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Belle update, she’s home

Despite what a whole bunch of people seemed to think, Belle didn’t come home yesterday (that’s why I use words as well a photos, but some folks just seem to only look at the pictures, that’s understandable, I’m the same way with Penthouse – I have never read an article in my life!).

Anyway, she’s back home now, and looks pretty pleased about he situation, well except for that whole bucket on the head thing…

but at least she’s happier than when I went to get her…

They’d only just put the bucket on her, as she was trying to pull the staples out. I’ve tried taking it off her a couple of times, but as soon as I do, she starts to pull at them so I have to put it back on again. But apart from getting it stuck on everything, it doesn’t appear to bother her that much.

"What staples?" you ask, "why these ones of course!"…

And finally, I ask you, does this really look like the vet hates me (he was looking straight at me, but I missed the dam shot, oops)?…

I can be quite pleasant when the need arises (list like any good sociopath), and we had long ago kissed an made up, in fact it was his idea to get a shot with the dog, I only asked if I could get a picture of him for my album "Vets Who’ve Worked on Belle (Vol 3)". He even showed me how to change the bandage if I needed to.

The South Tamworth Animal Hospital staff are really very good, and we’re all friends now. Thanks for the link Colette, I didn’t even know they had a site. Peter Best asked me about a blog for their rescue animals (I said I’d help him out), but the way he put it, it sounded like they had nothing at all.


35 Responses

  1. I’m so glad Belle is home.

    Sorry, but I can’t help laughing my ass off everytime I see a dog with a bucket cone on their head.

    Look at Belle’s face with the vet! She’s all, dude what are you letting this man do to me?!

  2. She looks quite Elizabethan, furled collar & tights, or if you like, a Dali esq take on “His Masters Voice” (HMV), Not to bad, they used to just cut a hole out of an actual plastic bucket & stick it on the poor buggers heads, at least that ones translucent, I wonder if it also amplifies her hearing, (hearing, hearing).
    I’ve never met the bitch, but I can tell you that I’m really happy that she has come through & is back home. The vet has that “I can now afford that”….look about him, & from the pic & the look on Belle’s face, he’s got at least one digit shoved up her arse.

  3. a) Y I K E S !

    b) What happened to the pretty, oh-so-fashionable RED-leg?

    c) I bet the other furry beasts are makin’ fun of her, “Gettin’ good reception, Belle?” You know, that kind of thing.

    d) I notice she’s propped up next to a few wine bottles…THAT ought to make her feel bettah!

    e) Okay…can’t help it…more hugs for the pup and her home care specialist.

  4. my parents’ dog was neurotic and kept trying to bite his own leg, so he used to wear a bucket all the time. it was, i must say, pretty amusing. it didn’t seem to bother him at all, and it definitely didn’t interfere with him barking at piles of grass.

    i’m glad belle’s doing well – she’s a pretty tough cookie.

  5. wow. she’s gonna get cold with no fur on her butt.

  6. and PLEASE replace that conehead with a bitenot collar! so she can lie down in peace! i’ll send you a link.

    i know, i know, more $$$. but damn.

  7. Glad to see she is back home. Looks like the vet did a neat job with the staples~ how long before they come out? I’m curious after the fiasco we had getting the staples out of my mum’s leg (I know that was a completely different situation.

  8. Gladdens my heart to see your wee doggie home with you. However, I almost heaved up a pavement pizza when I saw the staples – I’m very, very squeamish old boy!

    I can watch any old hospital drama on the telly but show me anything coloured red and flowing out of a vein in real life, then I’m usually crumpled in a heap on the floor after passing out.

    Oh my your littled Belle looks just fine and she must be loving the attention she so richly deserves.

    Love the lampshade she is wearing. This seasons must have in canine wear. Best to leave it on though because she’ll eat the bollocks out of those staples, there will be blood everywhere, you will take a photo, I’ll see it and heave up lunch then pass out on my laptop. And so the cycle continues.

    Hugs to your mutts

  9. Maybe they would trade you veterinary services for blog/website help. I like the barter system. It’s harder to tax.

  10. I just can’t figure how they lay their head down in that thing.

  11. “Vets Who’ve Worked on Belle (Vol 3)”, LOL 🙂

    Ah, staples, we’ve had them here. They come out quite easily. Will she only have them for one week?

    Do you think she’ll need more surgeries?

    The answer for cheering Belle up is in the first photo. Poor some of that wine into her drinking bong.

  12. Amazing! I’m glad to see that she’s home. My daughter had a comedian on cd in her jeep the other day and he said that he always started to say one thing and in mid-stream decided to change it. So he wanted to say “Take care” to someone and decided to say “Good luck” and it came out “Take luck”. So I’m telling you “Take luck.” 😀

  13. I think you need to put the cone on and take pictures of yourself. You know, for all of our entertainment.

    Glad to see Belle is home and doing better. Her stapled leg reminds me of something Frankenstein might have.

