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And that’s the difference.

As you would be aware, pets, like people, have distinctive personalities. Here are two clips (both boring in the extreme, but at least they're really short) that illustrate the difference between Bentley and Belle.

There are two major differences between the dogs (we won't include Buddy because he is entirely different to the beagles):

  • While Bentley is food-driven, Belle is adventure-driven.
  • Whereas Bentley is amazingly gentle, Belle is 'crash through or crash'.
  • Both have amazing perseverance, but in different areas.

I had some mango ice cream the other day that came in a bucket which required either an engineering degree, or access to Lara Croft (tomb raider) to get the damned thing open! In fact I almost gave up eating ice cream out of frustration before I even tasted the stuff. It has one of those lids that was almost impossible to see where join was, so obviously I was interested to see how the dogs would handle the problem. I must add that it was empty by the time I gave them their turn.

This first clip is of Bentley trying to get into the carton, it had been rinsed so there wasn't much of a scent. If I had put some dog biscuits in it he would have kept at it until he had the goodies, rather than just pushing it under the table and simply leaving it there.

I figured that he would go back to it in a while, and as long as he was interested in it, Belle would keep her distance (she's scared of him, with good reason). So I went to watch a bit of TV. I had only been on the couch for no more than a minute or two when Bentley showed up, so I thought I better go see how Belle was doing with it. This clip is what I found. I didn't see her actually open it, but I can assure you that there would have been no finesse involved.


25 Responses

  1. So. Belle’s a bull in a china shop, eh.

    The last video is pretty funny. Especially the sounds she’s making. Sluurrrrrp.

  2. How mean is that, to wash it out first!

  3. I like Bentley’s handling … just push the problem out of sight!

    Belle’s slurping aside, I also noticed your nice winerack.
    I can haz vino? Slurp!

  4. dear willowtree. You’re still watching that doco you taped the other night?

    Obviously you did a ‘boy’ rinse; belle found something in there to lick.

  5. Chris – There are ants around, so I have to rinse sweet stuff, plus I only gave it to them as an afterthought.

    LMM – Good pick up! I filmed that the other day while I was watching/listening to the doco. I didn’t realise it until you mentioned it.

  6. Great “Crack” shot of Bentley by the way.
    Rather a well stocked wine rack there Peter, you didn’t change your story around & it was actually Belle that actually found you arse over apex on the fence?

  7. my favorite parts:

    1) all the little pet dishes placed at regular intervals around the little rug.

    2) belle lying in wait for bentley to lose interest.

    3) slurp.

  8. Laurie, a couple of those were cat bowls (four actually, but you can’t see them), I get the dogs to clean them for me. As for the dog bowls, the one on the left it Buddy’s, the one on the right is Belle’s and the one against the far wall is Bentley’s. It’s critical that they know where to go and wait for their food as it cuts down on the fighting.

  9. well, that’s just craptastic!

  10. OK, that’s just retarded of me. I left Jenny’s comment on your blog. I am going away now….but good job on the bowls. I actually have my 3 in separate areas of the house! One in the kitchen, one in the living room, one in the foyer – oh, yeah, and George outside!

  11. stalin wouldn’t have let any other dog close. mango ice cream? only soviet dictators allowed.

  12. HAlarious. I love Bentley’s slow look at the camera. He reminds me of that cartoon dog, but I think he’s a bassett hound and talks really slow.

    All of the dog clips are actually warming me to the idea of getting one. I said warming…I’m not there yet.

  13. I love how Bentley just decided to be done with the thing, like what in the hell am I supposed to do with this? Belle is a card :-).

  14. I bet Belle would be a great help with those annoying “child proof” caps they put on things!!!

  15. Belle’s like a cat – half the time, it’s obviosu she has a rather diminuitive brain, the other half, she’s a genius. Loved how Bentley decided very quickly not to bother.

  16. I like how Bentley looked at you. Kind of like “Well are you going to help me or what?” then pushed it under the table. And good for Belle. It doesn’t surprise me in the least she managed to get that thing open.

  17. I loved that. I loved the expression on Bentley’s face after about 3 seconds. It looked like, “And you want me to do what with this??”

    And Belle was just hilarious.

  18. This was fantastic!! Bella just cracks me up…okay you crack me up too!!

  19. Your videos of the dogs are quite fun. You are right about different personalities of pets. The dog of my childhood, a Shetland sheep dog, was such a fraidy-cat, but she sure loved ice cream. Your videos reminded me of our Princess.

  20. Poor dogs. You didn’t even leave a single scoop for them?

  21. I love the way Bentley looked at you with your camera, paused for a second, and wagged his tail in the very beginning of the clip.
    The slurping is too funny.
    What kind of wine is missing from your wine rack. Did Belle get that open, too?

  22. Woohoo, score one for the girls!

    Bentley, I’m so disappointed. You call yourself a dog?!

  23. but what’s that metal contraption in the room with belle? it looks like an ob/gyn exam office stirrups.

    pray god that’s not what it is. that would only reinforce everything i’ve ever thought of you.

  24. Laughing at Melissa’s comment! I also noticed the wine rack first! Belle is so cute, very clever!

  25. is bently camera shy? way to go belle

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