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Meat the neighbours.

It's nice to have neighbours with cows, because sometimes these…


Can end up being these…

Meat 008

My next door neighbour called me this morning and invited me up for coffee, as I was leaving he gave me this…

Meat 006

It's a cooler (in case you live in on another planet), and it was jam packed with freshly butchered beef. That thing at the bottom right of the meat picture is corned beef, I probably should have arranged it better but I was in a hurry to unpack it, break it up into smaller packs and get it in the freezer. Those T-bones are about the thickest I've seen for quite a while, I had one for lunch because I didn't have a freezer bag big enough to put it in. Now, if only one of my neighbours had a french fry farm I'd be set for life.

PS. My knee is fine now, thanks for all your concern.


26 Responses

  1. It’s funny that raw meat can actually cause mouth-watering! Man that beef looks good! What nice neighbours.

    Glad to hear the knee is behaving. You should reward it with one of them t-bones.

  2. Dear willowtree. How long does he hang his meat for? I’ve been watching a show with antony warrell thompson and he says meat should hang for three weeks. blimey!

  3. LMM – He doesn’t actually hang it himself, he pays a fixed amount per kilo for slaughtering, butchering and packaging. However, I do know that the carcass is hung for at least three weeks. His son, who has the property on the other side of me, gives me meat too, and he explained it all to me last time he gave me some.

  4. I’m jealous. I love corned beef.

  5. Oh GROSS WT! How can you look those poor cows in the eye???? A friend actually popped in and gave me the run down on this last week. They raise cows and sell them for such purposes, I was a little horrified and she could not understand for the life of her why?

  6. yum.

    got any neighbors who raise turkeys?

  7. Yum! The beef looks fantastic and certainly fresh! I love knowing the source of stuff. Hoping to catch up soon. Have missed you!!! Glad the knee is well. Hugs!!!!

  8. Nice neighbours. Can they bread ice cream cows too? They could squirt it out their udders Mr Whippy style.

    And poor Belle and poor you. Ouch. Hope your knee is much better.

  9. Hmmm, and that should say breed not bread. Breaded ice cream would be weird.

  10. Are you sure Belle is not a cat? Nine lives?
    Sorry about your knee. Too bad you didn’t sprain your tongue.
    Now when someone asks, “Where’s the beef”…we know that it’s at your place.
    So when are you having us over for corned beef, cabbage, and beer?

  11. So much better than the dead mouse pic. I bought four 1 inch thick rib eye steaks at the meat market last week for $42 USD. They certainly grilled up nicely but not for free!

  12. My late cousin was a butcher. (His daughter was my age) One time he sliced a piece of raw beef and ate it – just to horrify me. I was horrified traumatized and supersized. Well, the supersized came much later.

    Can you grow potatoes there? ( I know you have digging help)

  13. That looks as good as the beef my parents raise. I bet you’ll enjoy it.

    Glad the knee is on the mend.

  14. to quote Rachael Ray (who I am sure is one of your favorites and if you don’t know who she is, just trust me, she would be and I can send videos) – “YUM-MO!”

  15. I’m glad your knee is better. But I really could have done without the picture of dead cow…really, really gross. You suckered me in with the pretty picture at the top. Poor cows. Is Blade what that poor cow was named, or is that some sort of dead cow terminology? Poncho and I talk to our neighbor cows, I’m glad nobody brings them to us chopped up in a cooler!!!

  16. Wow, thanks, since I don’t eat meat, this is just a little reminder as to why I made that decision :-), but it was better than the dead mouse photo which has kept me away from this blog for days :-).

  17. I would totally risk meeting IRL to just have one of those T-bones! Yum – especially when fresh like that!!

    (glad yer knee is better)

  18. No, that is mighty neighborly. I am glad that your knee is better. Now, you do not have to visit the crazy (confused) doctor at the clinic.

  19. Now, that is mighty neighborly. I am glad that your knee is better so you will not have to visit the crazy (confused) doctor at the clinic.

  20. You have some good neighbours~ I don’t mind dead cow in fact I love dead cow but can’t afford it too often these days!

    Glad the knee is better.

  21. Bloody hell Belle! How does she do it? Did you pay a visit to your neighbour limping badly just so he’d take pity on you and lob you a load of free beef on the side? Nice work if you can get it!

  22. I’ll take neighbors that grow cupcakes and keep them warm.

    Glad to hear about your knee. If you tried icing it, then you can send me medical fees equal to $400.

  23. Wow, very nice! Enjoy!

    How’s your knee?

  24. Can it hang for longer or does it just go rank then?

  25. It’s hung in chillers, so it can hang for longer if necessary. However, space is at a premium so they keep them moving.

  26. I’m going to vomit. The corned beef bag looks like stuff that should never be eaten.

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