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Yet another Belle update

I have to go down to the Coast for a couple of days and may not be around much, so for those who are interested, here's a clip I took of Belle and Bentley this arvo (I'll be posting this before I leave tomorrow, which will actually be today, which means I actually filmed it yesterday…ha ha ha, now I'm confused!).

You can see that her leg doesn't bend, but at least she's starting to use it. If I don't see you beforehand, I'll see you when I get back.


38 Responses

  1. I got highspeed just in time! I finally can watch things like this and it actually works!!! Wow!
    It’s great she’s putting weight on the leg! Are you still doing your sessions of therapy trying to get more range of motion in the joint??? I think she’s made amazing progress! Keep working with her! The more work you put in at this stage, the better the outcome will be.
    It’s nice to see her hair is growing back too! And her attitude is great! She’s having a great time playing!!!
    Just a thought…if she’ll sit still for a few minutes before you do the stretches, you might try using a little heat to loosen the leg up first…either a warm towel or a heating pad on low. It might help you get just a little extra stretch.
    Going “down the Coast” sounds great…I’d love to see the ocean. Right now we’re in dreary rain and the rivers and creeks are all flooded or near flooded from melting snow and falling rain. And it’s cold again. But the lilacs are blooming and that’s one of my very favorite things all year!

  2. Wow, it’s amazing to see her doing so well, and with all four legs! Rough-housing, even! Fantastic! 🙂

    Have a wonderful trip! (Maybe bring us back some photos?)

  3. She doesn’t look hindered at all. It just took some good playtime with her brother!

  4. She looks fantastic! What a trooper she is! Poor Bentley looked a little puffed out though. I love the way she was giving him kisses.

    Feel free to call in for coffee while your down this way. All welcome, I would love to hug Belle for myself!

  5. Incredible work you’ve done that. If you come here, we’ll stick ya in scrubs and call you hired. You are a great doggie therapist.

  6. Ohh, that is GOOD to see! Nothing like playtime – best thing for her. You’ve done a great job against all odds – she’ll be fine. May have a slight hitch in her git-along, but she’ll be fine.

  7. It popped on my YouTube homepage, earlier, but I waited to see if you’d post it here before I said anything. I honestly couldn’t tell whether it was new footage or prior footage- she’s getting around so well! Up to her old antics!

  8. Bentley the Physiotherapist, just what she needs, a good daily work out, “Bend za Kneez”. Enjoy the coast, I know how much you enjoy the Central Coast traffic, “Hey look, it’s Peter, lets piss him off”.

  9. Bentley the Physiotherapist, just what she needs, a good daily work out, “Bend za Kneez”. Enjoy the coast, I know how much you enjoy the Central Coast traffic, “Hey look, it’s Peter, lets piss him off”.

  10. She looks like she’s doing really well. And she looks so happy. I grinned all the way through this. Thanks for the Belle fix.

  11. I’m so happy to see that she’s doing so well. It’s not 100 percent yet, but it looks like it could be very soon. Yea for Belle!!

  12. I am so pleased!
    She may be gimpy… but she is h.a.p.p.y!

  13. She looks great and oh so happy!! I am delighted to see her on the mend and having so much fun. Have a great visit!

  14. Aww…she’s so cute (yes, Bentley, you too!!)
    Have a good trip

  15. Dear willowtree. Good to see that she’s not letting her injury get in her way. She looks just as energetic as ever. Poor bentley.

  16. Wow, she’s looking really good! I love how after Bentley kept barking and being all macho she went up to him and licked him and he totally stopped barking.

    I’m not reconstructing that sentence. It’s been a hellish week.

    So glad Belle is on the mend – even if she can’t bend the joint (yet — hopefully).

  17. It’s great to see her playing. Have a good trip 🙂

  18. Thanks for the vid, Peter. I’m happy to see Belle playful and waggy-tailed! The leg may not be very bendy, but she seems to be getting around pretty well.

  19. Hey! Looking good!

  20. Nice to see her looking so spunky and spry.

  21. Ahhh she looks fantastic. I love seeing dogs playing, and it was so cute when she gave Bentley a kiss. It was alike, ‘I love you really you old fart.’

  22. Hey You! Just now arrived home and yours was the first blog I flew to…wanted to check on Belle. So good to see her playing. What a great therapist Bentley is. Give yourself a pat on the back for nursing her back to this point. Remarkable !
    Someday soon, a box should arrive for you from the High Desert Swamp.

  23. That doesn’t slow her down at all. How wonderful! It’s so nice to see a video of your guys mauling each other again.

  24. She’s looking pretty doggone good!

  25. she looks wonderful…it is great to see her playing and walking a bit on it…great news!! (my dog had a fit when I played the video and he heard bentley barking!!)

  26. Leave it to your boy Bently to use some of his bark lovin to get her to exercise!! He knows it will be good for her mobility and from the looks of it, the magic is a workin!!!

    Go Belle!!! Go Bently!!

  27. I think she’s feelin’ better….she wants to play!! That’s a great sign!! Safe trip!!

  28. Belle looks great! She may be a little stiff, but after what she has went through she looks good
    Hope your trip awa wonderful…

  29. wow. she looks great. that made me happy, WT.

  30. Hi WT, good to see the girl up and about again I thought you might do a Fun Monday “vacation” about a trip to the Vet’s.

  31. Well, she’s certainly frisky and there’s a whole lot of tail wagging going on. That says a lot. So happy to see her playing…you can hardly notice the stiffness in the leg unless you look closely.

    Have a great vacation!

  32. Aw, Peter, she looks wonderful! Thanks for the update.

  33. OK – those have got to be the best dog names, EVER.

  34. Those have got to be the best dog names, EVER.

  35. Well, there you are! I deleted a bunch of blogs from my reader prior to my vacation and when I returned and had time (a week after getting home) to read everybody, I finished my list but felt unfinished. I couldn’t put my finger on it but something wasn’t right and then I realized you weren’t on there. I must have gotten a little too delete crazy or maybe I was just crazy from being a single parent and getting everything ready for the trip all by my lonesome.

    Either way, I am crazy but caught up. So glad to see that little clip of your babies and see Belle doing so well. Way to go Papa Bear!

  36. Hey Computer Guru. Where were you when I needed you…actually, I still need you.
    Please tell me why it looks like my current post was shot out of a cannon.

  37. Wow she looks great. Nice to see her playing and jumping around a bit. Animals are incredible and will find a way to continue on just as before.

  38. Wonderful to see Belle feeling so well!!! I’m really happy for her and you!

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