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Belle update, post op

Just arrived home with all the latest the details from here…

I have a little confession to make, I got a tad crazy on Tuesday (well strictly speaking, that’s not totally accurate, I had a full flown episode of "irrational panicky pet owner" and blasted the crap out of a few people at not only this hospital, but also at my local clinic) so I wasn’t quite sure how I would be received. Not that I particularly cared, they may have my dog, but I’ve still got their money so they have to be civil to me for another day or so.

Fortunately everything was quite cordial, in fact it was almost fruit juice. I was allowed to go in and see her, and I was pleased to see that she was in really good spirits…Tamworth_trip_belle_011

There’s a few things may notice in this photo:

  1. That’s a big bone (I bought it on the way up)
  2. She now has a cute red bandage (that’s the broken leg)
  3. There’s also a boring white bandage (that’s the lacerated leg)
  4. There’s no water in that bowl!

It’s becasue of No. 4 that I have decided to bring her home tomorrow rather than keep her there until Monday as originally planed. Geezes! The first rule of dog ownership is to ensure adequate drinking water at all times. Now, not being a vet, I asked if there was some reason why she didn’t have any water (not in a snotty way, I thought there really may have been a reason), but he said there wasn’t. I got her some and she drank it like she hadn’t had any in quite a while.

So, without making a big deal, I asked if she would be ok to come home tomorrow, and he said she would. On the way up I bought this…


I figure I can provide a better level of care than I saw on display up there anyway. Plus she got a bit distressed when I left her. Also, they said I could take her for a walk outside if I wanted so I thought, "what the heck?", and so I did. She wasn’t all that mobile but she was ok. What she was however, was bursting for a pee. I couldn’t believe how much she had in her (and it calmed me down a little as they’d obviously been giving her water, but still, I think I’d give her better care anyway).

And just finally, a picture of her new hairstyle…


And as a special treat, I’ll have all the x-rays tomorrow so we can really see what’s going on!


50 Responses

  1. Gosh, that is a big bone! She looks happy to see you too. Come by and see my funny I posted for you. 😀

  2. I know I speak for everyone when I say we want to see a picture of Peter in the cage.

  3. Glad to see she’s on the mend.

    And thanks for being honest and sharing that you had a pet-owner’s meltdown… I know you’ve been stressing about it all thru a stiff upper invisible-bloggers lip, matey.

    I like the shave job… punk, is it? [giggles]

    Seriously, my offer still stands, if you need a pair of sympathetic ears. But that’s upto you. No worries.

    Mal 🙂

  4. SOOOOO glad to see Belle for myself! I hope that she enjoys that GIGANTIC bone…but hopefully it will give her something to chew on as she’ll be a little immobile for awhile. I’m sure that’s why you bought it for her. I was very surprised to hear that you were able to take her outside for a little walk. I’m surprised she wasn’t in alot of pain. But, I guess if dogs are like humans…they do like us to get up and walk as soon as possible. As I said, so glad that she’s home with you where I’m sure she’ll get MUCH better care than she would anywhere else!! I sometimes wonder about the vets…

  5. What a face on her! She looks so relieved and very very happy to see you. It’s the right decision to take her home as she will recover much quicker in her own surroundings. Oh, you, (and Mrs you), must be so relieved at the outcome. Re the meltdown – vets know full well what an emotive time it is when a pet is hurt and the owner feels helpless and stressed and upset. Bless you WT it’s been a hard road to travel these last few days ad you have to let a bit of steam off here and there.

    Hope Belle doesn’t think that big bone you gave her came from her leg! Yueck!

    Keep singing the song!

  6. Aww, her eyes look brighter and she’s smiling for the camera! She’s wonderful. I agree she’ll do better in her own home with her own owner.
    That bone’s about as big as she is!! 🙂

  7. She’s giving you a big grin ~ and doesn’t everyone recoup better in their own environment. I’m sure Belle will soon recover with all the love and care she will get from you at home.
    I bet the other guys will be pleased to see her!

  8. Oh, that doggie smile! That just warms my heart. I do like the cute red bandage, at least they’re letting her be fashionable. Hang in there, Peter. Having had my own meltdowns at the vet over sick/injured/dying animals, I agree with MOB, your vet probably forgives you for your outburst. Or hates your f-ing guts. One of those.

  9. I imagine that the folks at the pet hospital have seen a meltdown or two from other less than rational pet owners. And after all on this trip you were fruit juicy even though, our poor post-op Belle was without water. (Profane tank sank in several hours later.) I am glad that Belle is allowed to go home with you where she will get the best care possible.

