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For those who may be interested

It’s nice to see the level of compassion and understanding from all most of you. You seem to appreciate that I have had a lot on my mind lately due to the fact that I have 6 animals here, three of which are currently receiving medical attention (and the other three are just plain annoying). Plus I’ve had to do a lot of driving over the past few days to go check on the world’s most accident prone dog, and then again to bring her home, not to mention getting her up there in the first place (damn! I just mentioned it)

So it’s really refreshing to see all the support I’ve been getting. Here’s just a few of the heart warming messages I’ve received since Belle got splattered…

"Where are those X-rays you promised to share with us?!?  You know I asked to see them from the start!" – Equoni

"Just because she’s been at the vets doesn’t mean she wants to be lookin’ all skank…….get a good outfit on her" – Collete

" – Laurie, referring to a pet accessory not available in Aust.

"Do you have your Nurses costume on yet?" – Marnie

"Dammit Willow, that picture of her staples clamped a vice on my insides!!" – Claudia

"I think you need to put the cone on and take pictures of yourself. You know, for all of our entertainment." – Nikki, a suggestion that was mirrored by Swampy.

"and PLEASE replace that conehead with a bitenot collar! so she can lie down in peace! i’ll send you a link.

i know, i know, more $$$.  but damn" – Laurie, again

"Stop running over your dog, asshole." – Jenny

"Update me please or I will mail you a flaming bag of Kobe poo". – Marnie

i’ve been very patient. i’ve been checking over at this blog and
watching your little clock tick later and later in the morning.
you MUST be awake by now. you MUST know something more.
and so you MUST tell me what it is….
" – Laurie (this one was due to genuine concern)

"Why in the world would I go and give you money?  It’s nice to know that you’ve got money for future lawsuits though." – and of course, Mark

Those are just a few of the many, many well wishes, however I’ve just chosen the supportive ones. Besides, I know what you really want…the x-rays. So rather than poonce around any more, here they are…Oh wait! Before we get to the x-rays, I should give you all the technical stuff. It’s fortunate that we have several trained professionals among us, and one of them (Rudee) has written it up for us so that we can all to get a better idea of what the heck is going on here:-

you’re the caregiver, here is how you document this:
Incision with staples well approximated, clean, dry and intact. No
signs and symptoms of infection. There is still moderate edema in the
Patient is unable to give history due to language barrier, but it
appears there may be significant evidence of alcohol use as evidenced
by stashing wine in bedroom area and wearing a lampshade. Will question
family re ETOH abuse.

Ok, now for the x-rays:





When I first saw the ‘after’ x-rays I though all those doodles were just scribbles (I don’t know what they would have been for, but hey, I’m not a vet), it wasn’t until I saw the leg that I realised they were the staples. So there ya go, we’re all caught up now.

And the reason for the different colour of the x-rays is becasue they were taken a on two different machines.


46 Responses

  1. Those xrays look like when I broke my hip in three places. I had a hard time recovering as I’m sure Belle will have: But she looks like she’s doing so well and you seem to be on top of all she needs. What can be wrong with that? Boy loves dog..dog loves boy. How could it be better unless there was socialized doggie insurance?

  2. For once, I’m glad not to be linked in a post….

    Sending more {{hugs}}, just very gentle ones (I’d hate to accidentally remove the staples) (from Belle, not you).

  3. well, I can only speak for myself, but i’m glad to be some sort of entertainment!! 🙂 OK, so now, on to the xrays…oh that looks some sort of mighty painful!! so, the left hip, will it hold her like that??? goosebumps…

  4. Holy Frankendog. Any reason they chose staples over stitches?

  5. I wish I had her waistline.
    Oh ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch… poor Belle. Poor baby.

  6. WT – If you need someone to get you a bitenot and send it to you…I’d be happy to do that…just let me know!! Hope Belle is feeling better today! Holy Crap! Look at those XRays….just lookin’ at them makes me hurt. And by the way…those letters in Penthouse ARE worth reading.

  7. Poor girl … it looks painful. But fairly neatly done too!

    I think we’re all fairly keen on the whole nurse’s costume thing, we’re just too polite to say so.

