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A rare Meme

Well how about that! The good people at TypePad have spruced up the composition function. Looks like I pick a font, and even choose the paragraph alignment that I like (about time guys!). Oh, and they finally got the spell check working right!

Anyway, this is not about TP, it's about me (isn't it always?). My good friend Mary has tagged me for a meme. Now it should be noted that there are two types of people who do memes, a) those who are new to blogging and get a big thrill out of being tagged, and b) those who have been blogging for a while and have simply ran out of steam. Don't get me wrong, this is in no way a criticism, it's more of an explanation of why I'm doing this despite publicly (and privately stating on numerous occasions that I don't do memes. You see the thing is, while formerly I was the former and lately I've become the latter, for a long time I was the bit in between, you know, the period where you actually have something to write about.

So here I am, at a time in my blogging life when I've all but run out of both things to say, and the motivation to say them, and what better way to produce a post is there than to do a meme, so here it is. Oh, I've modified it just a fraction to be a bit more consistent with the theme of the meme of the meme of themem….

One: Story from ten years ago?
Well, this is a little hard for me, ten years ago was not the best of times, it was when I was given a lesson in mortality. Briefly it went like this…January my father died, April my mother died, July I spent four days in intensive care following a stress induced stroke that resulted in infarcted kidneys. August I decided that working in corporate world was no longer of any interest to me.

Two: Items on today's to-do list.
1) Wake up,
2) Scratch balls.

Three: Things I'd do if I were a Billionaire.
1) Buy all the companies that use off-shore call centres and sack the board of directors, CEOs and upper management.
2) Buy petrol, hell I think I'd even fill the tank.
3) Take a million from what's left and give the rest away.

Four: Bad habits.
1) I know you'll find this hard to believe, but I can be a little abrupt sometimes.
2) Letting the dogs have the run of the house.
3) Being irresponsible with money.
4) Blogging.

Five: Places I have lived.
1) Sydney, Aust.
2) Christchurch, NZ.
3) New Eltham, UK.
4) Omemee, Can.
5) San Jose, USA.

Six: Jobs I've had.
1) Electrician. (mining)
2) Carpenter. (housing construction)
3) Analyst Programmer. (banking)
4) Project Manager. (various IT projects)
5) Network Manager. (large utility)

Well that it's it for me, thanks Mary. I don't tag, but if you've run out of ideas for a post, then doing this meme may help.


20 Responses

  1. A meme? I must have the wrong place… 😉

    My brother is doing the computer stuff similar to what you did. You two would have plenty to talk about. He was also quite the traveler.

    Irresponsible with money? No! That’s the one that surprised me!

    Don’t you have to be breathing in order to wake up?

  2. “a little abrupt at times” NAH never!!!!
    NAH memes don’t help!!

  3. Your 10 years ago sounds like my 3-5 years ago. I really like your plan about off-shore phone centers, having just done my time with them. The first guy was not even understandable. The second two thankfully spoke really good English, just a little stilted. But now I have high speed service set up instead of what Swampy always referred to as my “tin cans and wires”!
    I don’t think letting dogs have the run of the house counts as a bad habit, I think it’s a positive trait. And since you are now a billionaire, can I have some money, because I had to fill up the car today and I’m completely BROKE now!!!

  4. Nice work!

  5. See I thought you, like me, could use a good mememememememe….

    #1 That does sound like a really bad time. So far it seems no one was doing great things in ’98.

    #2 You don’t have to start breathing. You already were.

    #3 first on the list is brilliant!
    #4 Blogging. I hear that.
    #5 I knew this would be impressive
    #6 You don’t have anything a little more interesting to put on that list?

  6. Kila – When I’m asleep it’s automatic, when I’m awake I have to remember to do it myself.

    Peter – Fuck you!

    Equoni – Congratulations on the highspeed connection, now you can watch my clips!

    Shades – Thanks.

    Mary – I do have more interesting jobs, but they would have required more detail and that would have screwed up my answer. I may write about them one day.

  7. “Do you know the way to San Jose?” Every place that I have lived is in Indiana.

    Actually, you have always treated me well, but maybe you are nice to old ladies. Most of your readers know that you are really a kind-hearted softie. (Look at what you would do if you were a billionaire.)

  8. Youyouyouyou make me laugh.

  9. Pretty font. Really.

    I think that item number one could make a fine ol’ blog post. Really. I’d read it.

    And I’m not even going to get into the whole “abrupt” business. I know when I’m well off.

  10. I guess if you lived in New Eltham you know Greenwich quite well (the part of London I know best ’cause Sam lived there). If you ever become a billionaire please remember I am a loyal follower and I would love to travel more before I’m too old!

  11. Ten years ago I wouldn’t have guessed that I’d be sitting here pregnant…I can tell you that much!

  12. LOL! I must be someone in between the new and old now, I have a few of those waiting around that I forgot all about including this very one! I hope I have not offended the one that tagged me by forgetting about it! Woops!

    I think that by next week though, even the rich will not be able to afford petrol at the rate its going up! Going out in our 4WD is becoming quite a luxury these days! I knew there was a reason we needed those motor bikes!

  13. You? Abrupt? Never!

    Ten years ago I was graduating from High School. Yeah, shut up about that.

  14. You are so right, blogging is a bad habit. We should all give it up and start smoking crack instead. It would be much healthier and more productive!!

  15. Memes can be pretty shallow and boring both to write and to read. I think all your answers together actually say quite a lot about you and it makes an interesting story.

  16. You can’t tell from reading yer blog but yer a very interesting and deep person. 10 years ago I was fighting the Japs at Normandy, no wait wow doesn’t time fly?

  17. I get what you mean about memes, but sometimes I see them as a challenge and try to make them different or take the pee a little, other times I think, nooooooooo.

  18. You? Abrupt? Really? This is SHOCKING news!

    I’ll tell you what I tell the Inquisitor: “You’re about as subtle as a nuclear war.”

    😀 😀 😀

  19. You – abrupt? No way! I still think you are an interesting guy!!

  20. Always interesting to read more about you ! 🙂

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