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To answer a few questions

Poor little darling! Those buckets are a royal pain in the butt! I can’t imagine how she will be able to chew on her Kong toy! When can she take it off? – Karisma

The bucket is more of a pain for the rest of us, as she keeps bumping into things (mostly us) and she keep waking me up when she tries to snuggle up. On the other hand Belle doesn’t’ seem to mind it that much at all, she can eat, drink, play with her toys and lay however she likes. That said, I’ll be glad when I take it off tomorrow.

Roll on Friday~ does your local vet remove the clips or do you have to go back to the hospital? – chrisb

The local vet will be taking the staples out. She will also be giving the anti-arthritis injections for the next 6 weeks. Then she has to go back to Tamworth for the sign off.

Is that Kong about the same size as Belle? – rudee

That’s a close up of the Kong, we do have a smaller one (it belongs to Buddy), but I can’t give it to Belle as she’d probably just swallow it. It’s not as big as the photo makes it look.

Is that really the only address that was on there?  am I missing something?  – degutails

We don’t need addresses here, everyone knows everyone. As long as it’s addressed using the correct blogger’s ID (and you can see that it is) it should get there just fine. Oh, while I have you, I’ve got this really cool bridge for sale in Sydney, would you be interested?

SOMEWHERE in Australia? Are you kidding me? And, the package was delivered? To the correct "address?" – Swampy

Please refer to the previous answer, and take a number for the bridge auction.

Why is the Kong in the freezer? – Melissa

Why did you put the Kong in the freezer??? – Equoni

I’ll let Laurie handle this one…"you
pack the Kong full of kibble and peanut butter, and then freeze it.
that way it lasts a long time–it’s a way to keep the dog quiet for
long periods of time while they’re licking at hte frozen peanut butter.
we gave one to boscoe every day when he was recovering from knee
it kept him quiet for hours, but man did the peanut butter make him

Is that a blue bow on her leg?  Shouldn’t it be pink? – Hayden

That’s the bandage, sometimes you get red, sometimes you get blue, I don’t know why.


that bed is too small! – Laurie

Ok, not strictly a question, but more of an accusation. The fact is, it’s not a bed at all, but that has never stopped Belle from claiming it as her own. She likes to station herself there while I’m in the kitchen, as she can see if anything hits the floor, yet still keep out of the way (something that neither Bentley nor Buddy have ever successfully mastered).

It was actually bought for Chewie, and he used to sleep in it all the time, and when Chewie died unexpectedly, Tigger took it over, but then after Tigger died, MDW didn’t want it in the house anymore so I brought it up here, there’s another one outside somewhere, and the dogs have squashed that too

This is was it should look like  ===>

Belle’s going to feel naked when that lampshade suddenly comes off!
What do the other pets think of it? Do they ever try to bite at it or
pull it off? – Kila

Actually they the other guys a re pretty good about it and leave her alone, but that doesn’t stop her from annoying them constantly.

And a few from the previous post….

Was that traffic I heard in the background at the very last? – Karmyn

No, It was the wind in the trees.

So, how long till she can walk on that leg again?? – Claudia

I have no idea, but it will be 8 weeks before she gets a clean bill of health.

Is it OK that she’s not using the 4th leg yet? – Kila

I hope so, there is still a fair bit of pain, don’t forget that not only was it broken, but she’s had major surgery on it too. It’s only now that the bruising is starting to fade.

How are you doing? – Joey Tribbiani, Alison, Robin, Mal and several others.

I’d be doing better if this didn’t happen.


26 Responses

  1. You big drama queen. Quit PMS’ing or whatever it is and suck it up. I’m going to start calling you a mommy blogger.

  2. Still want to marry him instead?

  3. Mark – Screw you, you’d do the same if you had a dog to sacrifice. Damn! Did I just say that? I really only meant to think it.

    Marnie – I’ve reconsidered again, and we’re back on. But I’m not even inviting Mark now, he’ll just have to send his present, the address is in the previous post.

  4. That should satisfy our ‘need to know’.

  5. Peanut butter makes dogs poop excessively?
    Peter Pan, Skippy, and Jif… OH MY!

    That made no sense, I know. But look at the time stamp. G’night.

