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Stereo posting!

A couple of bits of info for anybody who is interested.

1. Firstly, I’m a little surprised that so many of you assumed that I was simply posting my TP rant on my blog and wasn’t going to follow it up. Fact is I was looking for the right email to send my complaint to. And no, I didn’t send him my rant (I wanted to be taken seriously, I did include a link to it though). Anyway, I heard back him yesterday…


Thanks for your note. We know that the new editor, which is based on Yahoo technology, has caused some pain for some users. We are deeply sorry about it, but more importantly, we are working overtime to address it. It’s our top priority. I’m sure we’ll have it sorted well before October, and in the meantime you can author via tools like Windows Live Writer which will post directly to TypePad.

Thank you for filing tickets — these do help and it will help us let you know when we’ve fixed the issue.

Sorry to lose you to WordPress for the time being — we’re working hard to win you back.


Christopher J. Alden
Chairman & CEO, Six Apart Ltd.
548 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

2. If you read Chris’ email, you would have noticed that he suggested that I could use Windows Live Writer. Well, my initial response was “What the fuck? I’m paying for the TypePad service, why would I pay for a third party application to write my posts?”

There are two things that I want to say about this, a) Windows Live Writer is actually free, and b) it’s surprising good, in fact it’s fantastic!! I’ve never been much of a M$ fan, but in this case they’ve really done a good job. Not only is it the best editor I’ve used so far, I can publish the same post to multiple sites (which is what I’m doing here).

So if you are a TypePad user and the editor is sending you crazy, you should consider getting Live Writer.


8 Responses

  1. Cool, at least they replied and it wasn’t just an automated pile of pants.

  2. or, (cough cough), you can just use blogger.

  3. Ha ha! Coughing along with Laurie, Mr Computer Savvy Man! Now me, I would not dare mention that “Windows” word around here! I might get yelled at! But the blogger booger does me fine! Just sayin’

  4. October?
    For real?

  5. I am still in awe over the fact that the CEO himself is in contact with you. You are big shit!!!

  6. I’m impressed about your response. You know that doesn’t happen on blogger — well, of course you know that.

    I wish I could sit in your guest seat and learn all these wonderful tools. Right now, instead of checking it out and reopening my wordpress, I’m going outside to deadhead flowers and water some spots that the sprinkling system is avoiding.

  7. So…which site should I keep bookmarked??? This one with no clock, or the other one which you could theoretically now use with the help of the free software until they get it fixed in October???
    I’m glad you got an actual response! Sometimes I get a real response…othertimes I get totally blown off. Once I sent a simple letter to a company that I had done a TON of business with and they totally blacklisted me…I never got a single catalog from them again. If they had taken ONE look at how much money I’d spent with them over the years I think they might have thought twice about that decision. The letter really wasn’t that bad…I just said that the quality of my last order wasn’t what I’d come to expect from them and explained why. (one shirt I couldn’t even button, the other I could wrap around me twice. They were supposed to be the same size.)

  8. I am impressed that you did receive a reply from the CEO himself. Occasionally, I have sent some (what my husband and I call) green weinie letters concerning some vendor’s incompetance via snail mail. Sometimes, I receive no response; sometimes, I have received a somewhat nasty response.

    I will send along the Live Writer advice to my TypePad friends.

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