lived, someone had the nerve to carry him UP THE STAIRS and place him right in front of our door and walk off- without even knocking. We realized, when we opened the door to call him in at bedtime and he was lying right there, in the cold and in shock, that we’d heard someone walk by and then retreat. Our door was the only one at the end of a dead end. Therefore, the whole thing seemed even more cruel.

    One time, I drove through a park, with a posted speed limit of 15mph and signs reminding drivers of the presence of waterfowl, and saw an animal control officer scooping up the remains of a goose. Now, you have to be pretty stupid and pretty deliberate to mow down a goose at 15mph. She and I exchanged looks and shook our heads. Someone definitely went out of their way to run over a goose.

  38. ok, i’ve been very patient. i’ve been checking over at this blog and watching your little clock tick later and later in the morning.

    you MUST be awake by now. you MUST know something more.

    and so you MUST tell me what it is….

    (and i’m not kidding about the Kong. i will send Belle one if you don’t have any.)

  39. Our most precious dog named Lucky was hit by a UPS truck. When I left the house that day I couldn’t get her to come home. I’m surrounded by fields. It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t blame her for wanting to run. Instead of using my sure fire method of getting the car out which she will come to if you call her I thought I’d let her enjoy the day. She always came home. Unfortunately Michael got home before me. I found him sobbing in the driveway holding Lucky’s collar. He was hysterical. Lucky had been killed instantly. The UPS man had moved Lucky to the side of the road but unfortunately it was the bus stop. So Michael stepped off the bus to find his dog. I had the rest of the children in the car and was suddenly surrounded by hysterical, wailing children and at the same time trying to process the whole thing myself. So no more pets for me. It had to be one of the most horrific events of my life.(The UPS man left a note in my door w/a phone number. Pretty decent I thought. What else could he do?)

    It made me feeling good to hear she followed you to the car. I’m sure it will all be fine. Makes me glad. As for today’s pic…I’m glad to see you still have your sense of humor.
    (Whew! What’s up w/me and all the words today?)

  40. I’m glad Belle is going to be okay.

    Could you send me some of that money? The PayPal fund for my new HDTV (a necessary luxuary) isn’t getting many clicks.

  41. Any word??

  42. I was gonna cast a pox on the driver (of course I can do that!) until you and Sirdar pointed out the driver may not have even seen her.

    I’ll just turn that into good, healing energy for your fuzzy li’l girl!

    Oh, and pets are NECESSITIES!!!

  43. Dude. Hello? Update me please or I will mail you a flaming bag of Kobe poo.

  44. Your integrity re; paypal and your honesty re; necessary luxuries are absolutely spot on.

    Hugs to Belle.

  45. I came over from Pamela’s too give see what you are going through. It is a terrible thing when our pet is hurt. This was a good post with kind words to those who have offered help. I giggled at the photo, very cute. I hope she heals well, she is definitely a lovely dog.

  46. I feel like I shouldn’t be laughing at that picture, but well, I am. Miss M aged 3 thought the ‘dog in a boot’ was hilarious and decided she needed to go and tell our gerbil, it really was that funny. 😀

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