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Beau and Belle.

After nearly two years of posting six days a week, for the past few months I haven't even been able to manage one post every six days! I'm not crying, I'm just saying…

Anyway, I was looking in my drafts folder to see if I had written anything worth posting, but sadly all the posts in there were just bullet points to help with the writing process. Hell, if I was motivated enough to start the writing process I wouldn't be looking under couches for pre-written posts, now would I?

I did find this cute little clip though, and amazingly, the draft was saved (ie. the clip was embedded) a year ago to the day!!! That was when Belle had four bendy legs.

[note. neither the original title (which was 'booey and buzz'), nor the only text that was in the post (which said something about brotherly love) had anything to do with the clip, I think I must have embedded the wrong clip or something. anyway, I've fixed it to avoid confusion]

Tip. I don't know if you know this or not, you probably do, but if you click the big arrow in the middle of the image, you will go to YouTube, whereas if you click the small arrow in the slider bar, you stay here.


4 Responses

  1. My kids love these clips, although this time it was pointed out that Beau did not seem to be enjoying this game! How fast they grow up, I bet the shoe is on the other foot these days!

  2. Ah, memories. never get enough of the B&B (&B&B, etc) videos. Do they still play like that? How’s about an updated compare and contrast, before and after video series?

  3. Awww, what cute little babies they were! They grew up fast!

  4. Oh that was cute. Do they still play now or is Belle too big? And I might have to move in with you. But then, I’d probably miss the rain a little bit. Can’t believe you’ve had so little but I suppose that would be something to do with all the SUNSHINE you get. Jealous? Me? Yep.

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