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The time I ran over my cat.

I’ve written about this particular cat before, she was the devil incarnate. There are two types of people in the world; one’s that like cats and ones that don’t. Now while Beau is the reason that those who like cats do, Rockie was the reason why those who don’t like cats, don’t. But her being a genuine bona fide bitch has nothing to do with why I ran her over.

Her name was Rockie II. The first cat we had we named Rockie because he took off everywhere like a rocket, we called the second cat we got (after the original Rockie was no more) yes, that’s right…Rockie II and it’s a wonder that I even brought her home in the first place.

I found her in a pet shop, and when I put my finger in the cage expecting her to come over and rub up against it, she instead, hissed, slashed at it with her claws and tried to bite me. Now while this was cute in a kitty, it’s not so good in an adult, and her nature never changed from that first encounter. So while she was a fairly pretty little cat, her nature was really ugly, but again, that’s not why I ran her over.

Yet even though she was a vicious, emotionally stunted cat, she used to do cute things. One of which we called the ‘Rockie roll’. Whenever you got near her she would roll over on her back and look all sweet, but if you followed your natural instinct and attempted to scratch her belly, you would end up with shredded fingers. And yes, that’s why I ran her over…

One Saturday morning, I was going to my parent’s place for coffee (this was before they were cremated), and as I was backing down the driveway, I felt a bump. Getting out and looking around I couldn’t see anything, so I blithely continued on my way. But when I got there, I couldn’t shake feeling that the ‘bump’ wasn’t just a figment of my imagination, so I called MDW and asked her to check on the cat.ย  She called me back ten minutes later to tell me that while she didn’t find the cat, she did find a pretty big chunk of her fur embedded in the concrete driveway.ย  I headed home straight away.

By the time I got there, she had located her under the house, but couldn’t get her out, so I had to crawl in and get her. Turns out that she was doing a Rockie roll on the driveway just behind my car. I ran over her stomach, dislocating her pelvis. We took her to the out of hours vet (read ha ha ha, we now own your house, expensive emergency vet), where they patched her up and popped her back legs back in. She had a huge haematoma in her stomach that had a drip tube stiched into it to allow it to drain, and unfortunately after about 2 months, she was as good as new. She then went on to torment us for another twelve years.


27 Responses

  1. (this was before they were cremated)

    thanks for the clarification.

    by the way, there’s a third type: ones that are allergic to cats.

    that’d be me.

    glad she lived. (mainly for your sake.)

  2. I’m the type that likes cats and is allergic:o) I’m not as nice as you are though. I don’t know that I would have taken that cat to the vet.

  3. Ouch! Poor kitty! I have to admit, while I love animals Im more of a dog person. I get along fine with cats but prefer dogs. I think with me its an emotional thing, I once had to give my cat away due to living arrangements. it broke my heart, I have not owned a cat since. I get along well with my mums cat though.

  4. Eep! Poor Kitty! A beloved pet is still beloved, despite their [ahem] ‘interesting’ personalities.

    Mal ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You’re such a sweetheart.

  6. I am so glad Jenni touched on what I am about to delve into.
    This is the point where I get hate mail and you delete me from your sidebar and bloglines because I would have either a) let her die under the porch because I would not want to get sliced and diced just to save her ungrateful life. or b) I would have taken her to the vet to say “Please put her out of her misery.” If it was a cat that was not evil I probably would have done what you did…maybe. I am a dog person, cats are ok but dogs are my pet of choice.

    You are a better human than I.

  7. You should have used a tank.

  8. dear willowtree. When I was little, I thought dogs were for boys, and cats were for girls.

  9. and some folks insist that cats have “personality” only because of the way they are treated. not a chance. some are just ornery. but… good on you for helping her get better anyway. I would expect no less from you. From others – yes, much less.

  10. “(this was before they were cremated)”

    That made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my lunch.

    She’s adorable. Well, to look at, anyway. I’m stunned that she survived with relatively minimal damage. Porr kitty. Maybe the torture was re-payment (in advance)?

  11. This post is funny for two reasons:
    **(this was before they were cremated)** Riotous!!


    **and unfortunately after about 2 months, she was as good as new**

    Our cat is 11 and when I told BN that indoor cats can live as long as 20 years, he said a few choice words about how we had 9 more years of her. He secretly loves her though.

