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Who’s telling this story?

Hot on the heels of doing something I try to steer clear of (blogging about blogging), I’m now doing something else I haven’t done since NahBloMe, and that’s posting on a Sunday. The reason I’m posting today is to say that the next time I write a well thought out, incisive post, I’m turning the comments off!. Your comments made my writing look childish! Each one could have been a post in it’s own write (yeah I know it should be ‘right’, but it’s a pun, dummy!)

So, if you haven’t already done so, read the comments from yesterday, you’ll be well rewarded (giving credit to others is something else I rarely do). And for the record, Lene added the following, which I’m including because I thought of them all (except the last one) after I turned the computer off:

  • The first time someone sends you something
  • The first time you send a blog friend something
  • The first time you dream of a blogger
  • You talk in “real life” about a blogger as if they were a “real life” friend,

often followed by:

  • The first time you have someone less techy or unfamiliar with blogs look at you as if you’re a pathetic nerd for thinking your internet friend is a real friend.

And just so we don’t get too cerebral about it all…

**Updated: I just changed the title (I like this one better), so I thought while I’m here why not add a few more:

  • The first time you unintentionally offend someone (or in my case, intentionally).
  • The first poison pen email you get.
  • When you realise you’re suffering from commenting burn-out so you cut back on commenting.
  • You discover the consequences of cutting back on commenting.
  • The realisation you’re addicted to feedback.
  • Your first grovelling post pleading for comments.
  • Meeting a fellow blogger in person.
  • Your first marriage proposal.

26 Responses

  1. ah, you rock, WT.

  2. Or – the first time a “non-blogger” says to you “50 comments? There are THAT many bloggers out there?”

    (and yes – that first time you unintentionally piss someone off and didn’t mean to….it really ruins your day)

  3. There are consequences for not commenting??

  4. I missed the prequel but look forward to the sequel WT.
    Been through the list and ticked ’em all except the marriage proposal.

  5. Huh? How’d that last one get in there?

    Your writing is just fine, and it would have been only half the post it is without the comments! I loved everyone’s deep thoughts.

    Radiocarbon dating, haha.

    Oh, how about this one–The first time your DH’s buddy tells your DH that you’re writing crap about him, and you had no idea DH had told his friends about your blog, since DH himself had never read it!

  6. I don’t really have anything to say except that I enjoyed reading all yesterdays comments. It was particularly good to see enidd comment 🙂

  7. LOL, marriage proposal! Dh came upstairs from watching a movie the other night (some shoot ’em up I had no reason to be interested in) and saw me typing away at a comment on some blog. He laughed and said, “If we hadn’t gotten married right out of high school, would we ever have run into each other?” I asked what he meant and he said, “Well, I’d be looking for someone at all the usual places, clubs, Bible fellowships, etc. and you’d be looking online.” I might be spending a lot of time online, but I doubt I’d be looking for that online!

  8. Oh, Kila’s comment made me think of something. How about the first time your MIL tells your dh that you seem to be having a lot of problems based on what you are writing on your blog. Then dh wants to know why you never talk to *him* about these things and blog about it for strangers to read instead. Then you smack him upside the head and say that you haven’t said anything personal that you haven’t said to him or that he doesn’t already know and that if he wasn’t so internetphobic he could read your blog and find out for himself what it says instead of relying on his mom to tell him her convoluted version of it.

    Whew! Felt good to get that out!

  9. Still waitng for the marriage proposal :-). Perhaps I have not blogged long enough. My first gift from a blogger is in the mail as we speak :-). It is funny how we do talk about our blogger friends like they are real, well, they are real! They may live outside our world, but
    they have a real life and I am happy to be a small part of it.

  10. Oh my god. You posted on a Sunday. I tried to read the whole thing but I can’t get over the shock.

  11. I found it all very comforting —
    knowing that I’m not an aberration –

    I haven’t had a marriage proposal – and I haven’t met another blogger…except the one I met before I knew she blogged. We live in neighboring towns.

  12. I am excited! I am about to check off the milestone “Meeting a fellow blogger in person.” Thrilling!

  13. I love your writing.

  14. Amen, Jenni in KS.

  15. Ha! I dreamed about Karmyn and Pamela last night. It’s all your fault!!


  16. Lordy, I forgot to stop by here yesterday, and look what I missed!!!

    The funniest thing for me, is having made some blog friends who I now communicate with outside of the blogs (ie via email); but when I’m telling Richard about them or the conversations I ‘ve had with them, I still refer to them by their blognames – Willowtree, Swampy, Karisma, Nin … even though I know all your real names! It’s so funny. The blog identities really stick.

  17. Wow! You could have started a forum with these posts! Great feedback and very interesting to read. I came back to read the rest of the comments and see a bonus post as well!

  18. Laurie – Hence the name Peter.

    Karmyn – 50 comments? I wish!

    RC – Apparently.

    Peter – That’s understandable. hehehe!

    Kila – Err, no, never had that one…

    Jenni – Erm ahh, no…me either.

    Annie – Don’t give up hope. You might need to post nude photos, it worked for me.

    Melissa – You didn’t miss anything.

    Pamela – Just because there were some common experiences doesn’t mean you’re not an aberration.

    Kaytabug – Woohoo! Don’t forget to wear underpants. (man, I just had the strongest sense of deja vu)

    Kaycie – Thank you, I love everything about me.

    Robin – I hope I dream…ah nevermind.

    Melissa NZ – Richard? You mean DH don’t you?

    Karisma – Me with a bonus? Well that’s half right.

  19. Pissing myself laughing here – just noticed what my name links to on your blogroll. HAHA! It is (almost?) enough to make me pull my finger out and start up that new blog I’ve been meaning to organise for so long. 🙂

  20. ToB – Ha ha ha I’m glad you appreciated it!

  21. Just checking in. And how DID you rate that marriage proposal. You’ll have to spill the beans.

  22. Wt, so you’re saying I shouldn’t go commando?

    Maybe I should take an extra pair, I might wet myself! 😉

  23. OK, I am back, although somewhat content-less as yet. Update link please 🙂

  24. I have had the privilege of meeting 4 fellow bloggers I did not previously know before blogging or through other ways. I also started reading a couple people’s blogs after knowing them as acquaintances for a year or so in a meeting type social circles. The interesting thing about that situation is getting to know them very quickly and (having had this discussion with them), getting to know them better than knowing them through either blog alone or personally alone. There is somehow a different way of knowing someone when they are writing in their blog compared to having a conversation with the person.

    And back to the comment I put in the last post about acquaintances, it is kind of like the people we meet through daily activities like the regular clerk at the grocery store, the lady at the bank, the milkman…no scratch that one;-)…the hairdresser, a friend’s friend or relative, or even the person who does the weather on the evening news. There is a familiarity about them. That is another cool thing about blogging.

  25. Where the feck are you big boy? I had at roll visit my site I need you to be supportive and witty okay? Come leave a nce comment.

  26. That wasx a troll visit my site, not a roll as in cheese and ham – that would not be frightening at all.

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