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I’ve taken on a protege.

In the spirit of community volunteership (that is totally a valid word, don’t believe spell check, it’s just a robot), I have decided become a mentor to an up and coming (potential) blogger, and give them benefit of my vast blogging knowledge and experience, not to mention access to the inner sanctum of “A Dingo’s Got My Barbie!!”! (the first two exclamations are part of the blog name, the third was an actual exclamation), I do this with nothing but altruistic intentions. Well almost, the reality is that I’ve become so slack with my blogging of late, that I’ve needed to engage another person just to keep the old Dingo afloat. You know what they say, ‘post or perish’, and I’m just not posting much these days (I think I may need to throw another dog in front of a truck).

Ha ha ha ha! I just had a funny thought, although I suppose you already figured that out by the maniacal laughter. I had a vision of me dressed like Crocodile Dundee (aka Paul Hogan) staring at a computer screen, I turn to the camera and say “Come on over and read my blog, I’ll chuck another pet on the roadway.” Ha ha ha. Now that’s funny shit, I should blog more often!

Anyway, over the next few days and weeks, you’ll be seeing the emergence of a surprise new blogger, one that many of you already know, and one that I hope doesn’t send me completely bat-shit crazy during the process of them becoming a contributor to the Dingo. So stay tuned, this could get interesting…

PS. You’ll love this, I think Bentley must have caught wind of me planning to sacrifice another dog for the sake of the blog, and he’s not taking any chances. He just showed up with two rabbit’s feet!

Seriously, he’s got one hanging from each side of his mouth, at this stage I can’t tell for sure if they’re front or back, but there doesn’t seem to be much body left either way. I’ll spare you the photos.