  6. Ok so I’m really late to all of this but poor Belle, it’s good to hear she’s getting better.

  7. I’m just relieved someone explained wth a Kobe was.
    Now I can move on with life.
    Thank you.

  8. The Joey Tribbiani thing cracked me up! Good thing Conehead the Barbarian is losing her cone tomorra, it sounds a wee bit hazardous, specially in bed!

  9. 1) so any animal that hung out in that blue squished not-a-bed has met a tragic fate? hmmmm

    2) i think you should be walking her now, making her put weight on that leg. walk her very slowly so she can’t hop. but her on a leash and walk her very very slowly around the yard. five minutes, tops.

    3) won’t she need the cone to keep her from going at her incision? even once the staples are out, it’s still gonna itch for a while.

  10. Apparently you’re selling a large golden guitar on eBay as well… is that right? [giggles]

    Glad ur going alright… no, seriously!

    Mal 🙂

  11. I love that you answered all these questions. It satisfies my nosiness without requiring me to actually bug the heck out of you.

    Get better fast, Belle.

  12. Not much of a comment, just an AWWW!!

  13. So, how much for Theeee Breedge?

    and…when will we see you in the cone, pirate hat, and big girl panties?

  14. That’s like, so cool that everyone knows everyone in Australia. I was going to ask you if you know my friend Jane Smith; she lives in Sydney….

  15. I could almost answer the question about when can Belle walk on her leg again. When Zeus had his CCL surgery last year – he was NOT suppose to put much weight on his leg for at least 6 weeks. Belle’s surgery sounded a little similar. So – she is in for a long 6-8 weeks of therapy walking AFTER her recovery.

  16. Big hugs to all of you and an extra big one for Belle.

  17. I agree with Karmyn…I think it’s a little early for her to be putting weight on that leg, but eventually when it heals some you’ll have to start doing “therapy walking” (which takes a lot of patience). Thanks for answering all the questions. I still think she was laying that way in the “bed” to elevate her injured legs to lessen the swelling! She’s a smart girl! Glad you get to lose the conehead soon! I hadn’t thought about her trying to snuggle up with it on. Hang in there…you’re getting through the hardest part!

  18. Wow. I am in SO far over my head at this blog. I feel like a boring person who walked into a room full of comedians! But I want to “listen” so I’m staying! ha.
    (Unless you block me. Maybe I had better send you a kong full of frozen peanutbutter. But don’t eat it yourself because I hear it will make you poop. And I really think you had better just sell me that bridge because there is NO WAY I’m buying that THAT address got that package to your house! Sure, everyone in Australia knows everyone … but the people in America knew where to send it? No way. And I’m American so I’m allowed to question the American Post’s ability to find you based on just THAT much info.)
    OK. I should say something about the dog now. And it will be easy because DANG Belle IS cute! It’s cool that you care enough to dish out the moolah to heal her, rather than putting her down. She’s a lucky gal.
    Good on you!
    Nice to meet you.
    Hug Belle for me please.
    (And I’d like your x ray reader to know that they are dang funny.)
    Wendy in Southern California
    p.s. You are welcome at my blog, but be forewarned it’s DANG boring. But come comment anyways cuz I want you to.

  19. ummm … I’m too technologically illiterate to know whether my blog address is automatically posted for you to find me. … so here I am:


  20. That’s too much work. I obviously hate my dog.

  21. ohhhh poor Belle!!!! I hope she heals quickly since she’s young! I hope you are recovering as well!!!

  22. I personally like that we can mail you something and that we can put somewhere in Australia!! But the return address? I do feel it’s a bit too specific. Somewhere in America would give the post office something to do, no?

  23. Peter, If if anyone contacts you with regard to “The Bridge”, please let them know that we also have a “House” at Kirribilli available, with great views of Sydney. Comes with its own private jet & best security on the market (although it still won’t stop the riff raff from using your pool)

  24. OK, enough about Belle, how’s Beep doing?! 😉

  25. Hee hee. Oh you made me smile. Especially the bridge, snort.

  26. Sydney was spayed two weeks ago, and the bucket (we call it a cone) came off as soon as I could stand it (she was actually bruising the back of my legs with it.)

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