  12. We lived through three cats. A cat, as Rudyard Kipling reminded us, “walks by himself.” Each one seems to have a unique personality. One of our cats like your Rockie was an emotionally stunted cat. At one point, we did consider taking old Marmalade to the pound. However, he too would do cute things. Eventually, he died from complications from diabetes. It seems no matter how cantankerous, our pets can weasel their way into our hearts.

  13. Funny story! “Before they were cremated” – I have a cold and a cough and I was wheezing with laughter!

    Why is it the most ornery cats get issued with 9 extra lives on top of their original set???

  14. Gah – WP wouldn’t let me comment this morning. I tried three times.

    Anyway. My comment was effing brilliant.
    But I can’t remember it all now.

    Suffice to say:
    Great clarification on the cremation and coffee; otherwise it coulda been a nasty cup a joe.

    I either hate or like cats. Cats choose me. (I’ve had four). Actually, I’ve NEVER chosen a cat successfully, now that I think about it. The cats that have chosen me have been nothing short of awesomeness to the nth degree.

    The last time I tried to choose a kitten she would not be house-broken. She shat all.over.my.house – including all our beds. She lasted 4 weeks while we tried patiently to train her; it was all I could take despite her cuteness at other times. I mean I would go from cuddling her and playing with her one second – to restraining myself from breaking her effing neck when she shat on our bedspread (ruining yet another one!). It was like she just did. not. care. where she crapped. Even near her feeding area!

    Catshit smells really bad. Ya know.

    So, me and cats? Not so much. Unless they choose me. Then I’m good to go, coz the ones that choose me always end up uber cool catz.

  15. Just from her photos, I would have guessed she was a “bad” kitty.

    You are a wonderful man and pet owner (referring to the crawling under the house to get her, the emergency weekend vet visit and long recovery). I think many folks would have had her “put to sleep”. Or did YDW make you do it?

    Another 12 years? She must have done a lot of “cute things”!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing her with us.

  16. If it were not so sad it would be funny. I am glad she was okay in the end, but I can relate, I had a cat just like that for 16 years. I loved her, but she was a mean cat. I love both cats AND dogs, though if I had to choose I think it would be a cat.

  17. My mother and sister have formulated this theory- that our vet and all the vet techs back up:

    Calico cats (and the tortoise-shell variety) have rotten personalities/attitudes. All of them. They’re standoffish, unfriendly, grumpy, cranky and likely to separate you from one of your appendages. When I think about it, every calico, diluted calico and tortoise-shell I’ve ever known fits this description. None of them like to be held or cuddled, all of them were rather vocal, growly, complainy, preferred to isolate themselves, did not like company, etc…

    I’ve mentioned this to other friends who have cats of that variety, and they agree.

    Must be something paired on those color pattern producing genes.

    My sister backed over one of her cats once- it’s eyes popped out. They couldn’t put those back.

  18. Welcome to WP! How do you like it? I was considering a change, but given the fact that I hardly ever…make that NEVER…post anymore, I thought, “Why go through the trouble?”

    Your site looks much better than mine.

    Oh, wait…this is supposed to be about your POST.

    Since I’m a “cat person” might I suggest a back-up camera on your car? I realize that this wasn’t an option at the time you ran over this cat…and I guess a clean record for the past many, many years should be to your credit…

    Oh well – she might have been a B*tch, but she was one pretty one…

  19. I remember her well, I could never understand though why you both went and got more of them. Although the ones that followed certainly made up for her.

  20. There has to be a bad cat in every litter you know….that’s the yang for Beau’s yin.

  21. we had a tortoise shell calico like that named Switz. She was also very unpredictable with her claws.

    We finally found out she had a problem with her thyroid – explained why she was small and cranky- The operation was not a success… so after all that trouble we had to put her down. She was 12 — she’d had some good life.

  22. Tempted as I would have been to have her fur made into a willy warmer, I too would have saved her. You are a good man.

  23. You love the torment, don’t you?

  24. Ah-Choo! I would tell you a cat joke, but it’s a visual one, so I will need you to turn on your web-cam.

  25. I remember July 1st being an important date in your family. Thinking of you…

  26. Honestly, I commend you for all that you do for your pets! And I also think that vets are robbing us all of our hard-earned money! It is absolutely amazing how much they get for what they do. I am truly glad that you had the coffee with your parents before the cremation. OMG!!!hahahahahahahahaha Thanks for setting me straight on the url…

  27. Mr B’s mate had a cat that used to climb on top of doors and jump on the heads of unsuspecting visitors. That was one mean cat, but it was very funny. ๐Ÿ˜€

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