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Once a bitch….

….well, you know the rest of the the saying.

But here, let me illustrate with a picture. Despite having a bucket on her head, one leg shattered and the other severely lacerated, nothing is going to stop this bitch making the poor guy minding his own business, miserable…


Oh, and just so you know, we got rid of the bucket last Friday.


20 Responses

  1. Somehow I’m thinking of a cross b/t a SNL skit and Britney Spears….


  2. If you squint at the pic it’s like that cable is attached to Belle, and the cone is a lampshade. Hit the switch and she lights up!!

    Shame, in all fairness she probably didn’t notice the basket was already occupied, what with the bucket in the way.

    I want to sit on the floor and root through your photo albums and that blue box of LPs. Those are LPs right??? (I’m weird that way)

  3. Some guys enjoy having a bitches butt in their face- did I just say that-ignore me!!

  4. Yay no bucket!!!!

  5. Where did my comment go?!

    Lemme guess, you’re wearing the bucket now? I knew it.

    Glad to see she’s feeling much better!

  6. So…I am the dumb one! What did she do wrong? I have been waiting for you to visit so I can give her a hug! Why is she a bitch? What is she doing wrong? Yeah I know Miss Innocent here! but please explain! I really really want to hug this dog! Errh So do my kids! So WT when are you heading down this way? I see she looks miserable but I feel she could travel now? Yes??????

  7. Poor Buddy! Maybe it’s the name, WT, and we should both just change our dogs’ names. My Buddy is doing well enough now that he was hanging off the donkey’s tail this morning. I guess he figures he can’t get kicked if he’s farther off the ground…lol.

    Glad that Belle got rid of the lampshade and glad that Buddy is evidently not a biter.

  8. a buttee (as opposed to a settee)
    I have to commend buddy for his long suffering.

  9. What? Like it’s her fault he got in her way??

  10. …. as if she could see him.


  11. Hey … can I borrow that thing? I’d like to be able to sit on the “good” chair at my party next week.

  12. poor buddy looks slightly confused by this.

  13. OMG…best laugh of the DAY!

    Of course, my not-a-lap-dog does this to me all the time. I just wonder if she is going to sniff where she recently sat…or let a fart.

  14. No wonder the wee dog has such a squashed face if Belle keeps sticking her arse on it!

  15. Again, laughed out oud :-), glad she got the bucket off…

  16. I came by this morning, read what you wrote and looked at the photo. It wasn’t until just now when I came back to comment that I saw Buddy in under Belle! I need to up my coffee and fresh air in the morning!! All the noxious fumes are affecting my brain function!

  17. Buddy doesn’t really seem to mind. Much.


  18. …Linked onto your sight from Pioneer Womans. Too funny. Thanks for the laughs.

  19. Every time I see that corner of your house, I want to sit down, have a visit, and look through the record albums and photo albums!

  20. Glad Belle’s feelin’ better and whoa….you will never, ever have to worry about suffering from depression. The laughs just keep on comin!!

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