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Who is Equoni, finally answered!!!

According to the results of the poll, some of you have expressed curiosity about who I am…some of you have expressed dismay that a stranger is encroaching on Willowtree’s hallowed ground, some of you would prefer pet porn.  For those of you who are curious, hopefully this post will help…for those of you who are dismayed…sorry, I’m still here…in spite of the sheer hell I’ve put him through the past week, Willowtree has not killed me…YET…although the letterbomb could be in the mail as I speak.  For those who want pet porn, sorry, not this time…maybe next time.

First of all, my name.  Equoni.  Pronounced: Eh Quo nee.  It’s Cherokee.  It means River.  Why River?  Because I grew up on the Gallatin River, in the Gallatin Canyon, in Montana, and my River remains my most special, sacred place.

classic view (2)

I still live in Montana, although unfortunately I am about 3-4 hours away from my River, depending on the roads and the season.

This is the view from my house.

My View

The love of my life was an angel in a puppy-suit named Marley.  She was my baby, my life, my world, my everything.  If you believe a soulmate is the joining of two souls that find each other through all of eternity and make one perfect match, she was it for me.  I lost her 3 1/2 years ago.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share more about her in later posts.  But here are a couple pictures of her:

1st time in River

This was her very first time in the River!

7th Birthday

As for me, most of my career has been spent in Veterinary medicine, starting as a weekend kennel manager, then as a veterinary assistant, then finally as an office manager.  When I was temporarily displaced in Colorado for a few years (this is when I lived next door to the famed Swampy…and also to two wonderful people you’ll come to know as the Author and the Editor) I worked as a surgery coordinator for 6 surgeons who also covered trauma call for a level two trauma center.  These jobs have left me with the special gift that I can decipher just about anybody’s handwriting!

While no one will ever take Marley’s place or make up for her loss, I have been very lucky to have another special dog come into my life.  Poncho is a great dog…his best qualities are the fact that he makes me laugh, I mean REALLY laugh every single day, and also he is the world’s best cuddler.


Well, hopefully I have cleared up some of the mystery!  Or at least added something of interest to your ongoing confusion!


29 Responses

  1. You live in Montana? Wait, who are you? Fuck, I think I gave the wrong person the keys to my blog!!!

  2. Bravo! Great post! Now why did you not show them your picture???? The real proof is in the seeing!

  3. beautiful dog, equoni.

    and wt, if you’re still reading comments, you’re not showing up in my bloglines. maybe because bloglines knows that you didn’t update the blog—someone else did!

  4. Laurie – bloglines doesn’t know shit!

  5. My husband’s parents were ranchers in Montana for eons until they moved to Oregon. But – Eastern Oregon. Poncho looks super sweet.

  6. RIGHT!!!! who the hell are we talkin’ to? is it equoni or WT???
    Good lookin’ dogs E
    Yours aren’t too bad either W

  7. Karisma~ I promised that picture to Swampy…and I’m holding onto it until I get those peaches she promised!

    Laurie~ Thank you…and I sent your comment on to WT.

    Karmyn~ What part of Montana?

    Peter~ You’re talking to both…whoever is listening at any given moment…it’s a schitzophrenic sort of thing.

  8. Beautiful name, beautiful river (one of my favorite places we’ve visited), beautiful photos, beautiful dogs. Just beautiful.

  9. Holtie – Strictly speaking you’re talking to the author of the post (in this case Equoni), but I’ve replied to one that was directed to me. But hey, you can talk to whoever you like, no-one listens to you anyway!

  10. OMG ! It’s happened. My migraine has me seeing my “old” neighbor’s story on DubYaT’s blog. I knew I would lose my mind someday, and I think that someday has arrived.
    Equoni, the peaches aren’t ready, but my apricot tree is dropping apricots all over the place. Do you like apricots?
    DubYaT ! You gave her the keys to your blog? I gave her the keys to my house one time ! Don’t worry. She’s trustworthy. I don’t think she would post pet porn even if given the chance.
    I hope this comment makes you feel special. It’s the only blog I’ve visited in days and days…and will probably be the only one I’ll visit for awhile. Now, excuse me while I go turn off the lights before my head explodes.
    P.S. You’ll never meet a sweeter gal than Equoni. She is a true ‘dog-lover’ and took very good care of my babies, Junior and Bubba on many occasions. I know that Marley and Junior are somewhere in doggy heaven chases rabbits together.

