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Selective moderation has been turned on (I’ll be asleep when most of you take a guess), so if you got the right answer your comment won’t show up. Or in other words, “stop hitting the Submit Comment button you moron!”


41 Responses

  1. hole

  2. Now I have to try and leave a comment just to see!

  3. I should have read it properly and as I haven’t a clue what it is my comments will keep showing 🙂

  4. Erm, an Ahole?

  5. gosh, it looks to me like an a-hole.

  6. LOL, obviously it’s an A-hole. How very…you.

  7. Climbing out of “A” hole you dug yourself into.

  8. Any ideas A-hole?
    If you’re talking to me, no, I have none.

  9. Building a Stairway to Heaven

  10. Field of Dreams

  11. Australia

  12. A hole in the ground!

  13. Australia, the land down under. Oh that cracks me up!

  14. Dang that Kayta, stole my answer!

  15. a-hole.

  16. It is morning and I should be at my brightest… yet I’m baffled by the footprints and the center of the A

    Do you think I’m trying to read to much into it?
    It’s like one of those pictures that you can’t figure out the structure.

  17. At least you didn’t post this on a Monday.
    No clue.

  18. down the a-hole

  19. This is driving me nuts…obviously tons have gotten it correct….

    A ladder print
    A foot print
    I think I’m going to give up.
    Would you just wake up early please, that would be great! Thanks!

  20. I have not a clue, but I will take a wild stab at it given there is a ladder seemingly doing nothing, is it some sort of square kiva? I have only seen round ones here, but that is the best I can do :-).

  21. Obviously not :-).

  22. Well, its obviously an “A-hole” but the ladder has gotten me thrown for a loop?

    Climbing out of an asshole? How do you escape an asshole? hmm….

  23. A-hole. Not you. Well. Not exclusively you, anyway.

  24. Well, I see that it’s not really an A, but a ladder and a tall building… That’s all I’ve got for now. … It’s probably something vulgar, and my mind just doesn’t think that way 😉

  25. vacating the a-hole

  26. guess that is not it!!!

  27. Hmm, since my first comment is still awaiting moderation, I’m guessing I may have gotten this right. Woot!

  28. Geeze, A-Hole, that’s bad.

  29. A dug out

    Pthththth. Brain not working well …

  30. Walking away from an A-hole?

  31. A Step Ladder

  32. Umm… a really badly drawn hole in the ground? With a ladder?

  33. A-hole… (Asshole). You’re being rude!

  34. You are a Large A-hole? Climbing out of a large A-hole?
    Oh man…………….Its sure to be something disgusting and / or nasty but I dont know if its not the above!!!!

  35. Ok…I still don’t know…I thought maybe in the evening I might be better than in the morning…but my brain is fried. What’s the answer?!?

  36. Are you still sleeping? Great, he passed away on us in his sleep, and we’ll never know the answer!!

  37. It’s a big A Hole. I can spot one anywhere.

    Speaking of A Hole’s.. where are you?

  38. Oohh. Here my comment is awaiting moderation too! If I got it right how about I send you the thing that I’ve had waiting to send you for an entire year? Deal?

  39. yeah, so I haven’t guessed cuz I just don’t know. But when the hell are you going to give the answer?

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