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How ironic!

Well, I now have A Dingo’s Got My Barbie!! on Blogger, TypePad and WordPress. What I don’t have is anything to write about…. And no, the irony hasn’t escaped me.


18 Responses

  1. and for some reason this new version isn’t showing up in my bloglines.

    ah well.

    i’ll find ya.

  2. :-). I don’t care where you are as long as you don’t disappear.

  3. Isn’t it wild how our singles selves made such silly vows just before meeting our loves? Oh, and I was serious about mine. I decided that I was going to travel the summer before medical school and I didn’t need anyone special in my life. I convinced myself that I felt sorry for people in relationships.

    And then I met my husband. Within a month, we were engaged.

    My vows? My will power? Gone.


  4. I guess the topic is irony.

    I can’t think of anything ironic today. My brain hurts.

  5. Now, you see that shirt??? That is why I don’t iron!!!
    And you know what is ironic about that picture? The shirt didn’t have any wrinkles to begin with!!!

  6. I have questions for you about WP. Since they did the “new and improved dashboard”, I can’t seem to get things on my sidebar. I’ll email you.

  7. I just want to sing “Isn’t it Ironic, don’t ya think?”

  8. Wherever you feel comfortable, and does what you want it to do. Bloody technology!

    Mal 🙂

  9. I love WP. It’s so easy to use. Well, when you have a spouse who can bring things back from the dead when you blow the whole internet up.

  10. Nothing to write about and you still manage to be entertaining! 🙂

  11. Don’t worry…something will come up whether it is ironic or not.

  12. Can you make this new blog have a clock on it like your old one did? I like knowing what time it is there…so I know when I might expect activity on your and Karisma’s blogs, and just to keep track.

  13. WT you are using blogger????? I thought all you computer savvy types boycotted it!

    I have to admit I gave up ironing a while back! Its very liberating! If you want something ironed around here, you have to do it yourself! Come to think of it, I do believe Ive seen a few shirts looking like that!

    Equoni, the clock won’t help you much where my blog is concerned, I jump on the computer at all odd hours of the day and night! Depends on when I can steal a moment away!

  14. I’m still waiting to hear about the Greek Isles!

  15. Equoni – I though putting a clock on here would be a simple task, but unfortunately WP doesn’t allow embeds, too bad.

    Karisma – I started on blogger, so I have A Dingo’s got my Barbie there too, but I don’t use it because even though it’s free, it’s the biggest piece of crap of all.

  16. That’s an interesting shirt. And I miss the clock. I like knowing what time it is at your place. It makes me feel smarter.

    You’re showing up in my bloglines just fine.

  17. You always manage to make me laugh. And I still like a man in uniform though your idea of that and mine seem to differ. No more links pleeeze.

  18. Can I tell you that I didn’t understand a word of your TP rant? Does that surprise you?

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