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Now that’s progressive thinking.

In a time where people are leaving organised religion in droves, the Pope has recently ensured the trend will continue by re-emphasising that only those ‘pure of heart‘ may receive communion. That means that anyone who has been lucky enough to escape a bad marriage, is out of luck when it comes to the sacraments, it also means that in the eyes of the church you are considered second class.

However on reflection, this latest bit of brilliance from the leader of the catholic church may be a blessing in disguise; after all, I doubt that I’d be too thrilled to receive the host from this guy.

So how do you get around this seemingly impossible obstacle to the tabernacle? It’s really quite simple, you just do what Frank Sinatra did and get an annulment. Although I doubt Nancy Barbato was too thrilled about, because that meant that she was never married to Frankie (and consequently lived in sin for a number of years).


15 Responses

  1. Aren’t all of those fellows still “pure of heart?” It was their filthy little minds and other body parts that got them into trouble.

    And Jesus Christ, as I write this, I hear George Carlin who could have said it best has died. I’m so sad….

  2. Now, now Peter, I believe that as self confessed ex member of the Hitler youth movement, the Pope knows what he is talking about. its not as though their all just a bunch a self righteous, sanctimonious child molesters. Sorry, its not as though some of them are just a bunch a self righteous, sanctimonious child molesters, Sorry, its not as though a few of them are most probably not ( I mean what are the odds?) just a bunch a self righteous, sanctimonious child molesters……..

  3. All I can say is that I am glad to be Methodist.

  4. If only pure of heart participate in something, it will be an empty place.

    I always thought that church was a hospital for sinners.

  5. This is a hard one to reply to. Let’s just say that bullshit like this is one of the reasons this former Catholic joined the droves and has MAJOR hangups about ALL organized religion. (And lest people think Catholics are the only ones who are screwed up…I was also confirmed Protestant and you wouldn’t catch me anywhere near that either. I think ALL organized religion is MAJORLY flawed.)

  6. Yep. Organised religion is very flawed.

    Thankfully, I finally realised that having a relationship with God Almighty doesn’t require membership in one of those ‘churches’. Almost lost my faith over my experiences in church. Never again.

    Love is the answer.

    (p.s. I bit the bullet today, buddy. Rover is gone :(…and you’re right, there is relief, even though I’m very sad and will miss him terribly.)

  7. Yes, organized religions may have flaws, but really many of us are working together toward a greater good. Alfred Loisy said this about religion, “Jesus proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom, but what came instead was the Church”

    Apparently, the pope recently said “sex is like a drug.” David Letterman asked wisely how would the pope know.

  8. My mother once told me never to discuss religion or politics in public! OOOOh but Mum, it is so much fun! I pretty much run with Equoni on this one! I was pretty much branded a heathen when I married someone from the other side of the fence, when the local Catholic school discriminated against my children that really cinched it for me! They can take their bread and stuff it where the sun don’t shine!

    And just for the record, me and god get along just fine! Its all about mutual respect! And minding ones own business! Religion is fine, if thats what you need to exist, but don’t come bashing it on my front door!

  9. Only the Pure of Heart. That’s the same requirement for seeing unicorns and pulling out Excalibur.

  10. Not to step on any toes here, but I don’t go in for rules and regulations. I am not much for religions because of that. And that Catholic thing about no divorce and no sex for the priests, well it just seems silly to me :-).
    But hey you get to believe whatever you want.

  11. Makes me happy to be a notional Protestant! rofl rofl.

    Hope this cooler weather aint negatively affecting all your furry friends around the place up there on the high plains. Enjoy that trailerload of firewood.

    Mal 🙂

  12. I agree with Tiger Lamb Girl. I’m also very much for disorganized and not so much for religion. There is a difference between true Christianity and religion. Religion is what Jesus was always after the Pharisees for–being more concerned with manmade tradition than doing God’s will and having a relationship with Him.

    Oh, and I thought Blogger was free, too. Apparently posting photos is only free until you reach a certain point. I could have gone back and deleted some photos from old posts to make room for new ones, but I didn’t want to do that. I also could have continued posting for free without photos, but that’s no fun. I briefly considered switching to WordPress or something else, but I didn’t want to go to all the trouble right now. $20 won’t break me, but I’m a little confused about how it works. The extra space I purchased expires in one year. Does that mean if I haven’t used some within a year, I no longer have that space? Does it mean everything I’ve stored on that extra space is gone after a year? I hate figuring this sort of thing out. I have too many blogs to read.

  13. I wanted a black pope. I’m still bitter.

  14. I doubt any human has a “pure heart”.

    I have many, many issues with the Catholic church.

    Like Martin Luther said, “sola scriptura “–the scriptures alone should be our guide, not the pope, or what the church decides, etc.

  15. I consider myself to be a good Catholic, despite the Pope’s pronouncements. I’d love to see how many people would be left going to church if it’s only for the ‘pure of heart”!! How about the “trying really hard to be good but not always succeeding b/c I’m human”? That is a little bit easier to swallow.
    Maybe Henry VIII was on to something when he declared himself the head of the church in England and started ignoring the pope!!

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