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Belle would just like to thank all of you for your kind words and encouragement over the past month, it has really meant a lot to her. Ok we all know that’s total bullshit, she’s a fucking dog! The only thing she cares about is food and water, and the occasional chin scratch, but your thoughts have mean a lot to me.

If you look closely at the photo you’ll notice that the right hand side of her face is swollen, that’s an injury that happened before the accident that I haven’t even told you about (something bit her), nor did I tell you about the eye that got all full of puss for about three weeks before that (it’s fine now). Yep she’s a real medical encyclopedia!

But here’s why I keep her…

She just makes me laugh! That was when I gave her some vegemite.

Oh, and by the way, despite popular belief (Equoni and others) I do read and appreciate every comment, but lately I just haven’t been responding to them regularly like I used to.


40 Responses

  1. How can you not love that pretty little face swollen or not!

  2. Belle makes me smile and laugh — just from looking at her photos, so I can only imagine what she’s like in the flesh!

    I really hope she makes a full recovery; including the swollen eye/face.

  3. Oh she does so too know that we all care about her, thats why she is getting better! I think dogs need to be born with that cute factor otherwise they would not survive our wrath! Well mine wouldn’t. I love that photo, we have one just like it of max!

  4. vegemite!
    and here i thought you were GOOD to your animals.

    she might need another present from Riley and Boscoe soon.

  5. Thanks for all the news about Belle. The pictures are always appreciated too as she is a beauty. I hope that she is on the road to wellness.

  6. She’s adorable. How could we possibly NOT care about her?

  7. I’m glad to hear that her leg is doing a bit better – although not 100%…give it some more time. it took Zeus a good 6 months before his limp was completely gone after his surgery. So, hers might take even longer to get more mobility.

    She’s a real cutie! I wish I could give her a big squeeze.

  8. You’re such a good dad. Except for the vegemite.

  9. I’m just happy to see that she is doing better!

  10. Awww… she is such a cutie! I love the photos of all your furry family; I too an am animal lover with a dog and three cats.

    Poor girl with the swollen face… hope she is all better real soon!

  11. Something bit her? The eye was full of pus? Your vet will be able to retire early just from treating her every week (or is that every day?).

    That second picture made me laugh. Her tongue looks almost prehensile. 😉

  12. What a sweet little face. How could you not love a face like that? I’m so glad that you got good news from the surgeon. Yea, Belle!!

  13. Oh, I think Belle feels all the love we send her
    way :-). She sounds like a handful :-). Big hugs.

  14. That’s one of the two greatest things about my dog too…how he makes me laugh. He could have been a cartoon character. No matter how bad I’m feeling he can always make me laugh. His other great thing is that he is the best cuddler. I don’t think I could get to sleep without him! I can’t believe I’ve been so lucky to have such a great dog after my last dog who was a once in a million life times special dog…she was my angel in a puppy-suit.
    I’m so happy with the progress you’ve made with Belle’s leg. Your hard work and dedication are really paying off.

  15. She’s such a sweetie! I can’t work out if the closed eyes on the vegemite are in ecstacy or just a grimace!!!!

  16. I’d make that face too if anyone gave me vegemite. Thanks for the update!!

  17. such a sweet-faced pretty girl – but man, vegamite? Yuck!

  18. (*shhhh*) don’t tell anyone Belle…you’re my favorite…

  19. Poor Belle: You were doing just fine until Dad found that jar of vegemite. I’m so sorry. I remember exactly how it tasted when I got tricked into it. You’ll never be tempted again.

    Glad your are returning the appropriate level of cuteness. When all the people ahead of me on the list to adopt you die in mysterious ways involving vegemite, WT will just have to send you to me!

  20. My vet has taken to saying, “Ah, a learning exercise” whenever I walk through the door with one of my mutts. I’m sure yours thinks the same thing…lol.

    She is a pretty little thing.

