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This is pretty nifty

24 Responses

  1. He, he, it took me awhile to figure this out. The old alphabet will never seem the same.

  2. hahah that’s funnuy. I would never have figured it out if Molly hadn’t written her comment.

  3. ***Swampy singing***…now I know my ABC’s next time won’t you sing with me?
    I’m still trying to figure out why some of the letters are depicted with that particular image. DUH !

  4. I can’t figure out or do not understand the reference for E, M, and V. After googling, I see that Q is a Star Trek character; I thought the “Q” stood for something else. Especially, funny are A, I, R, and, of course, F and Dubya are hilarious.

  5. Dang it! Comment didn’t take. Now I’ve got to do it over.
    “Aaaa” or Arthur Fonzarelli
    Bea Arthur
    Dee Snider
    Eazy E?
    J.J. from Good Times
    Ketamine (I like that the drugs are labeled)
    eLevated or eL train
    M from Bond movies
    N in sign
    A guy saying “Oh”?
    Que from Star Trek (annoying character)
    aRRRRgh matey!
    S (from Kiss logo)
    mr. T (in stained glass no less!)
    U or ewe
    “V” (80s TV show)
    Ymca (so wrong, but so funny!)

    What is that i creature anyway?

  6. The “O” face. That’s my husband’s favorite movie. Pretty funny stuff.

  7. it took me awhile to figure this out….pretty cool..

    Did you resend the email…if you did, I didn’t get it again!

  8. WOW that is awesome!!! Really freaking ingenious. I totally didnt get it at first until I read your readers comments.
    I was just coming here to leave you a HELLO! and a OMG that is so NOT Mr T in Stained glass comment.
    Mr T in stained glass? The rest of the items seemed somehow not strange in relation to you except the Mr. T. How funny is THAT? LOL
    Hugs Willowtree!!!

  9. I love that Jenni broke it down for us. I’d have to say that G is Gangsta instead of G.I. She is correct on Easy E. Way to go!!

    All I have for I is insane. What is that thing?

  10. It took me a minute to figure out that was an “eye eye” – I don’t know how to spell that creatures name.

    And amazingly I got all the other references.

  11. That was good, but I’m glad someone explained it.

  12. I was thinking that C was “sea.” Although Kiss’s S’s look like that, I think that that those S’s are from a Nazi insignia. (Not that I am obsessing about this alphabet thing.) 😕

  13. It’s a good thing your readers leave comments because in the morning I can’t figure out puzzles! I was stuck thinking that GW had that stupid look on his face because he’d done something to the sheep. I guess that’s just his normal stupid look.

  14. Very clever and so is Molly for giving us the initial clue!

  15. Molly – Yes that’s the Waffen SS (or Schutzstaffel) insignia.

    Jenni – That’s eye(s) (actually aye aye)

  16. Whew, I’m glad the others already solved this.

    I’ve seen the alphabet in many ways over the last 11 years (with the kids), but this is a new one!

  17. Very cool.

  18. Interesting! I also had no idea what was going on until reading the comments.

  19. This is brilliant!!!

  20. Oh Thank you Karmyn! That Aye-aye was going to bug me for the rest of the day!!! I was thinking the ss looked rather Nazi to me but I thought I was just wrong.

  21. I liked the pee the best!

  22. Ah!
    Sea for C makes more sense. I was trying to figure out if they were cirrus clouds. I’m no good at cloud identification.
    Gangsta? Okay. I had to look up Eazy-E. I figured he must be a rapper whose name started with E.
    I see the shield shape behind the SS now. Oh well, Kiss is more pleasant to think about.
    Thank you so much for identifying the little creepy critter! I’ve got to go read more about him.
    Oh, and I never would have guessed that it was the alphabet if Molly hadn’t already said it. I just kept looking and thinking WTF? That’s only 3 out of 26.

  23. How very funny and clever. I loved your posts from Greece.

  24. It took me a while to figure this out, but once I did it was freaking hilarious! Loved the YMCA one – it’s so wrong but sooo funny!

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