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Dear TypePad.

I can't help but think that much of the time and effort that should
have been spent on adequately testing the new editor has been wasted on making sure that the new GUI looks
different to the previous version. In doing so, you've joined the ranks of Microsoft by deciding that production is the ultimate test environment.

There are numerous reasons why a new version of a product is released:

  1. More functions.
  2. Better performance.
  3. More reliable.
  4. Easier to use.
  5. To correct previous bugs.
  6. To make use of new hardware.
  7. To charge more.
  8. Improved customer satisfaction.

In the case of the new Editor that was recently implemented, NONE of these have been achieved, so I'm baffled as to why you would treat your loyal costumers so poorly by implementing such an obviously poorly tested piece of software!

For a start it takes up to a minute just to load the damn thing, i.e. just to get the screen up ( and that's on highspeed broadband) but once it's loaded, the fun really begins. We have this nice new font facility that allows us to use different fonts, except that whenever you use it, any previous font changes are lost. But at least you can change the colour of individual text, oh wait…that was the old editor, this one changes the colour of the whole fucking paragraph, and the only way to correct it is through the HTML editor.

Ah yes, the HTML editor. Why the fuck would you decide to use a new set of HTML codes when the standard ones work just fine? And while we're at it, did it take much effort to present the text in the HTML editor is a single run-on jumble of text and your arcane codes that's almost impossible to decipher? That really is some slick product design you've got there.

And I just love the way that including images in a post has been made that much more challenging by ensuring that whatever I have entered as the Default settings for my blog are erased every time I change screens, thereby giving me something to do while I think about what I write next. Oh, and when the icon for 'No Wrap' shows the text starting underneath the image, it would be nice if that was actually where it was placed, rather than starting it to the right of the image.

Including links isn't much better either, while the new entry popup looks a bit better, it would be handy if placement of the popup was such that the "Remove" and "Ok" buttons were actually visible on the screen instead of me having to scroll down to get them out from underneath the taskbar!

I'm quite sure that I'm not the only one experiencing these frustrating and needless obstacles to writing a post, except of course for those lucky enough not to have had this piece of shit inflicted upon them by some half assed team of developers. You should be ashamed of yourselves for implementing such a poorly tested piece of software.

And so, after spending twice to three times as long on a post, wrestling with an extremely slow, non intuitive, poorly implemented 'improved' editor, the final joke the developers have on us is when we try to exit. No matter how many times that I hit 'Save' I get a message box warning me that my changes have not been saved, and do I really want to leave the page [OK]  [Cancel] ? So now I have to click a button on an erroneous error message just to get out.

In desperation I have tried to use Scribefire (which is an editor that actually does work), but again have been thwarted. While it still works with TP, and will still publish, it doesn't see the posts written by the new editor, (thanks a lot guys).

I've asked to be rolledback to the previous editor, but have been told that I am now on a different platform, and anything I've written since the rollout will be lost. Fine, it's been such a pain in the arse to actually write anything since the rollout, I won't lose that much data anyway because I haven't been able to write much.

And as if all this isn't galling enough, the responses I get from the helpdesk all tell me that they appreciate my patience during this period! WTF?!  Are they being funny?? I lost patience a week ago. I'll tell you what I'd appreciate, I'D APPRECIATE FOR YOU TO EITHER GET THIS PIECE OF SHIT WORKING PROPERLY, OR GET RID OF IT!!!!!

Your Loyal Friend

ps. I just got this AFTER I saved THIS post…2008-06-14_152549


11 Responses

  1. teee hee I knew I missed reading you for a reason.. you tell’em WT

  2. That kinda stuff makes my brain hurt.


    I’m not kidding.

  3. dear willowtree. And the dumbing down of the world continues, obviously, because normal, not-too-html-savvy people wouldn’t want to colour just one word, but a whole paragraph (I know it would annoy the shit outta me). I hope you get rolled back soon so you can be happy with the previous typepad mediocrity 🙂

  4. Gosh, I miss my PC. Not.

  5. Ah Rudee, I just love it when my readers get all technical, but what I’m talking about here is the TypePad editor, which is an application not an operating system or a piece of hardware, so it’s going to be exactly the same whether you use a PC or a Mac.

  6. Oh F*#K WT! Are you speaking French???? Once upon a time in a far away land somebody tried to make me learn HTML! Then came the KISS editor! Hmmm even that did not help me. Its all gobbledygook to me! Im off with the leprechauns, now pass me that hot water bottle! Its bloody cold down here!

  7. send that letter.
    send that letter.
    it’s exactly what they need to hear.

    oh, and blogger? still free.

    and except for that one problem when i couldn’t change the color of my header text, and very occasional problems with uploading photos while using safari (i just switch to firefox and it’s fine), it works just fine.

    think what switching back would do to your blood pressure.

  8. Oh, man, perfect timing! I did a post yesterday and had more trouble than my first post EVER!
    I thought it was just me.

  9. I take it you are having a few technical hitches then!!!!
    PS I frequently get that last box come up on blogger after I’ve saved or worse still it b***dy well won’t save for me, which means I have to copy, refresh and paste but I suppose I can complain when it’s free!

  10. previous comment should have read ‘can’t’ complain

  11. One of these days, when I actually find the time to think of anything blog related, I may ask for some advice on how to move over to WordPress.

    For now I’ll continue to ignore the blogosphere. It’s hard to see anything with my head lodged up my ass.

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