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23 Responses

  1. Veddy i n t e r e s t i n g …

  2. I tried doing this ages ago. Life still manages to come back and interfere with things…

  3. What did you do? Press yes? Perhaps the keyboard has got your tongue. I think you may be living on Animal Farm and it was really one of the dogs that posted this.

  4. Oh gawd! When i pressed the button (and I’m *not* gonna say which one it was! lol), i got redirected to some weird site with dancing dingos all over it! o.O


    Mal 🙂

  5. But then what would you write about? Porn?
    Ok, don’t answer that. 😉
    Hope Belle is ok.

  6. Oh… i forgot – you need these two links, definitely!!! {Both quite clean, I assure you!)


    Mal 🙂

  7. Step away from the porn! Come back to us.
    We miss you.
    I can’t believe what Meridith did. And George not telling his Mom? Now that was just wrong!!

  8. Well, it depends. Would you chat with me more in your addicted state?

    (And may I just say that this post is clever as hell. Well done you).

  9. I thought I was already…

  10. I saw a show a few months ago where they showcased some people who were completely immersed in the internet – they had lives and personalities in Internet Worlds – dated, had sex, and some even married…. all on-line. I can’t even imagine. I have to step away and get outside and breathe.

  11. Are you being over dramatic?

    I feel this way often…. especially when the weather is getting cooler and the skies cloudy. You need a holiday – yes, you need to get away for a while.

  12. Nah. Not really. Also, in honor of Jenny: Vagina.

  13. Interesting post for someone that takes the computer and puts it back together for fun!!

  14. I love my home away from home.

  15. Yes, yes, yes! but the dang pc won’t pay the bills!

  16. I think its time for you to get out of the house!


  18. Yes, I have had moments like that. But, other attractions, maybe the secret is balance.

  19. LOL, you made me look twice!

    That last post seems to have taken a lot out of you!

  20. I didn’t get anything when I clicked, should I have?

    I’d suggest a break but we’d miss you.

  21. I think we’ve all pretty much done that already!

  22. Hah! I think I accidentally pressed that button a long time ago… okay, maybe not accidentally…

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