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Who is Equoni, finally answered!!!

According to the results of the poll, some of you have expressed curiosity about who I am…some of you have expressed dismay that a stranger is encroaching on Willowtree’s hallowed ground, some of you would prefer pet porn.  For those of you who are curious, hopefully this post will help…for those of you who are dismayed…sorry, I’m still here…in spite of the sheer hell I’ve put him through the past week, Willowtree has not killed me…YET…although the letterbomb could be in the mail as I speak.  For those who want pet porn, sorry, not this time…maybe next time.

First of all, my name.  Equoni.  Pronounced: Eh Quo nee.  It’s Cherokee.  It means River.  Why River?  Because I grew up on the Gallatin River, in the Gallatin Canyon, in Montana, and my River remains my most special, sacred place.

classic view (2)

I still live in Montana, although unfortunately I am about 3-4 hours away from my River, depending on the roads and the season.

This is the view from my house.

My View

The love of my life was an angel in a puppy-suit named Marley.  She was my baby, my life, my world, my everything.  If you believe a soulmate is the joining of two souls that find each other through all of eternity and make one perfect match, she was it for me.  I lost her 3 1/2 years ago.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share more about her in later posts.  But here are a couple pictures of her:

1st time in River

This was her very first time in the River!

7th Birthday

As for me, most of my career has been spent in Veterinary medicine, starting as a weekend kennel manager, then as a veterinary assistant, then finally as an office manager.  When I was temporarily displaced in Colorado for a few years (this is when I lived next door to the famed Swampy…and also to two wonderful people you’ll come to know as the Author and the Editor) I worked as a surgery coordinator for 6 surgeons who also covered trauma call for a level two trauma center.  These jobs have left me with the special gift that I can decipher just about anybody’s handwriting!

While no one will ever take Marley’s place or make up for her loss, I have been very lucky to have another special dog come into my life.  Poncho is a great dog…his best qualities are the fact that he makes me laugh, I mean REALLY laugh every single day, and also he is the world’s best cuddler.


Well, hopefully I have cleared up some of the mystery!  Or at least added something of interest to your ongoing confusion!