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Who was that masked man?

Is it just me, or are there others who would like to know who the hell this Equoni is?

Let me be clear about this, Equoni is not me, she is an actual, 3D person and not a filament of my vivid and over active imagination (yes I know it’s figment, but I wanted to tie into her post). So here’s what I propose, let’s take a vote to see if there’s enough of us to form a majority, and demand she give us a short history of herself.

So, are you with me? Do you want to see Equoni’s Bio? If so vote now.

Oh, I’ve made it easier for all you indecisive people, you can choose more than one option, and you can vote more than once (you can also add your own option), so now I’m sure you will all screw it up completely! But hey, we could get a result…


21 Responses

  1. Meh, meh, meh! Is that a word?

  2. Junebug – Defiposalutely!

  3. i kind of assumed she was a horse, but maybe her name has nothing to do with equine….

  4. Meh! Must be an Aussie word! I hear it a lot around here!

    Yes, Equoni must come out of the closet! Can’t have people calling you a horse dear!

  5. Now that I know she is a female, that only clears up 10% of the mystery.

  6. Yes, because you see, though we have seen her around at Swampy’s and Karisma’s etc, we don’t *really* know anything about her, and like, she makes reference to photos of someone whom I assume is a departed pet but we don’t know … it’s like starting a book in the middle. Show thyself, Equoni, we are curious!!

  7. Yes, I want to more about Equoni. So far, we know that she has a malfunctioning lamp and some cute dog pictures on her nightstand. I have even voted twice in the tradition of Chicago and the adjacent northwest Indiana Lake County voting. Our motto in Da’ Region is, “Vote early and often.”

  8. Of course, the masked man was The Lone Ranger. I am relatively sure that Equoni is not The Lone Ranger.

  9. I am intrigued, yet the mystery surrounding her is a bit fun, too 😉

  10. If she can’t be the Lone Ranger, should we call her the Lone Dingette?

    Of course we need to know all of her juicy details…I can’t stand not knowing…I even peek at Chirstmas pressies! Tell All!

  11. Yes, I want to know more about the lamp lady :-), but I miss you WT.

  12. I used to be indecisive but now I’m not sure.. so I ticked two boxes!!

  13. Molly~ I’m glad you like the pictures…anyone who compliments Marley wins my heart! Thanks for voting twice…unless you are the two votes against me and for pet porn!!!

    Susan~ It’s bad enough being teased about being a blonde…can we not start a Lone Dingette designation???

    Chris~ I’m glad to see your mind is firmly made up!

    Laurie~ Didn’t mean to leave you out…I’m not a horse. But I did used to ride and do show jumping. (But my name has nothing to do with horses.)

  14. P/.S. Just so everyone knows…in spite of my overexuberance at Swampy’s place recently, I have not placed a single vote here. I’m leaving this up to you readers!!!

  15. Oh, you are wise to live in the middle of nowhere. We’re working toward that but currently must t be within a reasonable driving distance to a military post (hubby is rather tied to the military right now and all). The master plan is to flee civilization (whatever that means) and find a place of our own one day.

    Until then, I must live vicariously through you.

    hope you don’t mind. 🙂


  16. Actually, I like Sunday posts because that’s a day I have a bit more time to peruse … so perhaps part of Equoni’s job description could include providing a post on Sundays?

  17. Peter, I mean Equoni, I mean Peter, There is nothing wrong with dressing up in woman’s clothing & using a another more feminine name whilst blogging (& in the confines of ones own home). But please, please, don’t get to caught up in the moment & suddenly realise that your outfit does not fool the Truckers at the Willow Tree petrol station.

  18. Melissa~ We’ll have to see what Willowtree says…he is the masterplanner of the blog…but my Saturdays tend to really drag, and that would be your Sundays…so maybe we can work something out.

  19. ummm… I’m lost?

  20. Maybe she was born during an equinox?

  21. Paul’s comment made me snigger. Fab. 😀

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