  21. I now have a very strong urge to go home and feed vegemite to my cat.

  22. Why do you insist on biting/licking your dog and causing her face to swell? She has enough to deal with without you licking the vegemite off her face.
    I tried vegemite when I visited your great country. I think I stuck my tongue out that far, too, trying to wipe that stuff off with a towel. AARRGGHH. It tasted like salty vitamins to me. I’ll stick with the Nutella, thank you very much.
    Oh, your “gift” is on its way as of 1:00 p.m. Swampy Mountain Time today.

  23. Good grief, with all your experience you could start a new career as a vet!

    I LOVE that first photo! How cute and sweet. Wish I could reach out and pet her!

    I just noticed that her ear on her left side is folded/hanging different than the other one, just like a yellow lab we had when I was a teen. I saw that and instantly thought of him. His name was Snoopy.

    I hope Belle keeps you laughing for a long time!

  24. Vegimite might be good for humans who live on a certain side of the equator, but it is NOT fit for dogs.

    Her face isn’t swollen…..YOU just don’t want to admit that you let her chew tobacco!!! That’s how you know she’s better…when she feels well enough to be a bit naughty.
    Has she shown the boys her shiny teeth lately?

  25. I bet she has bad breath, too.

  26. what happened to my comment/

  27. She is adorable and I’m surprised she likes vegemite!

  28. She is pretty cute. We have to send mine back from whence she came. She’ll kill herself running away so she is going back to live with the person who found her in a country setting. She is dewormed, fattened up and sadly, sweet as hell. I’ll miss her. Twice last week, she got out and was stopping traffic a block over; she is completely oblivious to the danger she is in.

  29. Dogs are people too you know, and I believe she knows how much we all care. Ok probably not but still. The older I get the more I think animals really are like children. There’s always ONE who is a bit more work then all the others.

  30. Dear willowtree. Gee that Belle is a talker. I hope her nose feels better soon.

  31. You and the fam have had alot going on- glad things are looking up.

  32. I have been away too long – but you would be surprised how often Belle pops into my mind during the day. In fact, it’s odd that I’ve been thinking about this little dog half a world away! But I have…just haven’t been by to check. (Hard to tell the hubby that I need on the computer at 2AM, and it’s NOT FOR PORN.)
    So glad she is getting better still…

  33. Good GOD, you gave a dog VEGEMITE????!!! That is cruel!! I am calling the SPCA on you!! No wonder she made a face; we use that stuff to tar our roofs here in America!!

  34. Excuse Meeeeeee! Vegemite is soooooo good for dogs and humans alike! It is full of vitamins and tastes really nice! Just ask my dogs! They love it for breakfast on toast! You people just do not have any taste buds!

  35. Vitametavegamin? I’d like to try that Vegemite someday.

  36. It’s so lovely to see your puppies feeling better! They are always cute!!!

  37. Completely, utterly adorable! Aren’t our fur-babies wonderful? With just a wag of their tail or lick of the nose — they have us smiling and laughing. Because of those fleeting moments of joy, we will spend our last dime to get them medical treatment, stay up all through the night beside their little sleeping bodies, and cheerfully clean up their messes (okay, maybe not cheerfully).


  38. With a face like that, how could we NOT care!!

    Do you at least celebrate Father’s Day? Because after all, you are a very special daddy to those animals. Even if they are just (and I quote) “fucking dogs.” (and cats.)

    Hope all is well down under! And I’m not referring to the junk in your trunk, WT. Get your mind outta the gutter!

  39. Ouch what bit her? Shivers. I hate creepy crawlies.
    But she’s looking great otherwise. Hooray.
    Is vegemite like marmite?? I bet it is. I do’t mind a really thin sliver of marmite on toast, but a I’d pull that face if I just had to eat a spoonful on it’s own. Bleurghhhh.

  40. Sigh! I love Belle’s face. Glad she’s better, even with the swollen mug.

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