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Three cats, three dogs…

So why the hell is it up to me to get rid of the damn mouse?!

Mouse 002crop


20 Responses

  1. GRAPHIC!!!!! Horrible! I’m emailing the RSPCA right now.

  2. Eww! Yuckity yuck. Very Agatha Christie …

  3. Hey! I have a couple of those around my house! But no cats!!

  4. I had a mouse problem in my van last year. The mice were getting in somewhere and eating pistachios. I left a bag in the van and I never could find it again. They hid it somewhere. They would leave nuts around the floor and seats. We would catch them with mouse traps. Finally a big black snake got in our van one day. My husband was backing out of the carport and noticed it slithering up to the front from the back on the passenger side. We never did find that stupid snake. He was probably looking for mice. We SOLD the van! 😀

  5. Holy crap Junebug!!!!

  6. That looks a huge mouse to me!! However I think Junebug’s mouse would have worried me a lot more~ maybe England is not too bad after all!!

  7. HA HA HA HA HA.

    I’m sorry, but that REALLLLLY made me laugh.

  8. peanut butter?

    or do aussie mice go for vegemite?

  9. Your critters obviously wait for you to catch the mouse because you’ve got better toys. That is the biggest mouse and trap I think I’ve seen. Is that industrial sized or what?

    My friend when dealing with her mouse problem used a “humane” trap. She would then open the back door, open the trap and fling the mouse. I think it took her a while and someone astute to point out since the mouse wasn’t dead, she probably was just giving it the opportunity to come right back in. She either caught 10 mice or the same mouse 10 times.

  10. What are you talking about, mouse probably figured he didn’t stand a chance up against your brood & committed suicide.

  11. No kidding…

    and WOW! What a trap!

  12. You are brave…when I had mouse problems I wouldn’t have touched a trap (squeemish as I am) so I poisoned the little bastards and let them go off to die somewhere else. It worked, once I found the right kind of poison (the kind you get at the grocery store is like candy to them, the kind you get at the ranch store…that stuff works!) and then I never saw a single hint of a mouse again. Then there was the skunk problem….that was a little harder to solve…..

  13. P.S. Junebug’s story completely freaked me out!!!

  14. LMAO, you will not believe this!! Just now, before coming here, I also posted a mouse photo!

    Time to cut your pets’ allowances 😉

  15. You have to handle this crap because YOU are the alpha dog!!!

  16. probably so you could show off that fancy mouse trap. I’ve never seen one like that.
    At least it covers the horror part of seeing the bloody face and last agonized breath.

  17. We had mice in the garage last year, put out poison, and one of those fuckers died in my bedroom wall. I believe the fragrance it made is called Eau de “I’m so glad I moved.”

  18. Oh I love to see mice in a trap! My kitty caught one a few weeks ago and helped me broom it out of the house. Had no traps.

    It reminds me of being on the island while in the Navy. I’ll have to tell those tales one day.

  19. HATE mice. Hate them. That is an amazing trap.

  20. you know i don’t like mice and birds.

    they are darty.

    I have said this before.

    Now I say thank you oh great mouse killer across the water for making one less darty mice in this world for me to run from

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