  11. Aww, Marley looks like a baby polar bear in that first pic!! And Poncho appears to be a right royal hunny!! Sweet pooch.
    Nice to know you a bit better … it’s a relief to discover that you’re a Real Person as opposed to WT’s alter-ego. Whew.
    PS That view isn’t too bad at all!!!! 🙂

  12. Well that sort of clears things up…I really thought it might have been WT playing games!! You have a wonderful view from your house and I am oohing and aahing over the doggy pictures.

  13. Equoni – My in-laws lived near Richey, Mt. – close to Glendive or Sidney.

  14. Hi Equoni! Welcome.
    Let’s see if I have this straight:
    You and WT dig each other …. is this correct? So he has given you the keys to his blog, as in “giving you the keys to his heart” kinda thing?
    We like to see WT happy.
    We like to see Equoni happy.
    It’s all good.
    How on earth are you guys carrying on though from THAT far away from each other? Are you heading for Australia? Or are you guys just pals right now?
    We love details, if you are inclined to share them.


  15. Oh yes … and everyone:

    My friend lived in Cambodia as a child and lost her baby sister in 1975 during a flat tire change in front of a coca cola silo as they were fleeing the Khmer Rouge War. Her story is on my blog today if anyone knows anyone from Cambodia. They are hoping for a happy reunion.


  16. Wendy~ NOOOO!!! Let’s clear this up RIGHT AWAY!!!!! Willow Tree is VERY HAPPILY MARRIED!!!!! This is just a BLOG arrangement to keep the Dingo afloat…WT has taken a little of a break from daily blogging, I am a little leary of committing to a full time blog of my own and don’ t know much about blogging, so he’s very kindly taken me under his wing and is allowing me the use of his blog space and MUCH of his expertise. THAT’S ALL!!!

  17. Marley looks like a sweetheart. So does Panco, for that matter. Glad to know a bit more about you!

  18. Prairieair~ Thank You! I’m so glad you’ve been to my River! I think it is the most beautiful place on earth, but I’m not totally unbiased!

    Swampy~ So sweet of you to visit even in the midst of a migraine! I appreciate it!

    Melissa~ Marley did look like a baby polar bear…in fact one of her nicknames was Marley-bear. I’m glad to know I’m real too!

    Chrisb~ It is a great view!

    Kaycie~ Marley was as sweet as you can imagine. She used to draw crowds.

  19. you definitely live in beautiful country….do you have a guest room, and can I bring my dog??

    great introduction!! have you read the book Marley and Me….it is a great book.

  20. Alison~ It is beautiful country. I do have a guest room and you are welcome to bring your dog…but I don’t clean much, and I definitely don’t cook!!!

  21. no worries Equoni…I am a pretty good cook, and I don’t mind a mess…..

  22. Welcome again Equoni, Montana looks like a beautiful place. Marley is a great name for the snowy white dog. The baby Marley in the River picture is fabulous.

    I think that one of the reasons that many of visit the Dingo is the community conversation amongst the author(s) and the commenters. Of course, we come for the great stories, wit, technical advice, and the occasional pet porn 😉 That and I am addicted to the WordPress smilies.

  23. Both Marley and Poncho look and sound like lovely dogs. Glad to meet you Equoni.

  24. Molly~ Her registered name was “The Spirit of Marley” so some people thought she was named after Dickens (in the Christmas Carol)…and sometimes I played along, but the truth was she was named after Bob Marley. I love that baby picture too!

    Annie~ Thanks for stopping by!

  25. You and WT are a good match! 😉

    Oh, Montana, I’ve never known anyone who lives there. Can’t wait to hear more about it. Your photos are lovely.

    Poncho’s photo just makes me laugh. He looks like a very energenic bundle of fun!!

  26. Fuck, I think I gave the wrong person the keys to my blog!!!

    Willowtree might be one of us Aussie nutcases .. but he’s not stupid (errm, well, debatable point .. heh)

  27. Oh, I thought your puppy was named after Jacob Marley too. Bob Marley is even better. “How can I not…Light up the Darkness?”

  28. So could that puppy picture be any cuter? At first I thought he was a baby seal, so cute. When I worked in kennels I used to care for and groom a couple of samoyeds and they were always very smiley dogs. And Montana looks stunning.

  29. […] Posted on July 24, 2008 by WT Yesterday as I was chatting to Equoni, a package arrived on my front verandah. Here’s the interesting bit, it was actually a […]

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