  10. what prompted the meltdown?

    i’m glad she’s going home. you’ll take great care of her. that bone will keep her occupied for a long time, i think.

    she looks tired but she looks good.

    when boscoe had his surgery (and you’re going to get tired of boscoe-surgery stories, if you aren’t already) we didn’t have a kennel. we kept him in the front hallway. we baby-gated off the stairs and shut the door to the kitchen, but we couldn’t find a babygate big enough to block off the wide doorway between the hallway and the living room.

    so doug took the door-sized screen out of the front door and laid it down and it just fit.

    boscoe had a bed, a bowl of water (which we always kept full; we are very good veterinarians), and a zillion kongs and toys.

    probably a cage would have been smarter. but i doubt we could have lured him into one.

  11. Pretty poochie in red!!!

    And YESSIR take her home!!! Wha’ th…. no WATER??!!

    I’m sure she’ll recover MUCH faster at home!!

  12. Yay! Everyone would rather be home! What good news.

  13. I admire your dedication to your pets. You are a special person. I’m glad your girl is on the mend!

  14. I’m so glad to hear she is doing better. The red cast is so fashionable. She’s going to make the other dogs jealous. She’s very lucky to have you.

  15. Awww! She looks happy to see you! I’m glad you got to bring her home and that she is on her way to recovery.

  16. Belle is FAR too young to go for a Brazilian just yet.

    Let me explain my frame of mind.
    Last night, my daughter was regaling me (translation: shocking the shit outta me) with tales of how all the girls, except two, at boarding wax EVERYTHING. We’re talking 14, 15 &16 yr olds. Omg.

    Shit. I must be getting old. Or something.

  17. I am so glad you followed you instincts and brought her home. A few years ago a neighbor’s dog had an emergency C-section. She was a Rat Terrier and we had no idea who the father was. Turns out it was their “sterile” Rottweiler. The pups were huge.

    It was right at closing time, the first born died and the others were stuggling. They needed to be kept warm and given this paste to help with their blood sugar. The staff had no plans to stay or come back and check on them…they had not even provided a blanket.

    We got the paste and took them home. Set them up with a heating pad under a blanket and they all ended up thriving. I have one of the Ratweilers running around in my yard right now chasing birds…

  18. Her smile just melts my heart – and she looks like my Poo Woo in that photo. Poor little thing! You were right to take her home…I couldn’t leave my baby dog AT ALL! So glad, judging by her photo, that she is feeling better. She looks so happy and excited to see you! Can’t wait for Nurse Pete updates!

    And is there any such thing as a crazed, irrational pet owner? Who else can our pets count on to protect them?

  19. She looks like she’s bouncing back fine, and is so colorful!
    Sometimes I think the vet’s and their staff should take some type of class to help them understand how to talk to people (come to think of it, if they don’t have animals, why do they work with them, and if they do, how would they feel if their animals were treated that way?!)
    She looks happy, though, that’s what counts.

  20. It’s so nice to see Belle’s face again! She looks much better than in the last one and she can walk? And sit to pee? That’s astonishing! Glad you’re taking her home – sounds like both of you need it.

    And that bone? My god – it’s as big as she is! 😉

  21. Psst! Contest at my blog. No one has even tried yet. (Tells you how many people read my blog!) I know you’re a music lover, so I thought you might want to enter.

  22. are you going to need a second car for that bone?

  23. She’s probably better off at home with you anyways. That way, you’ll be certain her needs are met. I’m sure she is confused as to what may be going on. I hope her recovery goes well for her and you.

  24. She’s positively BEAMING!! What a gal!

  25. I can’t decide if she’s going punk or trying to be santa’s helper? 🙂 As usual, she is too cute-of course that works out in her favor-she’s got you wrapped around her good paws- ya big softie (-and rightly so.)

  26. you getting any sleep, WT?

    and what did the doc prescribe for belle’s pain management?

  27. Dude, Belle is awesome. So, so happy for you.

  28. I am so glad you brought her home. I hate leaving my dogs at the vet’s!

  29. Oh WT. I’m sorry I didn’t see any of this earlier. I’m so glad Belle is okay. In fact I have never seen such an injured dog look so happy. Glad she’s home and watered and peed (huh?)

  30. My mom told me about this. I’m so sorry!!! How awful. I’m keeping you guys in my thoughts. Hang in there.

  31. Red is definitely her color.

    Home is the place for her. I think for people..er..dogs to properly heal, they need to be in a place where they are loved. She’ll heal so much more quickly at home. Good call, Daddy-O.