  14. So glad to see that Belle is improving. I haven’t had a chance to stop by lately…hobbling around myself.

    Please send those bottles of wine to ‘ole Swampy. I’ll be more than happy to taste test them for you.

    I’ve heard that dogs are much happier wearing a cone if their owners wear one, too. Just saying.

    Bubba and June Bug send their love. If you have a chance, be sure to show Belle my post this weekend. She’ll smile.

  15. so glad she’s home now, though I miss the fashion-forward red legging. Amazing how resilient she is, her face is so calm now.

  16. Wow/eek on the staples.

    It’s funny and how you find out exactly how much dignity your pet has the minute it gets one of them bucket things on – a goofy, laidback dog can go from being an idiot to being Highly Offended Royalty in a nanosecond. 😉

    Glad she’s back home with her dad. How are the other guys reacting to her/the cage/the bucket?

    p.s. highly commendable that you’re going to help with the rescue animals blog. Hey everybody – why don’t we start a pool on “how soon will it be before Peter adopts one of the rescuees”?

  17. I am so sorry Miss Belle, old girl, but I am sitting here laughing my ass off at the lampshade! Those things always crack me up and it’s quite ridiculous…of me, of course to be laughing so hard when you’ve been through so much. I am really sorry.

  18. Were Bentley and Buddy happy to see her when she came home? Or – could they have cared less. (I bet they got their sniffs out on here “Where HAVE you been?” sniff sniff – “oh the horror, the vet”)

  19. Dammit Willow, that picture of her staples clamped a vice on my insides!! How long till she gets them out? hehe…she’s a conehead.

  20. Since you’re the caregiver, here is how you document this:

    Incision with staples well approximated, clean, dry and intact. No signs and symptoms of infection. There is still moderate edema in the region.

    Patient is unable to give history due to language barrier, but it appears there may be significant evidence of alcohol use as evidenced by stashing wine in bedroom area and wearing a lampshade. Will question family re ETOH abuse.

  21. So glad she is home, safe and sound.Hugs to you both.

  22. Bless Belle’s little heart. How long before those staples can come out?

  23. whoever Rudee is, you made me laugh.

  24. It was a preemptive “gald she’s back home with you” because by the time you got my comment you’d already have her home, I was also covering the whole DAY difference too!!!

    Good thing her fur will cover those narley scars!! I shudder when I look at that photo. Giver her extra hugs and kisses for me please!!

  25. I’ve been remiss in keeping up. Poor, poor Belle; I’m sorry that you BOTH have been through so much, but relieved to know she’s on the road to wellness. :::behind the ear scratches for you both:::

  26. Glad she’s home. Do you have your Nurses costume on yet?

  27. Belle is home and on the road to recovery. I suppose the fact that she was trying to pull out the staples is a sign that she is feeling better. Actually, pulling out the staples, of course, would not be good.

    Our silly old cat always slipped put of his Elizabethan collar.

  28. I first read about one of those bucket attachments in an Enid Blyton, a Famous Five book I think, when I was about ten!! First time I’ve seen a real one! (My dogs never got into any scrapes quite this bad,miraculously .. though there were a few porcupine incidents now that I think about it). She looks very sweet and I hope the others aren’t calling her names or anything.

  29. bitenot

  30. I’m not really sure that dusty bottles of wine are the answer for her ills.

    Break out the photoshop and add some accessories to that outfit!!

    Just because she’s been at the vets doesn’t mean she wants to be lookin’ all skank…….get a good outfit on her. It will so improve her mood (and Larry’s)!! Larry says that if Buddy and Bently aren’t the men she needs……he’s available for good companionship to a damsel in distress.

    Colette and Larry

  31. I’m glad she’s back home. I always prefer to care for my dog myself too. I’m a complete pest now that I don’t work at the vet anymore. I insist on staying no matter what they do. They’ve gotten used to stepping over me. Where are those X-rays you promised to share with us?!? You know I asked to see them from the start! At least her bandages don’t look too bulky (compared to some I’ve seen) and her pins don’t have an outside apparatus (those are freaky). All in all she looks pretty good. She’ll adjust to the lampshade. My 120lb lab had to wear one after his encounter with a truck. The only problem he had was getting “stuck” on walls (with his face plastered against the wall). But he learned to scoop all his toys up in it, and he thought that was great. I’m sure Belle is going to be much happier to be at home with personal attention. I would rather be at home than in the hospital too. Give her a gentle pat from me and Poncho.

  32. Sending hugs to the both of you and I honestly hope you both are feeling much better by now!

  33. Yeah, that pre-departure photo looks like she’s had enough of that place and is ready to go home to normal.

  34. Blimey, when you see those photos you realise how bad it was. Poor Belle, I hope it’s not too painful.

  35. Lots of staples and love the new dog collar 🙂

    Pretty soon she will be up an running, albeit a little slower, but running again…hopefully with a smaller dog collar.

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