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Exciting Announcement!!

Hold on to your hats, this is huge!… I’m going to write another episode of Willover’s Travels in the next few days! Woohoo!!! (it’s lucky that we’re in the age of technology, all those exclamation marks would have wreaked havoc on the ribbon!!!).

Yeah, I know, it’s not really that a big, in fact I only wrote this post to force me to actually write it. In the meantime, here’s a couple of music clips.

This first one is a piano duet by Dr. John and Jools Holland…

Now this one is pretty rare, it’s a Perth band called the Valentines (too bad it’s not in colour because their outfits were bright pink!). It’s rare because the guy sing backup vocals is Bob Scott, the original AC/DC frontman…

And finally, this is more of a musician’s band, and yep, that’s Bon Scott again (this was just before AC/DC kicked off)…Hmmm, that is so weird, the Fraternity clip has been on YouTube for well over a year, and it was there when I embedded it in this post just a couple of days ago, but as Kila has just informed me, it’s "no longer available". Too bad, it was a Rock rarity.


16 Responses

  1. I will look forward to the writing, my pewter is not playing with sound right now! The rotten bugger!

  2. Snort, can’t wait to here some Willover’s Travels.

    And I love Jools Holland. We’ve seen him live 3 times with his rhythm and Blues band and they were amazing, with Rico Johnson, Sam Brown and Edwin Starr before he died.

    I’d go and see him any time, the atmosphere is fantastic, and we tend to watch his Hootenanny every New Years Eve.

  3. I thought you were going to tell us something really exciting but a travel post will be goos so I look forward to it.

    I like Jools Holland, in my opinion he’s a great musician.

  4. it would help if I could spell ‘good’ even!

  5. Great clips! How interesting to see the last two, too. So very unACDC like. I’ll have to show them to Caleb and Josh. They’re bigger fans than I am.

    I’m looking forward to your next installment! The travel stories are always great.

  6. I can barely contain the excitement.

  7. Will look forward to travel stories. I’m glad I’m not the ONLY person who remembers what a typewriter ribbon is. It was a very aging moment when I was training a new hire and showed her how we made labels for the charts and she exclaimed, “OH WOW!!! Is that a typewriter?!?! I’ve never SEEN one before!!!” Little shit.

  8. new episode? Nu-uhn!! Really?!!?? (as you might have noticed, I’ve been a big fan of exclamation marks for a while!!)

  9. Oh cool, looking forward to that. Hope it will be lavishly illustrated!

    And to quote another popular musical bunch, Thank You For The Music!

  10. Interesting clips…I await the next installment of your adventures with anxious anticipation.

  11. Huzah!

  12. Ok waiting with baited breath two days later????? Soooooo! Should I put the jug on? NO seriously Im a bit bored over here???? Coffee!!!!!!!!!!Tea!!!!!!Bonnnox!!!!!What the hell is bonnox anyway????????????

  13. I too am waiting for the next installment!!!!


  14. Dang you! You had me all excited. Is there really good news or isn’t there?
    And if you are going on an adventure, I am stowing away in your luggage cuz I wanna go along BAD.
    But I’m only staying in your luggage until the car starts. Then I am banging on the inside of the suitcase until you let me out so I can sit up front with the dogs.
    Or until I pass out.
    I’ll bring the jerky. If you don’t let me out I’m eating it all myself.

  15. and I remember type writer ribbon.

  16. The word pianist, when spoken, always cracks me up.

    The first video, wow, loved it! Gonna show that to my boys, and tell them to get practicing, so they can perform that at my funeral 😉

    The second one was before my time, hehe!

    The third video says “no longer available”.

    AC/DC has been a favorite around here. My boys often request Thunderstruck.

    Will look forward to your next post; you know I love your serials.

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