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Now let’s hear from her boss…

I'm sorry, I just can't help myself!


12 Responses

  1. The scary thing is – it’s probably not far off what he really said.

    On another topic.
    You need to read my latest post. You’re involved.
    You’re welcome;).

  2. p.s. I’ve tagged you. Come see;).

  3. okay, my brain is having major hiccups. please delete this and my last comment.

  4. Or don’t.

    I’m cool with looking like a complete idiot. (I answered you on my comments)

  5. Btw, and looking on the bright side. If you don’t delete my comments, it’ll be a like a treasure hunt for people to figure out wth is – or isn’t – going on.

  6. I enjoyed that.

  7. NO NO NO NO NO SEX. i cannot bear to think of that man having sex. NO NO NO.

    and what the hey is up with tiger lamb girl?

    did you pay her to up your comment count or something?

  8. That was the first time I enjoyed hearing that idiot talk! And actually believed what was coming out of his mouth was what was about what was going on in his pea-sized brain! Great laugh!

  9. You’re lying. You’re not sorry at all. 😉

  10. Hmmm, my first instinct is to mail this to the folks that send those nasty e-mails about that nice Barack Obama. But, why waste good humor on those idiots?

  11. God that was funny. The bit where he said, “I injured a child, in my wash room this morning, with a hamburger’ made me LOL. Ta WT, that was fabulous.

  12. “I want your liver… it’s OK, it’s for Gramps”. hahahaa.

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