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Some points addressed.

Yesterday’s (well, now it’s the day before yesterday’s, but…whatever) post raised some questions (and some concerns), so rather than respond in the post’s comments, I’ll do a post to clear things up.

First, let’s address the shattering of several readers’ illusions of WT. OK, so while I don’t wear the uniform, I do have one, although I prefer denim jeans to moleskins (as does everyone under 95 years old), and I don’t own an oilskin because not only are they outrageously expensive, they stink (seriously, those things are rank!). I’ll not getting dressed up for you, but I will show you a picture…

I mostly wear this as safety type clothing when I’m doing work around the place or getting firewood. And I do wear them a lot in winter, but I still normally wear a baseball cap.

One other thing I should mention, I don’t wear R.M.Williams boots as they are also way too expensive since the yuppies in the city started wearing them and they took on brand-name worship status. I prefer Rossi boots, they are better made and are much cheaper. As for the design of the boot, not many people realise this, but the reason they are designed this way i.e. elastic sides (R.M Williams is credited with coming up with the original design) is so that your foot can slip out of the boot if you get thrown from a horse and you get caught up in the stirrup.

Now to address a few points:

From Rudee:
I like a man in uniform.
Then this may be just what you’re looking for.

From Molly:
“Was that a wild pig then?” asks the citified/suburban/urban fringe American lass?
Yes is was a Wild pig, they are hunted in the mountains about 10 miles from here, and my place is on the way to the chillers.

Tranny meaning…?
Molly are you kidding me?? Google it!

From Jenni:
Australian cowboys (or whatever you call them there) are hot, too.
Around here they are called stockmen, but further into the outback they are called jackaroos.

From LMM:
Looks like something chomped on its neck. What would have done that? Pig shooters or animals?
Actually, when I had a closer look (when I took the photos), I noticed that it had been butchered. My guess is that someone saw it there and cut off some meat for their dogs, Brett agrees.

From Kila:
And please enlighten us. Just how do dog’s balls vary from cat’s balls?
Kila, think size.

Well, I must say, thw WordPress editor is even better than the TypePad editor that used to work properly. For the next few days (at least) I’ll be posting on this blog. I think I’ll change the Feedburner feed to this blog so that if you have subscribed, you shouldn’t have to make any changes. Disregard that, I tried but I dont’ think I succeeded.


20 Responses

  1. It’s going to take a while before I’m done mourning your lack of Australian uniform. Especially the hat, I had this mental image, see… (no, it’s not nearly as filthy as that sounds. Honest)

    Why are moleskin pants only worn by old coots? Are they seriosuly made of moleskin (yes, I know I can google that, but I’m doing my best to give you blog fodder)? Why does the oilskin stink? Ok, ok, stop looking grumpy. I’ll stop with the questions now.

  2. dear willowtree. What can I say, I like wordpress (cause it’s nice and I don’t want to pay for a blog). Picture capacity is low, though, that’s why I only post pics from Flickr.

    Anyhoo. I’m glad you got the steelcaps cause the toe area really looks like it’s taken a beating. Clumsy.

  3. mmm, the peripatetic Willowtree (that’s ..patetic without an “h”) .. heh.

  4. Oh! Be brave! Lets see the outfit ON YOU!

    I can’t believe someone would stop and cut off a piece of that pig! Yuck! Yuck Yuck!

    Not that I know much about the technical side of all this blogging stuff but one thing I don’t like about wordpress is the pop up windows, they are really annoying! I have just worked out that if you move the mouse it goes away! But I just don’t like them in general! And I have just worked out why people whinge so much about dial up! SB is downloading a huge file and the internet is soooooo slow! I don;t know how having it that slow all them time doesnt drive people nuts! I think I shall go and drink some instant coffee instead! Want some????

  5. Can’t BELIEVE you choose a baseball cap over the one in the picture.

    Karisma, I’ll have a cuppa, thanks …

  6. I have to say I find this hat rather fetching! I Now I’m off on holiday on Thurs for 2 weeks so will normal service be resumed by the time I return?

  7. My daughter’s riding boots look just like those in your photo.
    🙂 And they’re great like ya say….slip off easily when needed.

  8. why does everybody hate blogger?

    look how beautiful my blog is!

  9. 😳 I did Google the term…so when you are out with your Transformer friends? Kidding

  10. I like the boots.

  11. Oh go on, get dressed up for us.

    And I thought the pig looked like something had been chewing on its neck. Nice.

  12. I did wonder about the elastic.

    Still want to see a photo of you wearing the hat.

    Glad to see a new post from you. And on a Sunday, no less!

    Laurie, I’ve been at Blogger since the start. No problems. However, I don’t get too technical or fancy.

  13. There is something special for you on my most recent post.

  14. My dreams are safe. You do wear the majority of the uniform! The majority that counts anyway!!
    I second Kila, Photo of you with the hat on!! I always had a thing for Indiana Jones….plus when Sean Connery played his Dad…that hat is hot!
    I think I need to get my hubs one of those hats!!

  15. I’m pleased to hear you aren’t gadding about in old man clothes. Denim jeans are much more attractive. Also, I do not know anyone who wears a drizabone. Except perhaps to a fancy dress party.

  16. I’d like to know more about this moleskin, too. I would guess it isn’t really mole skin (ewww!), but I’m thinking it’s probably not quite what I think of as moleskin either. I use this type of moleskin http://tinyurl.com/6j8ppy
    on hot spots to prevent blisters when hiking. If you have the right boots and socks, that isn’t usually needed, though.

  17. if you had a contest and the winner was to get the hat… dude i’d be all over that

    and get your mind outta the gutter man

  18. Oh my. You are so thoughtful! Thanks for the link, I think.

  19. another difference between cats balls and dogs balls: Dogs will retrieve theirs if you throw them. Cats just give you the “get it yourself bub” look.

  20. Pamela ~ so true.

    I think I missed the post … but from the comments I don’t think I want to go and look it up. I might see something disgusting …. you know … like a dismembered bloody bloated stench infested (I’d imagine that even though I couldn’t smell it) BODY of an ANIMAL that will be BURNED into my BRAIN for the rest of my life.
    Just like that picture someone sent me a gazillion years ago of a crocodile cut open with someone’s arm found inside of it. EW! I just don’t want THAT kind of enlightenment.

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