  8. ouch poor poor girl, just came from Pamela’s place.
    so glad Bella is home she sure has been through a lot, give her a big hug from me x

  9. Aw, she’s cute even on the inside. Think she had her eyes closed in the 2nd shot though.
    You can have nurses outfit back, once you return the naughty school girl costume. PS. Make sure it’s clean this time.

  10. Gah! That bone out of the socket looks really painful!

  11. I’m still feeling ill! You can see the extent of that poor doggies injuries well enough. Give her vodka!

  12. ow. that girl has some healing to do.

    too bad about the bitenot. if you think you want one, don’t hesitate to ask. bermudabluez will send you one! har har .

  13. I can’t even imagine the trauma you have been through. Your dog is very lucky to have such a caring and loving owner to see her through this tough time. Our dog that we adopted from a rescue shelter had a minor incident that required emergency attention and I thought I was going to have a heart attack from the event! I can’t imagine going through the car accident scenario. My vet didn’t even think to give us a collar for the dog and first thing he did – once we got in the car – was to dive for his staples. He had been running along a fence line that had a couple of corner posts. He cut the corner too sharp and a piece of wire (new fence – just put up that was hired out btw, and ripped a quarter sized hole in his side. First of all, yuck.
    …When I called back about the cone thing the vet suggested a t-shirt. So, the dog spent about 2 weeks wearing one of my husband’s t-shirts. Until he figured out how to untie the knot I put in it and undress himself… then it was all over from there! Good luck to all of you!

  14. That first x-ray, ouch!

    The pins in the second one, eek! Those freak me out.

    For the third time, does she need more surgery, or is she considered done for now?

    Marnie, staples are easier to get in and out. Very quick. (My boys have had them several times, sigh!) I don’t think stitches are used much anymore.

  15. Ow, baby!

  16. I was going to answer the question about the staples but I see Kila has covered it. I think you need an assistant to help out(I’ve had plenty of practice after dressing my mum’s leg for past couple of weeks) and I’ve always wanted to visit Oz!

  17. Wow – what a difference in that joint, huh? That sure is a lot of staples.

  18. sigh. ow ow ow. nothing more.

    (but it is interesting seeing her tail in the x-ray!)

  19. i think it’s really cool that pete best found a new career as a vet after his short stint playing drums with the Beatles.

  20. Ok, so there are the x-ray pics. It just makes me cringe…NOW, I want to see you in the cone, arsehole.

  21. oh my god! I was clicking in here to take a look and catch up on a few days worth of your posts and OH MY GOD I am so sorry about Belle and all you’ve gone through with the dog trauma!!! Here is all the well wishes for you and your patience in dealing with sick/hurt dogs and all the bedside work you are doing and for yourself to hang in there!!! Good thoughts sent your way!!!
    Hugs, Pixielyn

  22. Great job amusing us, WT. We truly do appreciate you – and Belle. Glad she is doing better. Poor baby.

  23. That is a lot of staples. Poor thing. I hope all your unwell pets begin to feel better, and the annoying ones, well..they’re healthy, that is what counts.

  24. Happy to see you’re into the documentation. Lord knows thats all we do here. It’s all CYA and no bedside care. Still waiting on family to get back to me so we can do the “alcohol audit” and institute the alcohol withdrawal pathway if necessary. LOL.. That is what I do all the live long day. That and poop patrol.

    It doesn’t appear that her hip is seated well???? Hmmmm. Is she getting along ok? Hope the pain is tolerable for her. She seems eager to please so maybe she’ll do just fine. I hear Fentanyl patches work great on doggies.

    Best wishes.

  25. What a relief to see that the worst is over and she is home where she belongs!
    Has she let Bently and Buddy admire her new body art?

    After all this…I hope your posse decides to take pity on your poor soul and stay out of trouble for awhile.

    Or maybe this is your karmic reward for being a sociopath?

    Luckily critters don’t seem to care as long as the dish is filled and the goodies keep on comin’!

    Don’t kid yourself. Its the food and creature comforts (ie Your Bed) they’re after and you are of secondary importance. Oh yeah, and I don’t know if you know this tidbit or not; “Free” dogs are the most expensive.

    Keep us posted!!!

  26. Made me laugh AND cringe! What’s her prognosis? Any progress on the pic of you in the lampshade and nurse’s uniform?

  27. Yikes, the first xray made me cringe…it looks very painful…poor girl.

    I concur with Swampy and Nikki..I’d love to see a picture of you in the cone collar!!

