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Fun Monday-Birthday Stories

This is my first Fun Monday…so be patient with me if I don’t get it quite right!

“IamwhoIam” at Dungareesablaze is our hostess this week.  She gave us this assignment:

As of late I have been consumed with preparation for my Father’s aka “The Old One” Birthday, he will be turning 90 on August 8th and we are doing a family reunion, expecting about 100 people in all. So for your assignment lets hear about your favorite “Birthday”, it needn’t be your actual birthday just a “birthday” celebration. You can use one you planned, one you attended, one you crashed, just a fun time for this FUN MONDAY’S assignment, and of course you can use one of your very on Birthdays.

My birthday story is actually more of a trend, so I have to share more than one story to demonstrate the trend…but I’ll spare you the whole saga.  My birthdays used to be fine…even fun.  Things started to drastically change when I turned 17.  On my 17th birthday not only did pretty much everyone forget my birthday…but my horse, Buster, got colic and almost died!  I spent the whole afternoon trying to keep him walking to keep him from “going down”.  (See, when a horse colics if they lay down or roll their intestines can twist and if they don’t get surgery right away they will die.)  He was very, very sick and he kept putting his head on my shoulder (a sick horse’s head is very heavy!) and trying to go down.  I had to practically drag him forward, all the time begging him, through tears, as only a teenage girl can do, to please not die.

Buster Brown

The trend has continued to this day…but I think it reached its peak the year that I tried to go to Yellowstone.  I could only get one day off of work between my two jobs, so my plan was to drive most of the way after work, “camp” in the car, then go to Yellowstone on my birthday.  There I was, sleeping in the back of a Toyota Tercel when at 6:00am I awoke to the unmistakable sounds of a 120 pound dog throwing up…in my car…RIGHT NEXT TO MY HEAD!!!!  That pretty much cancelled the trip, ruined the day, and perfectly sums up my birthdays since I was 17!

Tercel in Tetons


This is the dog, Scotch, on another ill-fated birthday…but that’s another story for another day…at least I got a great picture out of it!!!


24 Responses

  1. Just because I live in the State of Confusion doesn’t mean the two of you have to add to my mental disarray.
    I truly thought I was reading the words of DubYaT, when I came across:..”as only a teenage girl can do…”
    I only thought he was messin’ wid us again !
    Maybe this year will be different. Happy Birthday…someday !

    Oh, we are out of town for about a week, but will check on your peaches when we return. Do you want some apricots?

  2. Well Scotch is a beauty sorry the B’day haven’t been all that great – I say pick a day and have a unbirthday, with cake and maybe a trip to Yellowstone. You get a lot more unbirthday than you do birthdays.

    Thanks for Playing and glad you joined us.

    And there is something about teenage girls and their horses.

  3. Um, you didn’t say whether the horse lived or died. But those are great pictures.

  4. Welcome to Fun Monday, Equoni. I am sorry that you have had a string of not good birthdays. Maybe like Alice, we should wish you a Very Merry Unbirthday. After all, we have 364 days that are not birthdays a year. Wouldn’t it be fine to have 364 merry days a year?

    Besides, with a Fun Monday post here at the Dingo, all seems right with the world, and the cosmos is in balance again.

  5. Well, we will have to change this bad habit miss! What you need is a good party! I can see why you would not be into them though! Goodness me! What a bad run! Hope this year brings you much more joy and happiness! Hugs xxxxxxx

  6. If it’s just one day out of the year your animals get sick…lucky you!!! Me? I’m cleaning up cat puke just about EVERY day.

    I know just what it’s like to have a beloved horse go down. My Lucky [a sorrel] was a favorite friend of mine. Still miss her, I do.

  7. I agree with our hostess, you need to pick a date nad celebrate your “unbirthday”!

  8. I agree that you need to change this trend!

    Did your horse live? Our neighbor across the street was trying to care for one of his horses who had colic. The horse started to roll and knocked him over and rolled on his leg. His leg was broken badly and he was away from the house and had left his cell phone inside. My youngest happened to be out wandering across the street and he saw her and called for her to bring him his cell phone. He insisted on waiting for his wife to come get him and take him to the hospital, and his leg swelled badly. They had to do surgery and leave the wound open for a couple of months because it was too swollen! The horse did not survive, but our neighbor is up and around and taking care of the horses again–in spite of a triple bypass between the broken leg and now. Quite an eventful year for him!

    I don’t remember ever having a particularly bad day on my birthday. 16 years ago my oldest daughter was born the day before my birthday. A few years ago we had kittens born on my birthday. Then, two days after my birthday oldest dd was in a horseback riding accident, broke her pelvis in 5 places, and had to be airlifted to the hospital. That actually was not as bad a day as it sounds since dd not only survived the accident, but has no ill effects from it. She still rides and she still is athletic as ever.

  9. Sorry to read how your birthdays and animals don’t mix! But I love the name “Scotch”! 🙂

  10. Everyone~ Thanks for those who asked! Buster the horse made a full recovery. This picture of him was taken about 3 years later.
    As for celebrating a different day, I make a huge deal out of my dog’s birthdays, instead of mine. It’s more fun anyway!

    Irish Coffeehouse~ I liked the name too, but you had to be careful when you told him to “Sit”!

  11. Hi welcome to FM. When I read the post, I too was wondering about your horse but I can see you have answered that question. Now I want to hear the story of Scotch! You have had some bad luck with your past birthdays but trends do change~ so fingers crossed !!

  12. Let us know when your next birthday arrives so we can change change the trend!!!

  13. Yes – time to celebrate the “un-birthday”. Oh – and as far as Fun Mondays go – welcome and you cannot possibly make any mistakes. Even breaking the rules is okay.

  14. You, my friend, are dangerous! Remind me not to ever visit your part of the country when it is your birthday! :0)

  15. Intestinal discomfort pretty much sums up my entire camping experience!! thank God it’s not my birthday too, or I would probably be throwing myself off a mountain….vomiting all the way of course!!!
    Your 17th sounds a little like the movie “16 Candles”; a creepy nerd did’t get hold of your panties by chance, did he??

  16. Time to break that trend!

    I like that you celebrate with your dog though.

  17. I’m sorry your birthdays haven’t been very good. Maybe you need to celebrate on a completely non-birthday day.

  18. Your birthdays will get better – they HAVE to because I don’t think they could get much worse. I hope your next one is absolutely brilliant!

  19. The good news is that your birthdays can only get better!

  20. Perhaps you should switch to “conceivement” day. I have added that one to my year and I get two birthdays for the price of one. Best part is you can always have conceivement day on a weekend. Most of my BDays are in the middle of the week. Bummer. Glad you are back in the game… 🙂

  21. Sounds like we better plan a party for the next one. Without animals!

  22. Oh celebrating your animals birthdays instead is a good idea. Glad Buster was ok but it must have been so scary. And your pukey dog was very cute. 😀

  23. welcome to fun monday!! you sure did have some horrible birthdays…I hope they have gotten better!!

  24. That’s all terrible!

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