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A rant, part two…

You'd think that seeing as how that stupid old prick, Dr Jacobus Du Preez (I'm not shitting you, that was his real name), had just demonstrated his total lack of competency, that he'd be a little more careful not to repeat the excercise. Not so.

Having established that I wasn't some drug-crazed hippie trying to scam drugs (although if he had asked what drugs I wanted in the first place, he may have established it a little earlier), he magnanimously offered to prescribe me some, "What medication are you taking?" he inquired, still refusing to acknowledge that the TV screen on his desk was full of information about me, and was in fact, there to help him.

"Norvasc, Avapro HCT and Caduet" I shot back at him, starting to get a little miffed at the local insane asylum for being derelict in it's duty of care to the rest of us by letting this fucking moron out on the streets.

"I don't prescribe Norvasc, it's too expensive and it makes your ankles swell."

"I've been taking it for 10 years, and while I don't wear dresses, I've got nothing against having swell ankles Potsie" is what I would have said if I had the slightest inkling that this retard would have understood wordplay, but as he was having difficulty with English, I simply stated that it had been effective in keeping my condition stable for ten years, and that a change simply in the basis of cost would be in, my opinion, unwise. Not to mention unwarranted, given that all drugs on the PBS (pharmaceutical benefits scheme), which these all are, cost the same anyway.

But no, he wasn't having a bar of it; so picking up the phone, he contacted the PBS and got an exemption through the Department of Veterans Affairs (and no, you haven't missed something, I'm not a veteran) for me due to my 'being confused' (again, I'm not making this up). I learned later from a chemist, that what he prescribed was the same as what I was taking but cost $1500 a month as opposed to the $30 a month for the one I was already on, due it his not being covered by the PBS.

Having wasted yet another person's time, he returned his attention (what little there was) to me, "What dosage are you taking for the other two?"

"I'm not 100% certain, I do have that information on my PDA, but I didn't bring it with me since your computer screen is easier to read, and the dosage hasn't changed in the past 6 years that your automated prescription program has been printing out the scripts."

At this point, rather than look at the data stored in the prescription system, he decided to review the consultation notes that are also sent directly to their system. And here's where he proved that he wasn't just stupid, but he was in fact senile. He pulled up the notes and started mumbling, but I was able to pick up a few words, enough to realise that yet again he was reading the wrong thing!

Leaning over to his side of the desk again, I saw that the consultation notes were from 2003, so I said "No, that's the wrong one, you want the one from the last consultation. The look of total confusion was hard not to laugh at, but what almost caused me to burst into hysterics was his response…"How do you know that?"

"It says so on the date."

"Splutter, cough, gurgle..where does it say that?"

"At the top of the page." But I was too late, by now he'd scrolled down and the date had disappeared off the top of the screen. "Just scroll back up and you can see it." But this advice simply resulted in a flurry of mouse clicking and window closing until at last he had a blank screen in front of him. At this point I started laughing.

Eventually he got back into the system (although I'm not sure he meant to), and was able to finally get the right dosage for the meds. It was at this point that he thought to check my blood pressure. Now I must explain that I've been doing this for years now, and the whole process from start to finish takes about 5 to 7 minutes but is usually padded out to 10 with some small talk while we wait for the prescriptions get printed.

"I should take your blood pressure."

"Well I can tell you that's it's not going to be very good, given that it's stress related, and I've been debating with you for the past 20 minutes, in addition to the hour I spent in the waiting room." So he took my BP and was shocked that it was 190/110 (I wasn't, I was expecting it, plus I've seen it a lot worse).

"That's very high!"

"Yeah, it's probably because I have malignant hypertension, and I've been under unnecessary stress for the past hour and a half, as well as not have had any medication yet", was my terse reply.

You haven't taken your medication?" He was absolutely incredulous.

"No I haven't, I would have taken them by now, if it wasn't for a senile, arrogant GP with his head stuck so far up his arse that he was unable to reach the mouse in order to click the print button and give me my fucking prescriptions!!"

Finally, I had the holy grail in my hot little hand and I headed for the chemist (I have to get them filled on the Coast, because in the past the Indian doctors have prescribed dosages that no longer exist, and while the chemist on the Coast can just ring them and tell them that he's changing the script, my chemist up here won't do that as she doesn't know the doctors).

Well all good sundaes deserve a cherry, and here's the one for this rant…when girl called my name to collect my meds, she informed me that they didn't have one of them, and yes, it was the one that started this whole sorry affair

I explained that I'd driven three hours to get here, and she helpfully suggested that I phone ahead next time to make sure they have them. I not so helpfully suggested that they are a fucking chemist, these are very common drugs, particularly since they are located across the road from a retirement village, of which 80% of the residents have high blood pressure, so they should have the damn things in stock. Oh and cancel the other two, I'll get them back at Tamworth.

Yes it was fun all round.


37 Responses

  1. Lord. I am CRINGING! Please consider me a complete New Zealander from hereonout!
    His name? Just for fun, I’ll tell you all how it’s pronounced: Yuckoorbis do Preeya (It’s a very typical Afrikaans name, his middle names are almost certainly Johannes Gerhardus or very similar).

