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I can’t believe so many people got it, and one of you actually got it exactly right! Yes it was “A Big A-hole” (the ‘big’ comes from the ladder and footprints, which were there for scale). You people really are twisted.

Oh, who got it right? Marnie McLovin who said…

"It's a big A Hole.  I can spot one anywhere.
Speaking of A Hole's.. where are you?"

27 Responses

  1. Oh right, I can see it now but I guess my mind doesn’t work that way!! Some people are too clever for their own good- not that I’m green eyed or anything!

  2. dammit, i thought i wrote the word “big,” too.
    that’s what i was thinking, anyway.

    ah well.

  3. Laurie – Thanks for the comment, I’d forgotten to turn the moderation off.

  4. Oh yeah! So it is! Now see, Im not assy enough to think of that! Well not while my mind was filled with numbers rather than letters anyway! (I hereby bow down and give thanks to accountants, they can sure keep their jobs)

  5. Do I get partial points for at least stating it was an A-hole? I mean really. How many of us got it mostly right? So I left out the word big…so what??

  6. Jen – Sure, you can have all the points you want, you just don’t get a prize. Oh, and how many got it mostly right? About 20.

  7. Of course, I can see it clearly now :-).

  8. Austrailia, the land down under, was much more clever than a big a-hole! Gah!

  9. Excuse me, I have not had my coffee yet and royally screwed up Australia. My bad.

  10. haha!! That’s good. I’m obviously not twisted enough

  11. WT — this morning I woke from a sound slumber — with a start!!
    I thought I’d figured it out in my sleep.
    I thought it was Working men – from the land down under.
    ha ha..

    I thought Big A-hole.. I really did. I just thought that was too darn simple. Just over thnking it

  12. Crap! I missed the contest!! probably wouldn’t have gotten it anyway, as I am notoriously dense with these things. Liked it a lot, by the way. Made me snort tea through my nose. Thanks for that.

  13. Ok, I can kinda see it now…but the part that is supposed to be the middle of the A still looks like a book to me…something about the lines. I’m surprised so many people got it right! I guess my mind just doesn’t work right for these puzzles.

  14. Speaking of A-holes…where are you?

  15. Oh I see, it is an illusion not an allusion. Or should I say the A-hole picture is an ILLusion? Either way, very funny.

  16. Dang – I had everything but the BIG.

  17. Wow. Reading your blog once a month really does pay off!

  18. Rats, I can’t believe I didn’t get that! My brain is clearly underdeveloped in this area.

  19. Ah, now I see the hole. Didn’t see the hole before. But I was right that it was something vulgar!

  20. Clearly, some of us are just too nice to even think of A Holes.

  21. Got it!! Hope all is well with you WT! Just stopping by to say hey!b

  22. damn. I wasn’t good enough to spot a big one. Shame on me.

  23. WOW, even after looking at the picture, I still didn’t get it. It was like one of those puzzles of nothing that if you look long enough and cross your eyes, it goes 3d for you.

    My eyes hurt.

  24. See, my comment didn’t go into moderation but I still thought I got it right. Maybe it’s tha way I wrote it, heh heh. Marnie’s comment was funnier though. And ta for the comments on my ‘woe’ post, or on the one after. You always make me laugh. 😀

  25. I’ve stopped commenting on this site, though I still read, because you’re a brat that beats up on older women who adore you. Such eggs, Aussie!

  26. Such eggs, Altaglow? Is that a new kind of insult?
    Come on, you know you love me!

    btw, don’t call your daughter an old woman, she’s still in her prime.

  27. Of course, of course once again tell me because of the typo that I’m dyslexic! Spell check it please also, BRAT!!

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