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A quick WP test run

Hi guys, due to my extreme disappointment at how TypePad treats it’s loyal customers (me), I’m giving WP another shot. Earlier today, I tried my old Blogger blog to see if things had improved, but alas they hadn’t, so here I am.

Now I’m, going to try to post a picture….

Hmm, I thought it was just an expression!

Hmm, and I thought it was just an expression!

That seemed to work ok, except the caption that I inserteed seesm to have disappeared. Stay tuned…


10 Responses

  1. Hi WT!

  2. Well, let me know when you’ve decided which version you want….but be warned. I recently saw a few WP people bitching about WP…..I think every place has its bugs.

  3. Goodness, the Dingo is everywhere! 🙂

  4. I’m undecided at this stage, and while every place has it’s bugs, I’d prefer not to pay for them.

  5. No, don’t pay for any bugs that aren’t chocolate-covered!

  6. I just realized that’s a duck. Poor duck.

    Is it wrong that I’m going to laugh until tomorrow about that?

  7. Hey I think thats my sisters dog indisguise! SHE likes to hump anything and everything! Not fussy at all!

  8. Blimey, for a minute I thought, ‘How weird, a wallaby in a collar.’ Then I thought, “How weird, a wallaby in a collar with a duck in it’s pouch.”

    Then I thought, noooooooo. Bad dog. 😀

  9. That was wrong on so many levels. Poor duck… But then again I know that ducks aren’t that fussy either. Mine would ‘entertain’ the rooster out of seer desperation, after a coyote nabbed her partner.

  10. I thought he was taking a dump at first and then it all came in focus. Fuck a Duck is right. Sorry about your Typepad thing.

    Other than making things pinker on Blogger, there just isn’t anything there to do. WP really is a good free host.

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