  28. X-rays are so cool to look at.
    Glad they were able to put her all back together again.

  29. Cripes I am such a boob! I couldn’t even comment on yesterday’s post because after seeing those staples my eyes got all fuzzy. The xrays are definitely cool. It’s unbelievable what they can do. I had a stepfather who had a different cure…called a shotgun…..long ago out on the farm for poor wounded animals like Belle. So glad stuff like that isn’t even thought of nowadays. Keep on healing Belle!

  30. Wow… glad she’s home OK. Hope this cooler weather won’t affect her quick recovery. I’m glad ur going OK too.

    Thanks again.

    Mal 🙂

  31. oh, and as an aside, I do like Swampy’s idea…let’s see you wearing a cone head! it’ll take your mind off things…honestly!!

  32. Ouch. And will the staples just drop out? Careful not to tread on one. That would hurt.
    Seriously though, we’re so glad she’s home. x

  33. This post = dog porn.

    Unsatisfying dog porn at that.

  34. I don’t get it. Oh no wait. I see. So her knee bone broke and needed pins. AND she’s all poofy to boot. Hope that heals quickly and maybe she should become and “inside” dog.

  35. hope she (and you) had a quiet night, WT.

  36. Ok…first I feel I’ve been unfairly represented…I said some very nice and helpful things in addition to demanding to see the x-rays! But it’s nice to know that you do read my comments! Second, thanks for posting the x-rays! Wow…her knee was really messed up…I’m surprised they were able to repair it! Putting pins around a joint like that is REALLY tricky! They did a great job. They didn’t take as much off of her femoral head as I expected. I’m not sure it will heal the same as the surgeries that I’ve seen where they take more of the femoral neck too. It would be interesting to see an x-ray of that hip in 6 months or a year to see how it heals.
    How is she doing at home? Is she getting around ok when you take her out? Is she comfortable and getting used to the cone head? Pretty soon your biggest task is going to be trying to keep her from overdoing because she’s going to feel better and want to do more than she should before you know it.
    I’m glad she’s on the mend and that they did such a good job fixing her up. And I’m glad she is back home and not still stuck in the hospital. Thanks for posting the x-rays!

  37. I was wondering also about the left hip. Did they give you any medication for her for pain? My gosh, what an ordeal.

  38. Dude, you totally need a doggie nurse. I’d be glad to come and care for sweet Belle for ya, and Bethany can help entertain the rest of your brood.

    Send me my ticket, and I’ll be there!!!

  39. Poor little Belle. Just the x-rays look painful to me. I hope the both of you are doing well.

  40. Oh — sorry she and you are going through this! OUCH! That being said — the staples are kind of cute in the x-ray 😉 Funny the things we learn to laugh at to protect ourselves. My two dogs have had plenty of cone time too — no matter how careful you are accidents can happen. I recall having to put a t-shirt on our greyhound after his mega surgery and stitches festival (he ran full speed into the corner of our deck chasing a squirrel). By keeping the t-shirt on him we were able to see him as himself vs. a really scary dog with way too many stitches and drains.

    I was linked here from Pamela’s blog — will keep you and your brood in my prayers. Best wishes and best of luck with a speedy recovery.

  41. OMG…those staples…the x-rays, I think I might faint! How awful for poor Belle!!

    I can only imagine the cost…

    Poor you, poor Belle…thank goodness she is home safe with you.

  42. Peter, I think that some of the visitors to the Dingo show the gatekeeper love and affection by swearing at and insulting the gatekeeper.

    I hope that recovery is proceeding and that both you and Belle are getting some much needed rest. Take care.

  43. Hey Peter – how’s Belle doing?

    Do you Twitter? If so – give us the link;).

  44. Jesus, Pete. I am so glad Belle is okay.

    ps: Still waiting for pics of you in the Nurse’s outfit – I know Marnie sent it back to you already.

  45. You paid for them, you might as well have them. I’m happy for you that she is home and most likely going to be OK. Take care!!

  46. My husband just read the x-rays. He said she has a physial fracture (I doubt I spelled that right) or growth plate fracture and a dislocated femur. Then he spent five minutes rhapsodizing about the quality of digital x-rays and how he wished he had one! Ass!
    Also, he said to keep her out of the wine until she’s feeling better!!

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