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A care package for Belle

Over the past few days I’ve wondered how my dog could get whacked by a car – right outside my house – without me hearing a thing. Today I got my answer. At around 3:00pm this arvo, I let the dogs out for a nature break, and found this on my front verandah…


I know the postie comes between 12:00 and 1:00, and if I don’t see him (and he has a package for me) he beeps his horn so I can go and get it from him, if it’s just letters he leaves them in the letterbox. If I’m not here he comes in and leaves it on the verandah. The thing is I was here (in fact I was right here at the computer), and I didn’t hear him beep, nor did I hear him come to my front door (and neither, it seems, did any of the three dogs who were here with me!). So I guess that’s how I missed the accident!

Anyway, no use crying over split blood. "What was in the box?" you ask. "This was in the box" I reply…



Yep, it’s a Kong, and if you think it looks like it’s in the fridge, that’s becasue it is (freezer actually). And not only did Belle get a Kong, the guys got some jerky as well, and learning from Joy’s mistake, Laurie sent an unopened packet, so it made it through quarantine (unlike the stuff Joy sent).

Thank you very much Riley and Boscoe (and you too Laurie), I’m sure that Belle will love her gift, if I can keep Bentley away. And they’ll all love the Turkey Jerky.

I suppose I should give an update, although the truth is nothing much has changed since the last one. I’m getting the staples out on Friday, so that means we can ditch the bucket.

And finally I guess I should post a doggie pic…

That’s not a current one, that’s from last Saturday, here’s a current one…



35 Responses

  1. Poor little darling! Those buckets are a royal pain in the butt! I can’t imagine how she will be able to chew on her Kong toy! When can she take it off?

  2. How lovely the guys will think it’s Christmas with Turkey treats! Poor Belle does not look very comfortable in that first picture. Roll on Friday~ does your local vet remove the clips or do you have to go back to the hospital?

  3. Those pics of Belle made me go ‘awwwwww’. She’s so cute!!

  4. With three dogs and three cats in house, perhaps you are sometimes distracted with their noise and antics. I see that the package is from Riley and Boscoe; they must know the right gift for a recovering doggie.

  5. That is so nice that she got a prezzie! I think she deserves it after her ordeal. Nice that the bucket can be tossed soon too – it looks mighty uncomfortable when she’s trying to rest her chin.

  6. I want to kiss her sweet, sweet nose!!! (Belle’s, that is. But Laurie’s pretty sweet, too.)

  7. boy, i guessed good at your address, didn’t i?

    glad it arrived unmolested.

    and stephanie, i’m ready for my smooch!

  8. I’m glad you’re getting looked after this way by your invisible online family, WT! That’s great. good on you.

    She looks so sad in this picture, but glad she is slowly recovering. Hope all is well in your wider world too.

    Mal 🙂

  9. What a nice treat for the pooches. Laurie is a great person. Is that Kong about the same size as Belle? It appears to be in the photo. She looks a bit forlorn. I think it’s the lampshade.

  10. is that really the only address that was on there? am i missing something? that’s amazing!

    belle looks resigned to the lampshade – i hope she can have it off soon 🙂

  11. What a generous gift from Laurie and her pooches. Loved the video of Belle hopping about and then taking a slash on your lawn – not peeing ny arse! She looks good if just a little bored with the lamp shade thing. She really is a beautiful looking doggie and tugs away at the old heart strings in those pictures. Roll on getting the staples out – they must be tight and quite an irritant to her. She’ll cheer up when the collar comes off.

  12. Love Kongs! Well, not me.I love them for my dogs!

    Belle justs looks so pitiful!

  13. I’m sure those are tasty treats. My sister also buys pig ears for her monster of a dog. They are disgusting. You can see the little veins in them.

    Belle is obviously a woman because even though she is too big for that bed, like women and their jeans, she is still squeezing herself into it.

  14. SOMEWHERE in Australia? Are you kidding me? And, the package was delivered? To the correct “address?”
    Here, if two numbers are transposed on a zip code, or if a number is left off, and even sometimes when EVERYTHING is correct, the package never makes it to its destination.

