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Message in a bottle

This meme has been around for ages, and it seems to have resurfaced recently. Now, while I don’t do memes (actually I don’t seem to be doing much of any kind of blogging lately), this one looked pretty easy, all you had to do was send out some sort of message.

Here’s mine…


26 Responses

  1. Let’s ask Jack Sparrow. He’s always in the market for one so he probably has it.

  2. rub a dub dub….

  3. We sold it.

  4. Looked for you all week, but when I found you on Friday, thought maybe you both needed some space.

  5. Well, according to my SIL, there was one parked right there on the Marina at Nelson Bay! Atop the concrete between a few restaurants! Could it have been yours????? (Mind you, she had just fallen into a garden, and insisted it got in her way!) From what I could see the boat was still in the water!

    How is Belle doing????

  6. LOL Coincidence I did this today!

  7. Dude, that’s what I’d totally want to know. Then again, as long as there’s plenty to eat and I can build myself a little shelter, a deserted island might be nice right about now.

  8. Have faith. It’ll come ’round.

  9. Heh. Short and to the point. I like it.

    ALso, great picture.

  10. Great photo.
    Hope things in your neck of the woods start improving soon.

  11. “You’ve Got Mail”

    Mal 🙂

  12. :-), it’s coming…

  13. Not in that bottle!!

  14. i’ve got one for sale if you can’t find yours!

    P.S. How’s Belle?

  15. Hang in there…I’m sure it’s out there somewhere! Hope you are feeling better and Belle is doing good too!

  16. Hahaha. Love it.

    PS you need to change my last initial to H on your blogroll. Oh, but you may as well wait till I get a new blog, I have lost mine in the custody battle. Will send new address when I start one up.

  17. Who drank the wine?

    How’s our Belle? It sounds like we all want to know, especially old runny nose here.

    Cheer up.

  18. I think it went the way of hobo carts.

  19. Whew, how deep 😉

    I’m often telling the boys not to say “Dude!”

  20. Such an existential message….it cuts to the very heart of human angst. Or something like that!

  21. Paper plate.

    I’m giving you this paper plate so you can come to my bbq. We are having faux chicken. Come on over if you get a minute.


  22. Ree linked you today.

  23. ARRRGGGG Matey.

  24. I borrowed it. I’ll return it later…maybe.

  25. Your ship might be here.

  26. Hee hee, I like it.

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