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Who the hell is Kokopelli?

And what is he doing in my letterbox?? (mailbox for you people of American persuasion).

You guys can all thank Swampy for sparing you from a rant today, which is what I would have been posting had it not been for the arrival of her gift, which I'll blog about instead. (don't worry, if you prefer rants I'll probably do it tomorrow).

So, let me see if I can get the photos to load properly (Swampy made a right mess of it in her latest post!)…

First off the obligatory package shot, sorry to disappoint you but I'm not posting pictures of my genitalia…

Swampy 010

As usual, the Australian Quarantine Service thought I was being sent something nasty, so they had to check it out…

Swampy 012

So, what was in the box? Why it was Kokopelli of course…

Swampy 016

Thank you Swampy, you kindness is much appreciated. I'm sure he'll have a great time with all the other wood things I have (once I get him down to the Coast where they all are).

PS, Thanks for the postcard June Bug and Bubba (there was supposed to be photo, but WT screwed up – Belle


21 Responses

  1. So glad to see that Kokopelli FINALLY made it to the other side of the World.
    Will send you more info about this mythical “person” in a separate e-mail. Just know that sometimes his flute is mistaken for a body part. Funny that you should mention genitalia in your post. Kokopelli is also known as “god of fertility”…

    Now, with that being said, How the he++ did you get your photos to post in an unscrambled way?

    The Universe is out to get me…I know it. First GlobberBoogerBlogger…and now Typepad.

  2. You should get on well with him, you’re always playing your flute, right? 🙂

  3. Wooh!! Kokopelli rules!!

  4. He’s cute! A bit wooden, of course, but anyway …
    I hadn’t heard of him till now, the Wiki entry about him is very interesting.

    Sort of looking forward to the rant. Hope it’s not about New Zealanders.

  5. We’re both back online after the long weekend.

    Aww, nice gifts from Swampy!

    I hope you had a good weekend, despite whatever produced the rant-that-almost-was-and-is-yet-to-be.

  6. Hi, just catching up with you again. That video of Belle is marvellous. You and mrs WT have done a great job because she looks so happy and carefree. That was a joy to watch and you must be so relieved even though she’s not bending it at all right now.

    The meme was a riot and the story of your travels a must read. You must be feeling less stressed about Belle to be able to write again.
    The ten years ago bit about your parents dying hit home for me I lost both of mine 14 years ago at the end of April and the end of May – shocking and the worst time of my life – I fell apart. I also lost two uncles and my step father all within April, May and then July of that same year I was a basket case for a bit. I can completely empathise with you on this. Still, you bounced back eh?

  7. I adore Kokopelli!!! Have many earrings and pendants made out of him! Reminds me so much of the western US. That was nice of Swampy!

  8. Dear willowtree. It’s cause she gave you a wood… present. darn quarantine.

  9. What a lovely surprise! I’m glad you put the link in because I’ve never heard of Kokopelli, so I’ve learned something new today.

  10. OH I love it! Its awesome! Isn’t Swampy a sweetheart? I hope you were not going to have a rant about me! I promise I did not ignore the phone on purpose! LOL

    PS. I just love the way Swampy addressed the package too. Very neat and tidy!

  11. I love all of your photo’s in the side bar (a big “B” thing going on!) Please take a minute out of your day and vote for MOB funniest blog. The link is on her site, she’s coming second. Thanks Debs x

  12. I do like rants. I don’t so much care for pictures of genitalia, so thank you for not posting that.

  13. great dog toy! they will love chewing on that.

  14. So, let me get this straight; Swampy sent you a wooden “trickster” god with the gift of music who specializes in fertility and has an unusually long torso. The aforementioned idol was then apprehended and quarantined by the local government. I’m guessing Australia doesn’t want you to procreate.

  15. What a terrific surprise! Glad you got a great surprise but I am, like a lot of other people, waiting for the rant also.

  16. fabulous!!! 🙂

  17. Kokopelli? I learned all about him via an epidsode of The Backyardigans. See, watching cartoons does provide education.

  18. An Indian artist in our town has a store and he created one of these guys out of metal. Lifesize and it stands in front of his store. I will take a picture of it for you.

  19. LOL your to funny.. that is neat!!!

  20. Do you happen to know where i could find that particular song? I have a small-large obsession with Kokopelli. Thank you.

  21. Jennifer – What song???

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