    Now, that I’ve ranted about our postal system, WHEW, so glad that Belle is doing better and that Riley and Boscoe were so sweet to send her Kong ball and jerky treats.
    Belle, here are some hugs from Bubba and Bug.
    (BTW…Bubba had surgery yesterday and I thought we had lost him about midnight last night.)

  15. Riley and Boscoe are generous souls. They’re lucky to have Laurie around to do their bidding.

    Belle looks so pitiful trying to lay down with that cone on her head. I’m glad those staples are coming out soon.

  16. Why is the Kong in the freezer? Tell me you knew that was for Belle, and not a sex toy for you.

  17. She does not look happy, but I am glad she got some treats :-). Lots of hugs for Belle.

  18. is that a blue bow on her leg? shouldn’t it be pink?

  19. that was so nice of Laurie and Riley and Boscoe!! She looks so pitiful in the pics!!

  20. clearly riley needs to send her one of his dog beds next.

    that bed is too small!

  21. I’m not kidding at all. The first picture of her, laying in her little bed, brought me to tears. That poor, little, beautiful doggy.

  22. The last piccha is plain pitiful…then again, she has reason to look pitiful.

    WT………wait a second, I’m exercising restraint. What I was about to say might offend some of your readers….


    nevermind. Laurie wins the prize for following through with the care package (well, technically, Belle, wins, but Laura rocks!!!).

  23. NOW you’re just using your lame dog and her pathetic gazes to garnish more packages. More packages = more opportunities to see how guilty your postman REALLY is.

    You’re a dog whore, dude.

  24. Who the heck is “Laura”??

    Sorry, Laurie…I really do know your name (sheesh)…!

  25. Sweet. (sweet as in – awesome gift. Not sweet as in – sugary goodness). Zoe has that same Kong. It is her favorite favorite toy.

  26. Aww, how nice of them to send treats!

    Belle’s going to feel naked when that lampshade suddenly comes off! What do the other pets think of it? Do they ever try to bite at it or pull it off?

  27. Belle knows that bed is too small…she was trying to keep her legs elevated to reduce swelling!!!!!
    Why did you put the Kong in the freezer???

  28. Well, this post seems a bit more like the upside of things.

    You’re just as bad as my neighbor lady, sitting at your computer, unaware of what’s going on around your home. Good thing you didn’t almost catch fire, or anything…

  29. you pack the Kong full of kibble and peanut butter, and then freeze it. that way it lasts a long time–it’s a way to keep the dog quiet for long periods of time while they’re licking at hte frozen peanut butter.

    we gave one to boscoe every day when he was recovering from knee surgery.

    it kept him quiet for hours, but man did the peanut butter make him poop…

  30. My dogs love their Kong as long as it has food in it, but that’s about it. Now give them a squeaky, stuffed toy and they’re ecstatic for about 5 whole minutes…lol.

    Glad to see Belle looking so much better.

  31. Thanks for the explanation Laurie. My dogs have never been too into Kongs (but then I never stuffed them with peanut butter and kibble either!) We gave Poncho’s Kong to the shelter in Polson where I adopted him since he didn’t play with it. But it’s good to know if I ever have to keep him quiet…he LOVES peanut butter!

  32. Poor Belle! She just looks so…uncomfortable! I hope that the care package cheers her up! I cannot believe it actually got to you with that address on it! Laurie is so sweet!

  33. Belle looks a bit perkier in the second picture. She’s doing so well. And prezzies from Riley, Boscoe and Laurie, fabulous.

  34. Buying in bulk sucks because it’s harder to share that way, but it was a lesson learned to never send anything that way again. Belle is a lucky girl to get such goodies. That kong will no doubt make up for the big pail she has to wear on her head.

  35. poor baby.. i had a dog once that got hit by a mortocycle and it was bad his entire hip and leg was shattered and he had to have surgery for pins and a cast on forever. I hope belle is doing better soon… your a good daddy to her to take care of her !!!

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