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No, I didn't close the comments on the Beau and Belle clip on purpose, thanks Laurie for letting me know. The draft post was so old that the comments had closed automatically (I do that to cut down on spam). Although I thought I'd been abandoned this morning when there were no emails for me!!

Seems strange to just post that paragraph, so here' a Belle pic that MDW took when we were on the Coast last weekend (technically the weekend before last)…
Buddy and Belle 003


17 Responses

  1. Now that is a very cute picture! They look a little sad, were they denied a treat or something?

  2. I wondered what happened. The video was darling.
    I love your posse.

  3. the video really made me smile (and yep, I tried to comment;)).

    I’m loving the look on Buddy’s face — so wistful and relaxed.

  4. Thanks for fixing this, Peter. I wanted to comment on how little Belle was a year ago. She sure is a beauty.

  5. i love how much you love these dogs.

  6. I thought it was he who laughs last, laughs best…. Dammit. Now on top of everything else I have wrong with me, it seems I’m slow.

  7. Belle is a beauty. And the face on Buddy! Belle was such a cute pup, Beau looked so tiny, and that video was adorable.

  8. I tried to post a comment too!

  9. I figured it was something like that! I tried to comment too, to tell you how cute the puppy and kitten were, and how unexpected such a “cutsy” post was coming from you! You and Swampy must have a conspiracy going, posting all these puppy pictures. I was just getting over my puppy-fever and now this! Great picture of Belle today! It sure is nice to see her looking so good after what a rough time she had! She sure seems to be the Queen of the roost!!!

  10. I keep forgetting how big she is. Beautiful shot – very evocative.

  11. WTH? I tried to post a comment on this one and it has been lost! That was a precious video.

  12. WOOF!

    You aint been abandoned! It must have been all that rain last night!!! (Of which we hardly got any! Pooh…)

    Mal 🙂

  13. Dear willowtree. Travelling with the menagerie must be delightful. Do the dogs prefer the coast?

  14. Does YDW enjoy the pets as much as you do? Does she have a favorite?

  15. Karisma ~ They were pining for me (seriously, I wasn’t there).

    Sandy ~ She was small back then, but as now, she was a huge pain in the arse.

    Laurie ~ So do they!

    Rudee ~ Only compared to everyone else…

    Equoni ~ Go on, you know you want a puppy!

    Lene ~ It’s hard to forget how big she is when she’s laying on top of you.

    Mal ~ It’s been bucketing here for the past two days.

    LMM ~ No, they much prefer it up here, the yard is really small on the coast.

    Kila ~ She likes them, but she’s not really that much of a pet person, her favourite is Bentley.

  16. I thought you had done the closed comments on purpose and you were cutting us out of your life!!
    Glad I got it wrong 🙂
    That winsome photo says we’d rather be back in the country!

  17. They look all endearing and wistful. Sweet puppies …

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