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Now these pictures show some real class!!!

17 Responses

  1. OK, I’ll admit some of those were pretty funny 😉 I wouldn’t use the word “class”, though!

  2. LOL! The last one was extremely classy….looks like the daddy wrote it all by himself! Poor child!

  3. Not all class is high, is it? Very classy, sir.

  4. Karisma – I doubt the father wrote it, I’d be surprised if someone who put that on their kid could actually spell.

    Sandy – Exactly! I never said anything about them being high class.

  5. Those were pretty funny! Not quite the usual baby clothes you’re used to seeing.

  6. Well you are one! Ha ha. 😀

  7. Ah, you know what I mean. You’re a man. Yeah.

  8. I laughed. I snorted. I giggled. I sent it on for several of my friends.

    I stopped by to play catch up and to let you know that my site is finally working again! yippee!


  9. Laughed till I cried! Very good.

    I like your header-line-thingy. Not sure how long ago you changed it, can’t be more’n a few days?

  10. Ok I admit I had to laugh so what class does that make me!!

  11. Ok, I laughed. But nooooooo. Except the one ‘My daddy drinks because I cry.’ You could just about get away with that one. 😀

  12. Gah. I admit, I giggled, but ….tackyyyyyyyy.

  13. Please, please never let my husband know about these.

  14. Tasteless funny very funny.

  15. I have no idea what that last comment says! The first funny is supposed to say BUT. My mind was working faster than the typers.

  16. OMG! Hysterical!

  17. Dear willowtree. You failed to tell us which was your favourite.. I’d be interested to find out.

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