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She’s not peeing

She’s just stretching her leg….


31 Responses

  1. Hmmmmm….stretching her leg, huh??? Well..in any case, I am VERY happy to see her up and moving around!

  2. I’m glad she’s looking very perky and the collar doesn’t seem to be worrying her too much!

  3. Ha! Shes looking great! Maxi has peed with her leg up in the air all her life, its quite a funny site!

  4. Phew – when I saw the title on the feed, I thought she couldn’t pee.

    Glad to see she’s getting around. And glad to know she can pee if she wants too (I’m guessing this is true).

  5. I’m amazed at how mobile she is, considering everything. And it still looks like she was peeing at one point to me. Sorry. *grin*

  6. Better out than in. She looks good. What did the vet say?

  7. damn that’s the best not-a-pee i ever watched.

  8. I’m with TLG. When I read the title, I was afraid for the poor little creep.

    Nice to see her up and about.

    Thanks, Peter. We were worried. That’s not the royal we, that’s me and hubby and the grandkid and the 3 dogs and my daughter’s 15 dogs. Anyone want a great dane/bull mastiff puppy?

  9. I am rather an alarmist. You had not posted for a few days, and then I saw your title. But, I see that our Belle is up and about. Thank you for the video, we can actually see how your sweet dog is doing. I hope that you are fine too.

  10. Poor little darlin, But happy to see her getting around round some.

  11. wow. glad you warned us. I would have misunderstood.

    that was some stream of energy connecting her to the earth.

    glad to see she’s up and around and well on the road to recovery. can’t keep a good pup down. you’re doing such a great job with her Peter, she’s a very lucky girl.

  12. And her tail still wags.

    Was that traffic I heard in the background at the very last?

  13. Yay Belle! I think she should be renamed Wonder Pup.

  14. She’s looking really good!

  15. How awesome! She looks happy and cheerful and moves surprisingly well. Thanks for the update.

    p.s. love the bird/insect chorus. Completely different sound from Toronto.

  16. So glad to see her out and about! That still looks so painful. She looks like she is doing well. Did she enjoy her salad?

  17. Wow! I’m so surprised to see her bandages off already! I’m so glad to see her getting around so well! And I’m glad she’s mastered the one legged pee! (I really did watch the whole video, which is really long and hard considering that I have dial-up which isn’t video friendly) She looks really good and very happy. That’s good to see. She’s a tough little dog!

  18. OMG, that title scared me. My parents just lost their cat. She died about 24 hours after she quit going to the bathroom.

    She looks great considering what she’s been through.

  19. Bless her heart :-), she is doing great, so happy to see an update, thanks!

  20. If that wasn’t a pee it was a good impression of one. So glad to see her looking so well though. x

  21. Way to go Belle!! Nice to see her wagging her tail and looking so great….and eating grass. I see some grassy upchuck in your future :o)

  22. That Not-A-Pee looked like the real thing to me! SHe’s a trouper, she looks so active and mobile! What a little star!

  23. She *cough* “stretches her leg” just like Kobe does!

  24. So, how long till she can walk on that leg again??

  25. Whew, that means my boys also do not pee outside.

    The title scared me at first! How wonderful to see her up and around. Is it OK that she’s not using the 4th leg yet?

  26. She looks great Peter~!
    How funny she looks half shaved!
    I was startled just as Kila & others. At first I thought she was having problems eliminating.
    It was just your sense of humour. 🙂

  27. AWWW…Belle…what a sweetheart. Looks like she is doing wonderfully. It is amazing how resilient our dogs are. How are you doing?

  28. If that isn’t peeing…..she sure is a trying. She is getting around pretty good, much better than I thought she would at this point. But, dogs roll with the punches. Humans just moan a lot.

  29. Go Belle!!!

  30. You scared me with that title!!!

    Belle, however, is beautiful!

  31. She is definitely having a wazz on your lawn! Glad to see she is so much better. You must be relieved.

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