    Anyway he sounds like he’s a few pills short of a prescription, and overdue for retirement!

  2. Melissa – Being South African had nothing to do with him being an idiot.

  3. I think this story goes a long way to explain our strict gun laws.
    He sounds like the type of doctor they used to get to the medicals for those that passed the Public Service exam or used by the military to conduct medicals on possible recruits when their desperate & want as many to pass as possible. I can just imagine if you where having having a coronary & someone shouts “Is there a doctor in the house?” & this sad fuck raises his hand, “Wait, he’s one of my patients, I have his medical notes right here somewhere”. I recently went with my wifes Uncle for his specialist appointment. Only had to wait 45 minutes longer than the appointed time, not as if anyone waiting had better things to do, after all they only had various forms of cancer. But at least you got coffee & a piece of cake!

  4. “Anyway he sounds like he’s a few pills short of a prescription, and overdue for retirement.” Very funny, Melissa.

    Reading this made my blood pressure high, and usually I have low blood pressure. Hopefully, all is well now…think calming thoughts, Peter, about the beach and happy days. Well, I guess if that worked you wouldn’t need medication. Take care. I hope that your weekend is wonderful.

  5. Oh for fucks sake WT. Next time just stop by my place and I will just give you a Reiki! I also suffer from high blood pressure, my cure is wine and lots of it! Not only will you feel better but we can get drunk at the same time. (For those who are shocked at my language, If Molly can say Fuck so can I!)

  6. you tell this in a very humorous way, WT, but it’s not funny. it’s infuriating.

    i’ve had incompetent doctor stories in the past (remember the guy who wanted to break my hip bone in three places?) but this one is the worst.

  7. Horrible. I’m quite proud of you for not commiting murder.

  8. I think I can happily repaint the second section of wall that I screwed up yesterday now. At least I only have my idiotic self to deal with. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any heated conversations (with myself) or yelling. What kind of pills can I get to cure that kind of crazy?

  9. Blimey WT, it is scary that that man is allowed to hand out any kind of advice, never mind medication.
    You did really well not to smack him over the head with that computer, seriously.

  10. OMG, I just love doctors like that. My husband had a doctor who tried to prescribe a medication for him that I had just finished reading about (yes, I know the sentence is incorrect). We declined to accept that medication. The doctor’s response? “Tell your wife to quit reading”.

    Yeah, we have a different doctor now and our friend, who did get that medication, has permanent liver damage.

    Stupid idiots!

  11. I simply have no words.
    My jaw hangs in utter speechlessness at the inane stupidity and incompetence.

  12. And hey MELISSA in NZ; when are you getting your blog up and running again? Or have you already – but just forgot to tell me where you are now?

    (thowwy peter…just trying to get M back on my blog reading list)

  13. Just last week I went to see a referred specialist. I was given a pen and a two page history to fill out (even though my history was provided by my GP)

    So I filled all that junk out – and was called in. The nurse asked me a bunch of questions. Walked out – The doctor walked in.
    Neither of them looked at the paper I filled out.
    What was the point?

    Anyway.. did you really say that last sentence to him? He deserved it, if you did.

    I wouldn’t even let that guy work on my car.

  14. You made this up, right? There’s no way it unfolded the way you told it….



  15. Holy shitballs Batman! This was a wonderfully told story…I just wish it wasn’t true. I am actually pissed off. How infuriating! Was this a free clinic? Is there not someone to file a formal complaint about his ineptitude?

    Thanks for your comment yesterday! 🙂 XO

  16. I so seriously hope you really did say that last sentence to him VERBATIM!!!!! What a bumbling IDIOT!!! He shouldn’t even be allowed out on the street, let alone near a medical practice! I’m glad you got out just very frustrated but not physically harmed. Think what he may have done to other patients. Did you get it straightened out so that you got back on your original, cheaper medication??? (with your puffy ankles?) I hope you NEVER have to go to this clinic ever again!!!

  17. Ok….this made my day! very funny, I’m sure it wasn’t funny while it was happening, but it sure is when you tell it! It’s nice to know Australia has inept doctors, just like the states. LOL

  18. I wouldn’t give up the odd rant every now and then if I were you, dogs under trucks notwithstanding. Because a WT rant is truly in a league all its own, and everyone can appreciate someone at the top of their form.

    As for the doctor – I’m shocked you didn’t throttle him right there. No court in the world would’ve convicted you.

  19. You have cankles?

  20. He sounds a right dickhead…and reminds me of the GP my mother used to have (he was Irish) and he frequently refused to prescribe medication recommended by the consultant because he said it cost too much and he kept telling her she was old and he moaned that the elderly cost the health service too much. In the end we changed to a different Dr. we still find the pharmacy doesn’t keep stocks of medication that is regularly prescribed and it has to be ordered~ the plus side they will deliver it to the house.

  21. I am sure you did not make this story up, but it is scary that a doctor(many doctors)are this insane. Have a better weekend.

  22. Good Lord! Part II was much better than Part I. Unbelieveable!

    And then to finally get the script, only to have the med not available, oh my God, I surprised you didn’t keel over right then and there!

