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Who’s telling this story?

Hot on the heels of doing something I try to steer clear of (blogging about blogging), I’m now doing something else I haven’t done since NahBloMe, and that’s posting on a Sunday. The reason I’m posting today is to say that the next time I write a well thought out, incisive post, I’m turning the comments off!. Your comments made my writing look childish! Each one could have been a post in it’s own write (yeah I know it should be ‘right’, but it’s a pun, dummy!)

So, if you haven’t already done so, read the comments from yesterday, you’ll be well rewarded (giving credit to others is something else I rarely do). And for the record, Lene added the following, which I’m including because I thought of them all (except the last one) after I turned the computer off:

  • The first time someone sends you something
  • The first time you send a blog friend something
  • The first time you dream of a blogger
  • You talk in “real life” about a blogger as if they were a “real life” friend,

often followed by:

  • The first time you have someone less techy or unfamiliar with blogs look at you as if you’re a pathetic nerd for thinking your internet friend is a real friend.

And just so we don’t get too cerebral about it all…

**Updated: I just changed the title (I like this one better), so I thought while I’m here why not add a few more:

  • The first time you unintentionally offend someone (or in my case, intentionally).
  • The first poison pen email you get.
  • When you realise you’re suffering from commenting burn-out so you cut back on commenting.
  • You discover the consequences of cutting back on commenting.
  • The realisation you’re addicted to feedback.
  • Your first grovelling post pleading for comments.
  • Meeting a fellow blogger in person.
  • Your first marriage proposal.