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Swampy’s Baby Shower for Karmyn.

I guess it’s just as well that I’m confident about my sexuality, otherwise I’d be too phobic to go to a baby shower. But then even, if it did bother me, I’d still go becasue Karmyn is one of my oldest blog buddies, in fact she’d probably be my oldest buddy if it weren’t for Swampy, Holtie and Pamela, (Karmyn’s mom and my adoptive big sister), *all of whom are as old as the pyramids!

So anyway, Swampy (as only Swampy could) has offered to host a Baby Shower for Karmyn, which I think is pretty darned nice of her given that she’s been laid up lately with a bad back and some splinters in her butt, both caused by excessive broomstick travel.

Seeing as it’s a Baby Shower, which from what I can make out are sorta like Buck’s nights, only without the ball and chain, or strippers, I have made my contribution a bit like a game with clever (well at least I thought so), tricky links, which will probably bore the shit out of you.

I know I’m a couple of days early (actually only one day for me, you know, international dateline and all), but I won’t be able to post tomorrow (my 9th) because I have to take Belle back to Tamworth for a checkup (and you thought you finally had a Belle-free post didn’t you?).

So to get my linkfest rolling, just click on my gifts.

* Updated…does that make it any clearer Swampy?


32 Responses

  1. Amazingly clever! Very well thought out gifts, too, and nice of you to include the hubby!

  2. Preparation H, good for wrinkles too.

  3. Oh Bravo! Now how could anyone beat that? You have just thought of everything! I loved the gift wrapping too, nice touch!

    Hope it all goes well with Belle.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh the Cabbage. She’ll love it love it…. ha ha ha ha ha.

  5. OMG! LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And believe it or not – the cabbage is quite useful. (I won’t go into details).

    But the best present by far? The steel Penis-trap thingy. Dave had better watch out. I might actually have to buy it for him! Of course – I’m liking the whiskey bottle right now too. Mama needs some medicine.

  6. Very funny.

    I’m impressed that you know about the cabbage.

    A naked guy in front of baby gifts is an odd sight, LOL.

  7. DubYaT! You never cease to amaze me. Not only did you bring clever and useful gifts, you presented them in such a clever way. I mean the cabbage and male stripper…and the Venis Fly Trap, too. Just wish this was a ‘real’ party so we could all ‘really’ enjoy each other…no, my neighbor would probably call the cops again. She doesn’t like my parties.
    Hope Belle gets good news from the vet.
    And did you just call Holtie, PamelaJamela, and me OLD?

  8. This is BRILLIANT! I would’ve loved these gifts at my baby showers!! You’re a natural, WT …

    Look forward to news from Tamworth, hope it’s all GOOD!

  9. hilarioius. and you must have spent a lot of time on this. time when you could have been playing online scrabble!

    good luck with belle today.

  10. Just what every mom needs right after birth. A stripper! Hell, I was going to give George Clooney, but you have me beat.

  11. Funny, brilliant boy you are. YOUR gifts are the winners and they’re the only ones I’ve seen so far.

    Hmmmm, guess I’d better go “shopping”.

  12. Oh my God that is hilarious. And so thoughtful. And the cabbage leaves are meant to be quite good for sore nipples you know. Very, erm, environmentally friendly of you.

  13. Awesome gift selection!! I also like to include a box of condoms as well; just a little reminder to the parents to be that their situation can be avoided!!!

  14. the only thing that made my eyes widen in lust was…the chocolates!

  15. That’s hilarious, WT. I think you might have outdone yourself with this one.

    *can’t get over how those women were actually grabbing/holding onto that guy’s junk*

  16. Wow, I never would have thought of the male stripper, but every baby shower can use a little excitement – that is for sure. That sure is a touchy-feely group of women in that picture with the guy. I don’t think I would be jumping in for the grab – if you know what I mean.

    Great presentation on the gifts!!

    I hope you get some good news about Belle – she’s lucky you care so much about her.

  17. Brilliant gifts and clever presentation. I think these might be the centerpieces of the shower!

    Hope you get more encouraging news about Belle tomorrow.

  18. Oh WT, you have outdone yourself!!! great shower gifts and they are all so useful!!

    Good luck with Belle tomorrow!!!

  19. WT, don’t you find that you can go off people real quick??? specially people who infer that you are OLD!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Shut the F Up ! Now, how’s Belle?

  21. I really, really have to quit drinking things when I read your blog :-). I always almost end up spitting up. Either that or you have to quit being so funny :-).
    Love to belle

  22. Just priceless. I’m sure she’ll appreciate all the work you put into it.

  23. WT, you are always clever and fun. I am glad that you came to the shower. Your gifts have certainly livened up the party. After childbirth, whisky might be just what mother Karmyn needs (or least wants.)

  24. Very wonderfully done! My hubby had to take my place as hostess at a baby shower once. He didn’t have such fine gifts as you, but he did a wonderful job!

  25. Just stopped back by to check on Belle.

  26. Dear willowtree. Boo I haven’t been getting your feeds. I’ll have to remember to update. I like your header pic – is that snow on the Moonbi ranges?

  27. Very clever…you obviously worked hard on this! I wish we could have had a real party at Swampy’s…Swampy’s parties are FUN, especially when you get to piss off her uppity neighbor! How did you know about cabbage? I didn’t even know about that! I hope Belle’s check-up went well.

  28. I am impressed by all the work that you put into this. All the photos and graphics, you da man!

  29. Whoa this was a lot of work! I especially liked the pink headphones and chocolate. Ok I actually liked the stripper the most but whatever.

  30. … heading back to my blog to tear up my present.

    I think I am suffering from gift envy, or gift presentation envy.

    Seriously: Excellent gift presentation. And funny that I nursed four babies (not all at once) without knowing about cabbage. Huh.

    And I don’t think that Belle is anywhere near a lost cause … you keep up the good physical therapy work with her. Obviously you wouldn’t do things to her leg that would pop out her staples! Those people should have been MUCH MORE CLEAR in their instructions. “You’ll bust her leg up, but bend it nonetheless.” Geesh.

    Good luck! Looking forward to good news.

    OH! and thank you so much for reminding me that TODAY is the shower. I absolutely would have forgotten that today was the day if not for you.

  31. WT? I thought you flew the coop? Shows you how behind I am. I’m a little concerned you are encouraging Karmyn to use a pump while visiting a stripper? I’m not sure that would make the let down reflex work quite right? Now my gifts just pale in comparison.

  32. Just checking an add-on

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