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No truer words have been spoken…



21 Responses

  1. It’s got to be pretty bad if you can see that! I think it’s actually called a shart when that happens.

  2. ..and you are given a wide berth!!LOL

  3. Ain’t that the truth.

  4. and getting older makes it more difficult to walk away before you do,

  5. Amen, brother!

    You know, you could just blame the dogs.

  6. … and you bring tears and pain to everyone around you.

  7. So, good progress old boy? Good to know the vet was so positive about the leg. Love the pictures of her – you couldn’t not love a wee soul like her – nor could you give her away! Cheers and continued good movement in that leg.

  8. I assume this post is dedicated to poor Mr. Bentley…your own personal floor vibrator.

  9. Gimmenneeeeeezzzz! Posting all of those photos of just the FRONT of Belle was like a cliff hanger for me! Her leg must be gone! They must have taken her leg! … me reading through every post I missed on the EDGE of my SEAT! Geeesh.
    Whew. I’m so glad that she’s fine.
    And of course Belle appreciates MY comments. I’m sure you read them to her, right?
    And yes the fart thing was funny. You’re always dang funny. That’s why I keep coming back.

  10. Thank god I was not drinking anything this time.
    I needed a good laugh, thanks for that :-).
    Kisses to the posse and one for you too.

  11. Yes – VERY VERY true….especially when you just want to be that falling tree when no one is in the woods.

  12. Oh – except if you are Buttercup.

    I took her to preschool and she sat down in her little chair – and then lifted up a butt cheek and let it “rip”. I was so proud of her – but really embarrassed too.

  13. I don’t know what you’re talking about.


  14. Ha ha!

  15. hmm…what if you fart a lot?? could you start a musical?

  16. ahhh, poetry……..

  17. Well, now…thanks for thatimage.

  18. Been a little gassy lately? And if/when you are, do the pets notice or mind at all?

  19. Isn’t that the truth…

  20. Hee hee, you are fabulous. And at least you can blame the dogs, it doesn’t work with gerbils.

  21. Amen.

    I’ll say no more ’bout that, lest I shatter my ladylike (a-hem) image.

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