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June Trivia results.

Well this month has another runaway winner! Congratulations degutails, I have no idea who you are, but well done. Actually there are a whole heap of people who play the trivia contest that I have never seen in the comments section, not that you need to comment to play (nor do you need to play to comment!), I just find it intriguing.

Update: This is the 4th month in a row that degutails has won, that’s pretty impressive.

June Rankings:

1. degutails (374 points, 9 wins)
2. Andrew (311 points, 4 wins)
3. WT (301 points, 3 wins)
4. Lene (258 points, 2 wins)
5. gracewannabe (246 points, 0 wins)
6. cacaphone (221 points, 8 wins)
7. mjd (194 points, 0 wins)
8. jgr (191 points, 0 wins)
9. AsKatKnits (189 points, 0 wins)
10. PrairieAir (187 points, 0 wins)
So there you are Degutails, if you have a blog there’s some bling for you.

Oh, and by the way, the new contest has started.


12 Responses

  1. Congratulations to degutails, the only thing that I have won is to be first to comment today. Still, I love the Trivia Contest.

  2. Oh pooh! I knew I shouldn’t have gone away for a week. Then I’d be higher in the trivia contest rankings. Why oh why couldn’t you have had all the Aussie Sundays while I was gone?

  3. Yay! I’m enjoying playing as well. Thanks 🙂

    Mal 🙂

  4. Maybe I’ll play this month — if my computer hangs tough.

  5. I didn’t play this month….wait I haven’t played in many months. Oh well, congrats to whoever the hell that person is!

  6. Crap. I thought I played all but one or two days the whole month. I thought I might make the top ten.

    Crap. Crap. Crap.

  7. “all generalizations are false” might be my favorite subhed so far here at the dingo.

  8. Congrats to the winner!

    I agree, it is intriguing!

    I still haven’t tried the Trivia game. Too chicken. Then you’ll know how blonde I really am, LOL. Will give it a whirl sometime!

  9. “I was going to my parent’s place for coffee (this was before they were cremated)”

    It is little sentences like THESE that catch me off guard and vote you the funniest Australian I know. Heck … I only know three and a half … but still not bad if you can get it.

    Just getting caught up.

    I ran over my cat. That isn’t exactly true. It was my Mom who was driving, and it was her favorite cat she ran over. She realized it right away because he was 20 pounds and hard to miss … so she didn’t.
    It was a sad day. I had never seen her cry like that before. He was about 18 years old and I suppose there’s worse ways to go. He died almost instantly.

    … what shall we talk about now?

    I did run over a pigeon once at the car wash. It was ASKING for it. I was driving about .5 miles an hour waiting for it to move out of the way and it WALKED RIGHT UNDER MY WHEELS. Sure, it may have thought the car was PARKED seeing as how it was moving so slowly. Details.

    The kids were with me.

    Suggestion: Never run something over with the kids in the car. Well … better than running the kids over. New suggestion: Don’t run over your kids. Keep them in the car.

    And I STILL don’t understand what I click on to play the trivia game. I am lost. However, this does not surprise us.

  10. I don’t know how to play, either.

    However, I’m intrigued that Wendy knows half of an Australian.

    Where you been? Snubbing my blog, WT?

  11. I was wondering about that myself Tiff.

  12. Ahh PooP! I forgot about these. Now I’ve got to wait until August cause I’ll be too far behind if you count the 7 days I’ve missed plus my low scoring ass.

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