    Are there higher-ups and agencies, etc. you can file complaints with, so the guy’s actions are on record, and to perhaps remove him from (any and all) doctor’s offices?

    Hopefully typing out this vent has lowered your blood pressure!

  23. For some odd reason, I really enjoyed your two-part rant. Sorry you had such a rough time all the while your poor ticker was overworked. I hope you got everything straight back at Tamworth.

    We have a new ER here that claims to have you in and out in 30 minutes. I had to take RePete there about a month ago when he hurt his foot (again) and we were out in 28 minutes. Impressive considering the other options out there. AND they were friendly and knowledgeable. Amazing.

    It’s ten minutes further away than the local hospital, but I think if it were an emergency situation, it’d be worth the extra time to get there.

  24. No, but it’s still cringeworthy hearing a fellow countryman behaving so idiotically. 🙂

  25. For fuck’s sake!! that man is a menace!! I don’t normally have high BP, but I did reading that story!!

  26. good lord! There’s no way you can make that shit up!

  27. Oh dear WT, you really should be a bit nicer about the old cretin bloke. After all, persons on two legs with MD are a bit rare outside of Aussie CBD postcodes, especially ones that can manage to get a key in the front door, fire up a computer and understand every 5th word of English.

    On the other hand, things are looking up. Watched a doco the other night where there are a whole heap of Ethiopian graduate MD’s who speak better English that me local publican – just bustin’ to get an Aussie visa .. heh.

  28. (um, that was supposed to read “than me local publican” .. but what’s a “t” or two?

    By the way – fer high blood pressure – me old Mum always recommended several deep breaths and a count to ten .. heh.)

  29. Oh my God! I just read your two-part rants. What a lot of baloney for nothing. I have high blood pressure and high cholestral too. I’m taking medication for both. Mine is not very high.

  30. ughhhh. (runs whimpering into a corner to hide.)

  31. That’s it. I’m coming out there. That homeless man has to be stopped from impersonating doctors. I bet he forges checks and cashes them too.
    And probably he DID order your prescriptions … in his own name! He’s probably popping your pills right now.

    He should have signed himself up for an eye procedure and for a pill for his personality disorder.

    Not to worry.

    I’ll find him, kick his butt, make him write your correct prescriptions, and then kick his butt again.

    Then I’ll throw him in front of a truck and we’ll blog about THAT for a while. (Let’s take him to a doctor just like him for care. But let’s wait a day or two first.)

    You lived in San Jose? Wow. Stone’s throw from me. (Yes, I just got caught up on your posts.)

    And I think Belle is looking super!!! I mean really super! Good job.

    Which pet are you throwing under a truck next for our entertainment? Do Bentley. He has an unfair advantage over Belle now. We’ll call it a “handicap” like in golf.

    Geesh. I am feisty today. Son woke up hurling on my bed last night and I dreamed that I kicked the sh&* out of two people while I slept cuz they didn’t take care of my 1/4 inch high pet bunny which I left in their care.

    (Will I ever shut up? I get to go on like this after reading rants. They get me all fired up. And I was already fired up so it’s twice as bad.)

    But I’ll shut up NOW.


  32. I find rants are good. My blood pressure has come down significantly since starting my blog, my hubby and kids love reading my blog and I’ve met tons of people all over the world. All good things just from having a blog where the occassional rant is let loose. Your ordeal is funny the way you write it of course, but good lord I think of some people out there who would have been completely lost as to what to do in that situation. And worse. Perhaps given the wrong medication from a doctor who is clearly past his prime. It’s just all wrong.

  33. Loved the rant, sorry your BP went up so high. I have the same response with stupid doctors. The health care system here makes it very difficult to get good care and with decent doctors. It’s taken years for me to finally find good doctors–and it’s taken quite a few doctor changes.

    When I moved here, I went to see my first doctor because of fatigue, hair loss, and lack of appetite. His immediate response was that I was depressed and needed to be referred to a therapist. It took 15 minutes of argument to get him to run some blood work before sending me off to a shrink. He phoned me a week later and said something to the effect of “It’s not all in your head! Your thyroid isn’t working!” Time to switch doctors. I think he got his medical degree at Wal-Mart.

    My sympathies….I can really identify with your frustration.

  34. It is maddening. Absolutely! I hope you have now had a couple of margaritas to take your meds with.

  35. I can’t believe you didn’t fall over dead at the chemist’s office!! I think you should send this rant to Monty Python; I don’t think even they could have scripted anything this ludicrous!! You gotta love bureaucracy!!!

  36. Hell on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here’s a teensy bit of good news though — at least you’re GOING TO THE DOCTOR!

    I just published a book for moms and of the 500+ women we interviewed, over 50% said they don’t go to their annual checkups, and miss or postpone their own specialists’ appointments frequently (whereas of course, they take their kids regularly). So you get serious kudos for getting to his office in the first place, and suffering through his inanity–because you came out of the ordeal healthier.

    co-author, Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too

  37. geezzz wt gotta love it when your surrounded by idiots that don’t listen to the person who has been living the problem for so long… poor wt

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