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To all you muthas.

Having neither children nor living parents, both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are pretty much non events in the Willowtree household(s). However, that’s not to say that I don’t wish all you muthas out there a Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy it girls, you’ve earned it.

Now, onto other news…the obligatory Belle update.

When I worked in IT, our mantra when it came to Analysis, Design and Implementation was "It’s all about managing expectations", and this was without a doubt the most important aspect of the project.

What has any of this got to do with Belle? Good questions, and I’m glad you asked… Despite some early success with getting her leg to flex just a little, it plateaued out fairly early on in the piece, which was somewhat of a disappointment to me, as I was expecting to have her leg fully functional by the time I had to take her back to the surgeon. I was also expecting the vet to be disappointed in the progress to date.

Imagine my surprise when he was unexpectedly pleased with the results. While my expectations were that I’d have her leg working by now, his expectations were that the leg would be completely rigid by now and therefore no more than a useless appendage. So I left the doggie hospital with a much lighter heart than I did two weeks ago.


30 Responses

  1. That good news about Belle, talk to you soon.

  2. That is really encouraging news about Belle, so all the hard work is paying off albeit a slow process!

  3. oh that makes me happy, WT. and since you are sort of belle’s motherfather, buy yourself some roses today.

    good job. good job. GOOD JOB>

  4. Yay! You’re such a good doggie daddy. Laurie’s motherfather has a better ring to it though.

  5. Peter, I’m so pleased to hear this. Let’s hope your perseverance pays off in the end:)!! xo

  6. WT, I’m much more of a lurker than a commenter here, but I just wanted to let you know that this post put a smile on my face. I’m glad the news were better than you expected on Belle!! 😀

  7. This is wonderful news! You are a parent, your posse are your kids, I know mine are and you
    are a great mother/father to them. I am sure if they could they would have bought you flowers :-).

  8. This is wonderful news! You are a parent, your posse are your kids, I know mine are and you
    are a great mother/father to them. I am sure if they could they would have bought you flowers :-).

  9. That’s terrific news! How’s she doing emotionally speaking? I’m imagining this leg thingy isn’t holding her back any?

    And the rest of the posse, as well. I think it’s time for a video. Please?

  10. Ahhh that’s brilliant news. Well done on all the work you’ve done with her. There’s hope.

  11. There you go!:)

  12. Well, that is good news!! That combined with me winning the $100 at Joy’s ~ this is shaping up to be a pretty good Mutha’s Day.

  13. Dear willowtree. Well, considering the brood that you mother and father in your willowtree household, it’s kinda your day. Though I don’t think any of the pets are likely to buy you a hallmark card or a bunch of crysanthamums. Glad to hear Belle’s leg is getting on at least a bit. I hope she gets better soon!

  14. Thanks for the kind thoughts and the update on our Belle. I hope that this day is good for you.

  15. Thanks for the mutha’s day wishes.

    I’m SO happy with the story on Belle. You rock, man. Do something nice for yourself. I like motherfather, but I think I’m leaning more toward calling you Belle’s doggy daddy.

  16. Now that IS good news! I thought for a moment there you were preparing us for bad news. What a relief.

  17. Dear WT,


    So glad to hear good news!!!


    Dear Belle,

    Howsa ’bout that date? I’ma Shepard…..You live in the country…….Get rid of your roomates… it could work….Glad you’re feeling bit more like yourself.


  18. Chalk one up for perseverance. And you are doing just what parents do for their children, taking care of them because they aren’t able to do it themselves. So Happy Mother’s Day and early Father’s Day!

  19. **swampy, bubba, and bug doin’ the happy happy happy dance** yippe for Belle !
    Whaddya mean, “You’re not a dad?”
    Happy Father’s Day …you have been a good “dad” to Belle and all your other critters.

  20. I should put that phrase on my desk at work.

    Love the picture, too! That should go on the fridge for the kids.

    Congrats on exceeding their expectations! Keep up the good work!

  21. Wonderful news! I have to admit that I was thinking about Belle all weekend and hoping she would not lose that leg! Im so glad that things are going better for her!

  22. What wonderful news about Belle! Glad your heart is lightened, Peter.

  23. Yea!!! some good news for sure!!

  24. Here’s hoping.

  25. WT you are the most wonderful NUTURER so I guess that is kind of like a Mother or Father so KUDOS! to you!! Go celebrate in style. GOOD JOB!

  26. Yea! If you’d read my comments, you would have heard earlier that you were doing great and that the progress you were making WAS good! So call this an official, but good, I told you so!!! I really am happy for both of you. Keep up the good work.
    P.S. I still think swimming would help if there is any way you could pull it off.

  27. Ah, that’s great! So nice to hear some good news, yay!
    FWIW, I do think you’re the mutha of all bloggers. Anyway.

  28. I’m thinking with all the nursing you’ve been doing with Belle, you definitely qualify for fur parent of the year. Glad to hear the good news.

  29. Thanks for yo Mama’s Day sentiments.

    And I think Belle is getting better ’cause of all the love that is being sent her way. Yep.

    And don’t worry about comments. When you’re too busy tending to Belle (and the rest of your critters) to respond, that’s just okey-dokey with me!! (And screw anyone else who thinks otherwise!)

  30. SO glad to hear the good news about Belle! I hope you both continue to feel better each and every day!

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