  32. Give the vet the benefit of the doubt. There might be a really good reason she didn’t have water. sometimes when animals are confined, they are prone to spilling their water constantly. So it could be the technician was trying to strike a balance between keeping her hydrated and keeping her dry.
    But she will heal much more quickly at home, no doubt about it! And hey, the vet could be a putz! Who knows?

  33. Thank God she’s okay.

    And now that I know that I can say that I know you’ve accused me of killing and maiming pets to get comments but I thought you were just joking. We don’t do that. Stop running over your dog, asshole. You’re not fooling anyone.

  34. If I didn’t know a thing about you, the look on Belle’s face tells me everything I need to know. My goodness she just melts my heart! She’s in fantastic hands with you watching over her and I bet if she could talk, she’d be agreeing with you on her coming home.

  35. oh, and the fruit juice/cordial line was pretty damn clever.

  36. She looks so happy to see you.

    She is WAY spoiled – but that’s not a bad thing.

  37. You have done the right thing, she will be so much happier at home with you. Kiss her little head for me please :-).

  38. Wow! She looks absolutely ecstatic, all things considered! I’ve never seen a dog at the vet in a condition like that be THAT happy… must be the meds…

    Speaking of… not that it in any way validates lack of water/full bladder, but I’m thinking that whatever she’s got her on has her not only severely thirsty, but also has a diuretic effect… I’m surprised she’s not on a catheter, but I guess if she walked the other day, then they feel like she CAN walk around to pee, and maybe they want her up and about on her injures some…

    All I know is, it’s nearly impossible to keep the water bowl of a post-op animal filled, and the ratio of accidents/potty trips goes up phenomenally for a bit after bringing them home from such an event.

    I’m happy she’s home, and I’m happy that you’re happy. May the healing be speedy and successful.

  39. I am so happy for you both. She looks happy, I bet she is even happier to be home.
    That kennel looks just like the one I have for Luke, except mine is twice the size.
    I hope she has the speediest recovery!!!
    HUGS to both of you!!

  40. She looks really great considering she just had surgery. I think I would want to take her home and care for her myself as well. Even if it’s a wonderful vet’s office, they don’t love Belle the way you do.

    Can she get her mouth around that bone?

  41. She does look happy! But then she is probably smiling because you came back. I would be taking her home too, as much as they pretend to care, I think just like the hospitals these days, its more about the production line and getting more money in than giving genuine love and care. She will heal much faster at home with you. Hugs.

  42. I’m glad she is looking so much better. Oh, and I second Mark’s suggestion. 🙂

  43. Glad you got that meltdown out of your system!

    That IS a really big bone!

    I’m relieved that she’s home with you. Is she done with surgeries?

    I was wondering today if Bentley and Beau (and the others, too) missed her and were upset, since they usually play together so much.

  44. Glad for the Good News!!!

    Give the vet a break…..they see us at our worst and do what they do because they genuinely adore animals. (Probably more than people.) Thank them for saving Belle’s life and overlooking your anxiety for your beloved girl. A box of cookies or chocolates will probably smooth the path nicely. I always think it is important to “grease the wheels” with the “gatekeepers” (front office) to make it easier to get to the “decisionmaker”.

    I took a box of doughnuts to Larry’s vets office while he was in jail (long story), they were so pleased with the gift. I got a lot of milage out of that $3.00 investment in regards to how I was handled from there on out.

    I’ve never been on the other side of the desk in a vet clinic, but I bet it is not fun.

    Anyway, scratch the ears, rub the tummy and keep us updated!!

    Colette and Larry

  45. It will be good to have her home.

  46. What a relief to see that sweet little face, so clearly happy to see you! Glad you can take her home. Care is always best at home. I’ve got a big smile on my face now. What a worry she is!

  47. She’s fortunate to have you as her advocate, giving voice to what she cannot say on her own.

    And I’m thinkin’ Fred Flintstone with that bone…exactly WHAT is its origin???

    (once again, hugs all around)


  48. I’m impressed with the clinic you use!!
    Here in NC the clinics usually don’t use certified techs. (Those that do go for certification usually are hired by the research labs.) Most of the local vets hire well intentioned low payed helpers for staff. Looks like Belle got top notch attendants.
    They have a nice website and people with SKILLZ!


  49. Glad Belle is on the mend. It will be hard for you to sleep in the cage with her, but you will get used to it after a couple of nights. She will be so happy to be home that I’m guessing she will share the bone with you too.

  50. It’s even true of people hospitals. Family just does a better job of caring for a sick person.

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