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Eat my fries, America! …oh, nevermind

Boy I was so excited this morning! It looked like we antipodeans had finally knocked America off it’s perch. Thanks to this article I was all set to write a post gloating about our bloating, and extolling our status in finally becoming the fattest country in the world. And I would have been able to, if it weren’t for my OCD with regards to detail compelling me to find that link to include in the post.

For you see, it appears our press was a bit premature in it’s reporting (a bit like me with my sexual relations), becasue while looking for that link, I found this one. So in a matter of minutes, I went from ‘woo hoo’ to ‘boo hoo’. Damn! We’re never going to be number one at anything, being fat was our best shot.


22 Responses

  1. #1 in Dingo residency?

  2. Kila, we’re the only ones with dingoes, so it kinda takes the challenge out of it.

  3. mm, dunno what we’re being fed .. unless there’s an oversupply of american corn .. heh.

  4. Here. Have another potato chip.

  5. Love the comments with that article, especially the New Yorker living in Sydney. Maybe were thinner because of the price of petrol & no longer able to afford a trip to the Drive Through or all the really fat people stayed at home eating the day they conducted the poll.
    I hear your battle cry Peter, our country needs us. C’mon on Aussie, oink, oink, oink.

  6. Paul – Ha ha ha! I didn’t even realise there were comments, I just went and left my own.

  7. He he! We were just discussing this not half an hour ago. Us being the fattest?? No way! Hasn’t anyone ever watched super size me??? Clearly however, we are the better looking of the species and of course the most easy going!

  8. oo, WT, stop thinking, bad fer the blood pressure. Switch off, tune out .. umm, what’s next .. must be oldish, can’t remember.

  9. Davo – I’m not sure of the phrase you’re looking for, it could be either “Shut down, turn off” which is a Little River Band song from the 70s, or it could be “tune in, turn on and drop out” which is a Timothy Leary quote from the 60s.

  10. “tune in, turn on and drop out” mm, seems vaguely familiar, even if logically inconsistent .. heh .. so will have to accept your greater knowledge and wisdom.

    Little River Band .. whoo hoo.

  11. Dear willowtree. There was a lot of heated discussion on the news.com.au forum this morning about this very topic. I really enjoyed reading with my cup of coffee, but it did prompt me not to have the jam and butter on toast.

  12. want some fries with that whine?

  13. Damn! I knew that bloomin’ onion was good for a reason! No worries, mate. I bought myself a pair of Spanx. I wonder how many bloomin’ onions that will cover?

  14. hmmm, that statue of liberty looks awfully familiar

  15. One of the things that irked be about the American article was this: “34 percent of Americans are obese, meaning they have a BMI, or Body Mass Index, over 25 …” Actually 25-29.9 on the BMI scale is overweight 30 and up on the BMI is considered obese.
    I am at 25.1 I am overweight not obese. There is a big difference in my eyes. If they want to count the overweight folks along with the obese fine just call us all overweight.

    ps, loved fat liberty.

  16. I still think I’d rather live there than here.

  17. Well, I was just watching the NW news channel (I tried to find a link to the program but was unable to)…and according to them, Washington State has some 83 breweries. Oregon has over 60. I think that is why we are so fat…it is all the beer we drink.

  18. According to Wikipedia, Wisconsin has 72 breweries. Acutally, I think there’s one in every 5th basement or so! We also like German sweets, and cheese, and bratwurst… there’s no hope for Australians who try to outweight us, LOL.

  19. Loooooosers. 😉

  20. I was thinking that Australians ranked at the top of the beer drinking statistics in the world. But according to Wikipedia, Australia ranks fourth (although experts point out that Wiki may not be reliable for actual facts.)

  21. I’ll drink to that.

  22. That’s one of the great things about living in the Deep South in America….by God we are FATTER than Freakin’ EVERYONE!!! Plus, we have high infant mortality rates and the highest rates of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes!! We revel in our unhealthiness!! Pass the gravy please!!

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